Home Eating Habits Need to Change (El Sol de Tijuana, 12/24/12 by Juan Guizar)

Tijuana, BC – The Health Secretary of Baja California warned that all of the institutional efforts made to combat childhood obesity will not be sufficient if eating habits do not change at children's homes. Doctor José Guadalupe Bustamante acknowledged, "We are in the third place at the national level with the problem". He said they are not applying new laws, but responsibilities.

"We have worked for three years to raise awareness, train and take action with the education sector," referring to comments on the recent adoption of educational reform, which establishes preventive work and coordination between the two sectors.

"Eliminating junk food is not the only solution, but is a part of the problem, because their own parents give them to their children. When there isn’t cooperation by their own parents buying them in their homes, they buy it from peddlers".

He also reported that this is not a problem of money, but the form of food. The money comes from the parents and they should be trained because an obese child, just as the father and/or mother are obese, the entire family is obese. The culture is not protecting against this disease.

Educational reform does have an interest, especially in Baja California where there is a high percentage of children with obesity. The problem here is "we have two cultures of food, one culture of nutritious food and another very generous, very cheap American culture that offers up to two burgers for twenty pesos ($1.55 US)".

"Behind this problem, indeed, is junk food; it is an important part of the problem. We have come a long way, but we have not impacted it as much as we would like, because it will not be by decree or law we will reduce child obesity, it is by awareness". http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2818761.htm

State Government Improves Boulevard Morelos with Gardens (El Sol de Tijuana, 12/24/12)

Tecate, BC - Urban modernization by the Secretariat of State Infrastructure and Urban Development (SIDUE) on Boulevard Morelos has been improved with planting palm tree gardens giving harmony to the roadway for drivers. With these actions, motorists traveling on the rehabilitated roads in the city began to enjoy multiple benefits and will see even more during January 2013, when more of the modernization work in the area will be done. One of the main entrances to Mexicali now features 18 new palms, 21 yuccas, 50 agapandos and other garden plants, accompanied by 68 LED luminaries that allow greater safety to motorists at night.

The State Government invested 25 million pesos ($1.9 million US) to rehabilitate the asphalt, pave and install hydraulic concrete foundations; actions by which, with funding, solved serious deterioration of the road that for many years affected the Tecatenses.

"In addition to landscaping and street lighting, overtake lanes will also built and traffic lights will be installed to allow for the better flow traffic are work that will be ready by January", stressed the delegate of SIDUE, Jorge Arredondo Uribe.

Newly expanded roads of 4 lanes in each direction will benefit an average of 8,000 local and foreign motorists that circulate through this avenue daily that now looks modern with paving based on hydraulic concrete from the monument to José María Morelos to the railway bridge.

Thus, the Government of Baja California endorses its commitment to Tecate by promoting comprehensive work able to improve the competitiveness of the city and raise the quality of life for its inhabitants, and it will continue during 2013 with senior management’s efforts. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2818725.htm


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