Baja California Leaders Visit Samsung in Seoul (AFN, 11/7/12)

Seoul, South Korea – Today, the municipal President, Carlos Bustamante Anchondo met with top executives of the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Group, who explained there have been positive advances at the border in the last couple of years in areas such as public safety, competitiveness and sustainable development. This was noted in the framework of his visit to several Asian countries with the objective of implementing economic development schemes that allow foreign investment to expand in Tijuana, and by consequence create more and better jobs.

On the tour of economic promotion for the city in Asian countries, Mayor Carlos Bustamante held the first meeting with businessmen at the Samsung Digital City firm, located in Seoul, South Korea. There, he offered all the support needed to make Samsung Group projects in Tijuana during the year 2013. This border is the most important producer of televisions of that brand.

The mayor said the synergy exists between the three levels of Government in order to create a center of research and technological development for Samsung Group in Tijuana used for the implementation of these projects.

It should be noted an invitation was expressed by Bustamante Anchondo to Samsung Group executives who agreed to visit and stay in Tijuana soon in order to ascertain progress in issues of security, infrastructure, border crossings and tax incentives for the attraction of new investments.

For its part, Hyunsuk Kim, Executive Vice President of Samsung, anticipated they will produce 15 million televisions in 2012 in Tijuana with new LCD and Smart TV technology and predict production of 17 million more in 2013. He pointed out that they will soon visit Tijuana to develop a project at the Samsung Center for Digital Research in Tijuana, as well make an analysis of vendors to generate more investment and better jobs on the border.

At the end of the meeting, there was a tour of the Digital City facilities, where Samsung executives indicated the company employs more than 200,000 people in and outside of Korea, and that it is among the 17 best companies in the world.

Also present on this visit was the Governor, Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan; the Secretary of Economic Development of City Hall, Miguel Velasco Bustamante; the Secretary of Labor, Renato Sandoval Franco; the Rector of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), Felipe Cuamea Velásquez; the Rector of Cetys University, Fernando León García; the President of Deitac, David Mayagoitia Stone; as well as the Manager of Samsung Group in Korea, Gyeongjin Joung, among others.

$2 Million Discovered in Detonated Home (AFN, 11/7/12 by Juan Manrique Olmos)

TIJUANA, BC - "We heard a detonation like a bomb and everything was incinerated", said one of the people who lives in the private “Mi Entorno” complex in the El Lago zone, where last night an explosion occurred that uncovered a large amount of cash that could be up to two million dollars ($153,000 US).

This was a private two-story house, located with at least fifty upper middle class houses with electric gates that prevent the passage of persons who do not reside there or have relatives in that area.

According to neighbors, the couple who lived in the house until last night and were seriously injured as a result of the explosion, had bought the property at least six months ago and paid for it with one million pesos in cash ($77,000 US).

They lived there with their five children and did not hear or observe any strange activities. The five minors were unscathed from the explosion and they are still unable to identify the origin. This morning, fire department experts were prevented from entering the house, which was under guard by federal authorities.

As narrated by witnesses to AFN and police, a bricklayer tried to help push the couple’s vehicle after the accident, since the owner of the house was heavily injured, but still wanted to move his truck which apparently went up with some things after the explosion.

It was possible and he asked the mason to help it push when police elements arrived and stopped him, not knowing what had happened. Traces of blood from the injured person could be observed in the vehicle.

"The cops took Demetrius (the construction worker) because he helped the owner push the car", insisted a neighbor.

Other witnesses said that the explosion, which was felt a few blocks away was heard around 7 pm Tuesday. "Another ten minutes passed and the owner opened the door," said one of the respondents.

He also said also a doctor who lives in the area provided first aid to the woman, since the father of family who was upstairs, was unloading packages from the vehicle parked inside the premises.

Neighbors said that as soon as they moved to the site, the couple built the fences and installed the garage door to close-off the front of the home for greater privacy. They mentioned they had no contact with them or knew what they did. "They looked like a normal family."


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