Chihuahuenses Drink 163 Liters of Soft Drinks a Year (El Heraldo de Chihuahua, 12/17/12 by Marina Martinez)

Chihuahua - Chihuahuenses consume, on average, 163 liters of soft drinks per year, i.e. about half soda a day, increasing their risk of being overweight or obese by 60% and diabetes by 25%.

Chihuahua occupies one of the first places globally on childhood obesity because of its food culture, in addition to a lack of attention by parents towards their children, revealed the IMSS. The Chief of Preventive Medicine at the Instituto Mexicano of Social Security (IMSS), Ismael Rodríguez, accused authorities, society, "and other factors affecting the economy" in Chihuahua as the causes of it being among the highest in international statistics for childhood obesity.

He explained childhood obesity is a factor leading to fewer years of life, and because of this, Chihuahua has a mortality rate of 63 years, below the national average. He explained that these statistics say a lot about the dietary habits of the population, the limited education that exists and the great amount of advertising companies use to increase their profits.

He recognized that this disease falls on the shoulders of their parents, because the metabolism of the child and his reasoning ability is formed though family education, without the influence of the Government. There is cause for alarm, he said, that in most of the school stores run by teachers, almost all of the foods are junk. Also, parents give their children spending money because they miss breakfast and don’t monitor what they eat.

He noted that one of every 10 children is obese. To properly develop, they should not be overweight. The physical body is not naturally fat. He said we must, in addition to properly feeding a child from birth, also monitor its weight at 6 months. If a baby is overweight at that time, it has a 14% chance of being an obese child.


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