General Hospital Attended to 126 patients at End of Year (El Mexicano, 1/3/13 by Maria Elena Diaz)

MEXICALI, BC - A total of 126 people were served in all the services of the General Hospital of this city of which 29 patients of those who entered during the last night of 2012 and the first morning of the new year. The director of the hospital, Caleb Cienfuego Rascon said the 26 people who were served in the emergency room of the General Hospital were all adults plus three minors.

In addition, three adults and seven minors went to intensive care with extreme health complications; the rest were attended to in surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics and pediatric services.

Of the main causes of attention in the emergency service at the Hospital General, 10 were patients injured by stab wounds or fires, 3 had multiple trauma from accidents either vehicular or in their homes; in most of them an excess of alcohol was involved.

Caleb Cienfuegos said the accelerated rhythm of life in our region increases the frequency of patients with abdominal pains; mainly patients that have with gastritis or colitis that is a by-product of bad eating habits, excess foods high in fat, not eating at certain times, smoking, and drinking soft drinks or alcoholic beverages in excess.

Other ailments treated in the Emergency Department were patients in respiratory crisis due to an excess of bonfires or prolonged exposure to the smoke of fireworks which contributes to the weakening of the respiratory tract. Added to the above patients are those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), common in people with a high consumption of tobacco or family members who have been exposed for long periods to cigarette smoke arriving with great injury to their respiratory tracts.

The hospital chief makes a call to the population to see your general practitioner for a review at least once a year, especially if you have illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension or tuberculosis and follow the treatment prescribed by the physician in order to avoid complications. As well, perform physical activities on a regular basis.

Traffic Agents Carry Gifts to 120 Children (El Mexicano, 1/5/13)

TIJUANA, BC - Toys, piñatas and cake were carried to 120 boys and girls at the Tribu de Jesús Home by 80 officers of the Directorate General of Police and Municipal Transit to celebrate the Epiphany. One of the officers put aside his police uniform to personify "Santa Claus" and his work motorcycle became a sled that led the group to the home located in poblado La Gloria. Raúl Meléndrez Meléndrez, Chief of the Traffic Section, explained it's a tradition celebrated by the Department each year, and now it was the turn for these children, aged between 6 and 15 years old.

He said it is a commitment members of Transit feel to society and through consultation with leaders of several orphanages, the Tribu de Jesús Home was chosen because their needs are greatest. The children showed joy and surprise to see the Municipal Police on their motorcycles and appreciated the gifts brought to them.

The director of the home, Benito Carrillo Bañuelos, thanked the Secretary of Municipal Public Security officers for their gesture and stated that it was gratifying that the police performed such actions for the children. The Tribu de Jesús has just spent two years serving children in difficult situations within their families and this was the first time it received a welcomed visit from policemen, he stressed.


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