I’ve been on the crusade to have people over the age of 70 having their drivers licenses taken away from them.

Even more so after yesterday. I was at a party, and this adorable woman that was probably in her mid-70s, but looked to be in her mid-50s, was asking various people for a ride to a dance studio. My girlfriend and I took her.

She talked about how she moved to Little Italy and found it was easy enough to take buses and trolleys to the places she wanted to go.

Now, why can’t other old folks do this, before they get behind the wheel and are a danger to everyone else on the road?

An Encinitas senior citizen (84) died on the road yesterday. But it wasn’t because of a medical condition or his bad driving; just bad decision making.

He wanted to get out of his car on the 52 freeway, and take pictures of the hills in Tierrasanta. He parked in a dirt median and was hit as he walked back to the car after his photo shoot.

Ya gotta give it to old folks. They find lots of interesting ways to die.

A few days ago in Florida, a guy died at age 75, while diving for golf balls. I have no clue how much you can make selling used golf balls. I’m guessing it’s more than you’d get going thru garbage looking for aluminum cans.

He had been doing this since 1953, and his wife said that he told her that’s the way he’d probably die.

He ran seven golf-supply stores, but more interestingly, had a son die diving for golf balls in a lake 27 years earlier.

The divers usual go in near darkness, and in Florida, they also contend with alligators and other creatures.

He has another son in his 50s, that now has the sadness (and embarrassment) of having to tell people how he lost his brother and father.

I’m guessing he’s content to just try and get the golf ball passed the windmill at the miniature golf course.


rickeysays Sept. 28, 2009 @ 11:52 p.m.

How do you die diving in a golf course pond? WTF?


Josh Board Sept. 29, 2009 @ 1:41 a.m.

Since the story I read didn't say...I'm guessing it wasn't something crazy like a golf ball getting sucked down his snorkel or an alligator attacking him. I don't dive, but from what I understand, there are lots of complications that can happen.


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