TIJUANA BC (Enlinea Tijuana, 5/29/11) - Municipal police officers arrested a supposed entrepreneur and his bodyguards in possession of firearms traveling in a speeding armored vehicle. The incident occurred on bulevar Lázaro Cárdenas in La Mesa. When preventive agents observed the speeding vehicle and occupants they completed a review and found that they were armed. In response, officers subdued the driver Cristian Samuel Navarro Villavicencio, 28, in the possession of a Squadron .380-caliber pistol, loaded with six cartridges so proceeded to arrest him. Also detained were Ignacio Wong Parra, 34, also with a Squadron firearm, Everto Bourbon Valenzuela, 23, with a Super .38 caliber gun, and two others identified as Fabian Alfredo Aguilar Rubio, 37 years; and Jesus Aguilar Rubio, 24. Ignacio Wong, the said entrepreneur, told officers he used the weapon for his defense, and originally from Ciudad Juarez, he was a victim of an attempted kidnapping. His Volkswagen Bora automobile was fitted with level four armor. The alleged businessman said his companions are his bodyguards.

TIJUANA BC (Enlinea Tijuana, 5/29/11) - The Secretariat of Public Security of the State (SSPE) provided 134 prereleases to prisoners at the Center of Social Reinsertion (Cereso) of Tijuana during 2011. A series of psychological and behavior tests, as well as monitored participation in rehabilitation and reintegration into society programs established in the model of Social reintegration, is how the SSPE through the State penal system selects prisoners who may benefit from prerelease. Jesus Hector Grijalva Tapia, Undersecretary of the State Penitentiary System mentioned, "Education, culture, and sports are factors that significantly influence benefits. As well, criminological and psychological assessments are included in the rehabilitation process. During each confinement, they should be conscientious about what led to them being at Cereso today. Thus, they can acquire new attitudes and habits which would lead to being a better person with appropriate behavior in society ". For 134 inmates of Tijuana Cereso to have obtained their freedom during the first months of 2011 is attributed to good behavior and participation in center activities. Good evaluation results provide credit to a pre release. These prisoners obtained their freedom, "They seek to keep because it is very valuable and nothing is more important than to be free. The worst thing is to be locked up for years", said an early release inmate who asked to remain anonymous. "The support of the prison system is really there”, offered another early release inmate. The SSPE Board of Trustees gave help and guidance to people leaving Baja California prisons. All of this was done in order to properly reintegrate them into a free environment, with family, work and social settings", said the Assistant. This is achieved through various programs such as: Health care: They are given a pantry, clothing, psychological support, transportation to their home of origin, and health care provider support, among other things. Work: Agreements exist with various companies seeking to employ them. Recommendations for employment are made by the Ministry of Social development to assure productive efforts. Education: They are referred to schools where they may continue studies. Scholarships and cultural courses are also provided. Legal: Legal advisory services and document processing are also part of SSPE support to the released. Social: With the aim of continuing the process of reintegrating into society, events are held on special days like the Día del Nño, de la Madre, and Posadas.


bajajulio May 29, 2011 @ 9:12 p.m.

Nice car. A level 4 armor package is expensive. Atleast twice if not 3 times the cost of a VW Bora. (level 4 will stop assalt rifle fire) (lowest acceptable level for security & anti-kidnapping)


David Dodd May 31, 2011 @ 4:30 a.m.

L4 is the preferred package of drug lords in Mexico, although I have questions as to why they wasted it on a VW. That's like drinking a $900 bottle of wine with your Big Mac.


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