Students Participate in Sexuality and Addictions Forum (El Sol De Tijuana, 11/14/12 by Juan Guizar)

Tijuana, BC – In front to their teachers and their parents, about 700 students at the Colegios de Bachilleres of Tijuana, Tecate and Rosarito participated in a forum where sexuality and addictions have ceased to be taboo within families.

At its third edition, the Colegios de Bachilleres provided the forum with a real place for youth participation, through which the students presented proposals and personal opinions for reflection, discussion and analysis of the scheduled theme.

Raúl Alemán Salazar, director general of the Colegios de Bachilleres in the State, said that the name of this forum " Y tú, ¿qué piensas? (And you, what do you think?)", was designed to promote the analysis and reflection of youth on current issues such as family, social networks, media environment, tolerance, diversity, youth and politics.

The forum included conferences, motivational and recreational activities that focused on the formation and behavior of hundreds of young people who attend high school in order to sharpen not only their professional, but also human development.

Alemán Salazar indicated that young students of varying grades at Colegios de Bachilleres managed to provide their presentations at the forum from various papers according to the themes involved in this third edition. The students come from 11 campuses in the municipalities of Tijuana, Tecate and Rosarito.

450 Million Pesos Not Delivered to State (El Sol De Tijuana, 11/14/12 by Juan Guizar)

Tijuana, BC - About 56,000 employees at the basic education level risk not receiving timely payment of their bonus payments due to the delay of a consignment of 450 million pesos ($33.9 million US) kept on hold by the Federal Government. The Baja California Secretary of Education said that we are playing a waiting game, because the resources are labeled for the payment of bonuses to 38,000 teachers and approximately 18,000 retirees.

Javier Santillán Pérez, Director of the State Educational System, stated that this delay could affect the participation of the teaching sector in the program called "Buen Fin (Good End)", because "I think the education sector was not considered to receive the bonuses early", explained the official.

He added that the arrival of these resources is only for the short term although he clarified, "This is an ordinary procedure and has nothing to do with the change in federal Government, as they are part of an already approved budget. There is a desire of many teachers to receive his Christmas bonus early. They participated in "The good end program for special discounts at Christmas, but we do not believe that this will happen, because this time we were not considered," said the Secretary.


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