2 Policemen Referred to MP for Extortion (AFN, 12/28/12)

TIJUANA, BC - Two public safety officers were referred to the Public Ministry of the Common Jurisdiction, because they allegedly extorted a citizen who brought them false identification. In addition, on instructions of the Secretary, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, they will be removed from the Corporation.

The officers are Jesús Alberto Pérez Montiel and Erasmo García López, 31 and 35 years of age, who were referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office in case #T01/3582/2012.

According to the information provided, Joel Domínguez Pascual came to police headquarters in the downtown area at 1:00 p.m. on a certain day to denounce these officers, who he said, addressed him between calles Primera and Negrete, where he was walking accompanied by David Ramírez Romero and Antonio Díaz Jácome.

Agents searched them and found his false identification, so he was taken to elements attached to the tourist area and they demanded 3,000 pesos ($231 US) in exchange for them to set him free, which these elements agreed to and then took him to a nearby alley, where they freed him but without returning to him the aforementioned credential.

To verify this, the Secretary ordered the arrest of the agents to appear before the municipal Audit Office to start the process of removal, said the Director-General of Police and Transit, Francisco Javier Viruete Munguía.

He reiterated that the Municipal Public Security Secretariat has already demonstrated, "We will be unyielding and forceful in punishing those who persist in maintaining acts despised by the vast majority of officers, those who have accepted bribes in exchange for freeing suspects or offenders from police custody and good government".

He also stressed that Mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo has instructed, "It is a given in the industry, the police Corporation will serve and protect the community and it has no place for those who cling to the illicit practices of the past, such as Jesús Alberto Pérez Montiel and Erasmo García López". http://www.afntijuana.info/seguridad/14984_remiten_ante_mp_a_dos_policias_por_extorsion

Man is Shot and Injured (AFN, 12/28/12)

TIJUANA, BC - Elements of the Municipal Police launched an operation in the downtown area, after being informed of a gunshot attack against an individual. Although it was initially reported that he was dead, he was found in serious condition and attended to by members of the Red Cross.

There is no further information about the criminal, however, the initial report warned the shooter's gun was found at the 'Puente Mexico' and then the victim was located, but he has still not been identified. There are versions that talk about a "vicious" quarrel that occurred.

According to the latest data, the victim was found clinging to life and was moved in extremely serious condition, with a bullet wound to the chest. It was said he is between 40 and 45 years old and injured while he was at the "stables" in the river channel.

Several homeless people, who were there overnight, took him to the dirt area at edge of the canal where he received first aid and said the "shooter" was from a group that sells drugs. http://www.afntijuana.info/seguridad/14983_lesionan_a_un_hombre_a_tiros


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