TIJUANA (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law) - Some 8,000 children celebrated amidst wrestling, candy and children's games in the traditions of Día del Niño - Day of the Child, organized more than 25 years ago by Grupo Caliente. The parking lot of the Hippodrome was transformed into a celebration full of jumping trampolines, a zoo, pony carousels, more than 120 bicycles and a novelty ring with international wrestlers. Thousands of Tijuana families were in the city despite warm temperatures. They filled public transportation and there were early lines to wait for the traditional bike raffle tickets. "We come from Cañada Verde, in Calafia, because we hope to win a bicycle", Josefina Ibarra, a mother of 3 children, tells us in front row of the jumping trampolines line. "The children really have fun. We have come here 3 years", says Josephine who has never won a bike, but still "has hope". During the event, the main attraction was Lucha Libre with Super Porkis and Super Muñeco. Prominent wrestlers clashed with the attention of gifts, toys and free pizzas given-out until three in the afternoon when Banda Agua Caliente graced the event. Miguel Ángel Badiola, director of public relations for Grupo Caliente, recalled this as the 26th Edition "since he arrived in Tijuana, when engineer Hank brought him here, Cantinflas was my very first friend". Subsequently, the festival has come here many years, becoming a tradition in the city, as well as el de Reyes and el de las Mamás that we will soon have. Badiola said by midday approximately 8,000 children arrived. The director of public relations of the Grupo Caliente regretted that families had to travel from Calafias in the eastern area of the City. It shows there is a lack of recreational places there. "It is necessary the authorities meet and work on it", he concluded.

TIJUANA (El Sol de Tijuana, Ana Luz Sánchez Aguirre) – Currently, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is fourth in mortality for women and fifth for men. 90% is caused by tobacco-use, reported Alejandra Ramírez Venegas, head of Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias (INER). In connection with the press release, it was reported that 90% of the cases originate from smoking. Every time smoke causes inflammation of the airway, there is destruction of lung alveoli. The other 10% may be from cooking with firewood. They also said that on average, men smoke more than women however the statistics only cover two decades. Women are now beginning to smoke at the same age as men or even sooner. He explained that COPD is the obstruction of airflow, which is detected with a spirometry device in which you are asked to inhale as much air as possible and then completely expel it. Alejandra Ramirez said a healthy person expelled 80% of the air in one second, and those who are ill much less. Main symptoms of the disease are daily phlegm, cough, a progressive shortness of breath and fatigue in performing activities such as when bathing or grooming and is when pulmonary damage becomes serious. The expert noted the risk of COPD increases in the fourth decade of life, especially for those who have smoked more than a daily pack for ten uninterrupted years. Further, the situation is aggravated because people persist with shortness of breath over ten years and associate it to their low physical condition or age. This slows the diagnosis so when they go to the doctor, the disease is well under way, he cited. For this reason, treatment includes inhaled steroids or a long-acting bronchodilator. They unlock the bronchi and reduce illnesses from infections, improve the quality of life and facilitate breathing. In addition, doctors may provide resources and treatment options to patients wanting to quit tobacco-use and regain lung function. Quitting is more successful with the use of patches or cognitive-behavioral strategies. He finally stressed that COPD is a disabling disease that requires medical care and, in general, results in a lower quality of life.


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