Steve Wozniak Speaks at Tijuana Innovadora (Tijuana Press, 10/22/12 by Vicente Calderón)

Tijuana, BC - For 35 years Steve Wozniak, the brain who created the first personal computer in the world, has sought how to create a new type of machine, he said to the press after a conference at Tijuana Innovadora. "I internalized a computer that works with photons in place of electrons", said the co-founder of the Apple Company and one of the main speakers at the meeting for the second occasion held on this border.

He explained that his intention was to invent a computer that works with "chips" instead of a hard disk. "Recent discoveries in quantum physics, give us the possibility" of manufacturing complete computers. Can they be manufactured at low cost? "We don't know", said Wozniak, who today is the "Chief Scientist" of the Fusion IO Company, which he himself described as a world leader in research to replace the "hard disc" with chips.

Wozniak stressed that we do not know if this is actually possible, but he said that his work with this company allows him to consider the research and development of the project. He explained that with new mobile technologies such as applications for the Iphone or smart phones and the Apple relationship with this technology and recent death of Steve Jobs, he devotes much of his time to traveling the world speaking at various forums.

"It is an accidental and unusual stage of my life", he said. "There are about 70 lectures a year, "so I have much time", he said. About their plans, he went on to say that the key is that if you can use photons, this new form of chip, you practically do not need power to operate. He explained that it is "an alternative form of chip that would do the "work for us but it did not exist until today it was not possible. It is like hitting a homerun".

And this philosophy was the center of his dissertation. As expected, the scientist is not the best of speakers. And while he sweated, literally, during the conference, he had a sold-out crowd. “I’m not going to go where others go. I do not like that. I don’t compare with other people. I'm shy and avoid conflict." He talked about how he encouraged people to think differently from the traditional or what others think.

He added that the development of current mobile technology is changing our lives, and will change it even more. “Today our lives are imbued in mobile technologies." Adding that this revolution is just in its infancy and that it will happen with more artificial intelligence. “We have taken small steps, but we still need much more" to get to it. As during his speech in the press conference, he was very friendly and smiled like the character in the film “Up".

He said technically talented people have been found in Mexico. When asked the role of our country in the development of technology, he apologized and said he did not know much of the situation. “I don't have an opinion on this", he said, "but in my house I have TV sets that were manufactured, possibly in as far as Tijuana".

Property Taxes are Due (Tijuana Press, 10/22/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - Few people have taken advantage of the discount for four years of property tax debts, according to the official numbers for the collection of rents. Collector Luis Javier Cobarruvias said that as of last week about 8,000 people had come to receive this benefit, while since the announcement of the discount he said that the Secretariat Finance estimated that there are about 167,000 with late accounts.

This means that less than 5% of the accounts that are late have paid their accounts in 2012, when the annual fee does not exceed the 500 pesos ($39 US). The discount, recalled the collector, started the first of August and ends the last day of the year, as well fines and any other charges by law which begins with 100% and is reduced by 20% a month.

Without specifying figures, Luis Javier Covarrubias stated if the number of people who came in is significant, this does not amount to a great reduction. “You have to remember that for many in the program there is the "question of saving for their homes, they had to save for this purpose but on the contrary were “subsidizing", the official said. He added that for households with these levels of backlog, they need an invitation to make their payments, which exemplifies how much debt must still be discounted.


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