Free Mammograms are Offered (AFN, 11/7/12)

TIJUANA, BC - As part of the ongoing campaign for the prevention of breast cancer implemented by the City of Tijuana, has supported about 2,000 women with free mammograms. Because breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among the female population, the municipal President, Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, has encouraged the development of programs to educate women on the importance of preventing this disease, explained the Municipal Director of Health, Jorge Bórquez Pesqueira.

Through a statement, the official mentioned activities aimed at combating this scourge that began in the first quarter of this year. Five hundred women residing in different delegations of the city will benefit from the free mammograms.

Bórquez Pesqueira said, they have also provided a workshop for 256 employees from City Hall as part of the campaign, through which information was provided on conditions and diagnosis as well as alternatives for prevention and treatment. Further training was provided on self-examination so women can practice in their homes and detect the disease in time for immediate attention. Fifty percent of breast cancer detection is made through this method and the other 50% through mammography.

To give continuity to this awareness program during the month of October, the Municipal Director of Health (DMS) trained 1,230 certified municipal employees, in order to perform free mammograms during the month of November, he explained. The DMS director pointed-out the certificates were specifically given to women over 40, who are part of the at-risk community.

Bórquez Pesqueira said the municipal government will go forward with this program, since it is of the utmost importance for women to be aware breast cancer that can be detected in time.

Two Arrested for Credit Card Fraud (AFN, 11/7/12)

Playa de ROSARITO, BC - Miguel Ángel Díaz Martínez and Claudia Ivette Vejar Telles were arrested by officers of the Municipal police as responsible for fraud with credit cards.

The director of Municipal Public Security reported that Rosarito police elements went to the Rosarito Pavilion Mall in support of a police agent who secured two people for attempting to buy merchandise with bank cards.

The agent, commissioned to the Mall, reported that Diaz Martinez, 25, tried to make purchases at two stores with three bank cards: A blue Banamex VISA number 4059303568119093; a silver Banamex VISA number 4059303701725392 and a grey HSBC VISA, number 4213166016689040.

He pointed out when the officer requested official identification to verify the signatures on the cards, Diaz Martinez showed nervousness and provided identification from the Government of Sonora, which was not consistent with the signature on any of the cards.

Díaz Martínez was accompanied by Claudia Ivette Vejar Telles, 23, who has a domicile in colonia Residencial Santa Fe, in Hermosillo, Sonora.

The detainees were placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry for acts that allegedly constitute an offense.


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