TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Sonia García Ochoa, 5/7/ 2011) - Evading payment of profit distribution results in the imposition of a fine which goes from 15 to 315 times the current general minimum wage in the area where the offense was committed. Payment is more than a right of all workers; it is a legal obligation of employers to comply, said José Manuel Ramirez Robles, President of the Mexican Association of Public Accountants (AMCP). At the AMCP’s recent meeting, he said employers are obliged to provide the distribution of profits within 60 days after the company submitted its annual statement to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP). In that sense, for those who filed between January and March, they have to pay their employees no later than on May 30. Those who filed in April have a maximum date of June 30. He also pointed out that inactive workers have a year deadline to collect their profits, which begins the next day after that it is possible to demand payment, on either May 31 or June 30, according to the status.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana,Ana Luz Sánchez Aguirre, 5/7/2011) - To reinforce the immune defenses of children, the General Hospital of Tijuana calls upon all mothers of newborn babies to feed them with breast milk. It is the best food for them, in addition to reducing household expenditure for the cost of milk powder and substitutes to enrich it, so said the director of General Hospital of Tijuana, José Manuel Robles Barbosa. In pregnancy, Colostrum is the first substance produced by the mother, rich in minerals and vitamins A, E, K and B12. It is a yellowish liquid very easy to digest and provides a laxative action, which helps eliminate feces produced by the child during gestation. He explained that breast milk is composed of white blood cells and antibodies responsible for protecting the baby from possible intestinal and respiratory infections until their immune system develops. Breast milk is a substance high in fat and carbohydrates. At the start of breastfeeding, it is lightweight and at the end, it is a creamy liquid. This change of texture allows the newborn to first quench his thirst and then his appetite. For that reason, the general hospitals in the State have nursing clinics, where specialized staff provides techniques for correct feeding. The hospital begins the training and then makes referral to a health community center where they are given follow-up to prolong the term of breastfeeding. Finally, the State official emphasized that breastmilk has the exact components that the baby needs for its development.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Sonia García Ochoa, 5/7/2011) – The Tijuana Municipal Education Secretariat announced the "Week of the Teacher", from May 13 to 18 in order to recognize and dignify the image of the teacher and reinstate his/her leadership and important work in the formation of children, adolescents and young people. Juana Laura Pérez Floriano, head of the Secretariat reported on May 13 and 15 students may bring flower arrangements to their teacher in recognition of their noble work of building through past, present and future generations. The official explained dedication of teaching week will feature conferences, civic, cultural and sporting activities as a means of greater integration. The Municipal educational system has 14 schools. Ten primaries, three secondaries and one high school with a community of 5,000 students and 385 teachers who provide quality learning with students and parents. She confident municipal education will grow over time in line with city resources and as the population requires more. It is an important right for the present and future generations. The school system operates on 175 million pesos ($1,483,391) annually. The budget is further optimized with the quality work of teachers and efficient participation of parents.


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