Police Drug Tests are Ongoing (El Sol de Tijuana, 10/21/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC – The city is waiting to know the second positive results from the drug testing of 12 city employees since their first test. Yolanda Enríquez, Department Attorney, explained that to date there have been 19 positive cases, but five of them were for the consumption of prescribed medicines.

"We still need the lab office to send us the latest confirmations. The last three and nine samples were in the latest review group", she explained. She stressed the confirmatory tests are the responsibility of the Attorney General of State Justice (PGJE) because they ordered the tests and will follow with any procedures initiated against them.

But she stressed that the procedure for unionized employees and trust employees is different. At the end, she said, that there are penalties for them. Where a positive result is made for an employee we can simply cancel their contract, but if it is trusted employee they must prove that they received medical attention for an addiction.

"That helps us to let that individual keep working, by going through such procedures," said the assistant. She said that for workers who have the backing of the Union, the case is the same as in the collective labor agreement. There is an obligation to complete the necessary medical examinations, and this is a medical examination. We can then take administrative procedures," she said.

Most of the tests, said Yolanda Enríquez, have been made of trusted personnel and two of them with positive results left work by their own will. According to official numbers, in four rounds of testing, about 500 employees have submitted proof of prescribed medication need in an approximate group of three thousand. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2740325.htm

Weekend Reading is Promoted (El Sol de Tijuana, 10/21/12)

South Tapachula, Chiapas - This weekend began the reading work group "Lecturalia", consisting of academics, writers, journalists and lovers of reading gathering at a well-known restaurant in the Town of Cacahoatán in Chiapas, with the purpose of exchanging books, readings and the analysis of texts. In this regard, the reading rooms in Cacahoatán, Ameth Rivera, a national project coordinator explained that it seeks to promote the habit of reading in the population.

The campaign is directed to a general audience interested in learning about the different genres of literature. He explained that the reading circle is an association of non-profits that aims to generate a pleasant space to share experiences on reading and authors of books, among other issues. "We want everyone in this circle, ranging from journalists and teachers, to housewives and shopkeepers, to generate a change of consciousness in the population, so that through reading they might expand their vision of the world and not see it as something boring" he said.

They also urged the populations of Costa, Soconusco and the border region to participate in reading circles in the municipalities of Union Juarez, Tuxtla Chico and Tapachula. In the case of Cacahoatan, it was reported that those interested in joining the “Lecturalia" group may do so every Saturday from 5 PM free of charge. The meeting place is at the restaurant located on the main avenue of Cacahoatan, less than 300 meters from Palacio Municipal. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2741000.htm


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