Human Resources Congress Planned (Frontera, 9/14/12, by Celia Garcia)

TIJUANA, BC - In order to analyze new practices in the area of human resources, the Association of Human Resources of Industry in Tijuana (Arhitac) will hold the 13th Global Congress of Human Management at the end of October.

Faced with the new reality that exists, Roberto Soto Briseño, Vice President of Arhitac, emphasized the importance of professionals in this area learning new ways to recruit staff and promote the companies where they work. Today, he said, it is important is to take advantage of these technologies in order to announce vacancy requirements by companies and efficiently recruit by enabling the selection of the best candidates and use of good management human resources.

Taking into account the high quality of speakers, those attending will learn new and effective tools to be able to perform effective human resource management in their areas. National and foreign exhibitors will participate, from the European region and United States, all from both renowned and productive companies and consulting firms. Álvaro Estrada is a well-regarded human resources manager at the German company Adidas, known for its innovations in the area.

He emphasized the event will give more presence to the city at the global level, since companies will have the opportunity to learn first hand about countries with the best practices and how they perform in regards in the human resources arena.

Baja California is 3rd in Obesity (Frontera, 9/14/12, by Angela Torres)

TIJUANA, BC - José Guadalupe Bustamante Moreno pointed out that the State is third, in obesity both in adults and children due to bad eating habits. The spokesperson for the Department of Health indicated that obesity in adults and children has placed Baja California in third place in rank of incidence, after the Federal District.

He explained that despite the strategies deployed to counter their advance, it would be years before families, directly responsible for their children, begin to change their eating habits. "There is a culture of parents not protecting their children, because they are the first ones with overflowing Mexican dishes", he said.

Bustamante Moreno added that it was necessary to be realistic and focus on diabetes, since during the holidays, Mexican food that is usually prepared could affect their health if they lose control of their diet.

"We must learn to talk with a new vocabulary - a new way of saying real things so people can understand," he explained. On the other hand, he mentioned that while you have programs in schools to provide this information, the influence is low. The Secretary of Education has failed to make progress on this issue.

He explained the Ministry of Health and Cofepris are aware of what is happening, but have no authority to make decisions on school curriculum. However, if education, health and parents work together, we might achieve positive results. Even with the presence of junk food in schools, it is the culture learned at home, and what is sold in stores, the street vendors outside of the schools, and other factors that promote obesity.

"This is not going to end by decree. We could report, announce, and train our staff every day, but we still have a culture from 20 years ago. If it does not change today, in 20 more years, they will all not fit in the hospitals with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, blindness, and the amputation of diabetic limbs, and so on", he said.


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