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So, Ed McMahon died. And his death gets pushed to the side by Farrah Fawcett dying this morning. Fawcett gets overshadowed by the king of pop, Michael Jackson, dying this afternoon.

I think it would take Madonna or Obama dying to bump Jackson.

I have to say, I wasn't sad by McMahons passing.

First, it was because of all these lawsuits with hospitals. And the whole defaulting on his home loan, and wanting us to have sympathy for him spending many millions more than he had. It's hard to have sympathy for famous people that blow their money, even if they are old.

I like to think that if there is a heaven, and it's the way we all want to picture it...white clouds, harps playing, and running into all your loved ones -- Ed will walk up to Carson greeting him with a "Hereeeeeee's Ed!"

Farrah Fawcett was an icon I couldn't figure out. I had two posters of her in the 70s...the famous one, and another where she's crawling in a bathing suit. I'm not sure why they never show that one. Well, okay, I guess I am. Nothing beats the red bathing suit. That smile. That hair. Those....well, you get the point.

She appeared on Letterman, and was stoned out of her mind. After that appearance, a friend of mine (who wouldn't let me write a music story about this) worked for local venues, and talked about ZZ Top playing a show in town. Farrah seemed out of it, as she went backstage during an afternoon soundcheck. And, her and one of the fellow Texans, started engaging in some sexual activity. My friend found it odd, as there were sound techs and other people walking around nearby.

She appeared in Playboy at age 50. And everyone was praising how beautiful she still looked. Yeah, in the photos she looked great. But how much of that is airbrushed? I've seen photos of Bo Derek, and she still looks amazing. Yet I met her in person a few years ago, and up close, she certainly wasn't a 10.

You can't help but feel bad for someone that gets cancer. I had actually never heard of anyone getting anal cancer before.

I remember feeling bad when I first heard about her going to Germany for alternative treatments. Those things never work.

I thought it was wonderful how Ryan O'Neal, who we've heard so much negative stuff about over the years, really stepped up. The way he's been by her side and done interviews, it's heartbreaking.

So, I got home and hear that Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital and wasn't breathing. My first thought was...how could he breath with that nose?

Hey...you might say that's in bad taste. But come on! I turned CNN on, and a female newscaster was in tears, talking about a few concerts she's seen. Other callers were crying. This isn't John Lennon being murdered. This is a guy that was a freak, albeit an amazing entertainer, who probably didn't die of natural causes.

I love his music. I have Off the Wall and Thriller. But this guy was involved in inapprorpriate behavior with children. And, I'm not even talking about child molestation. That was never proven. I'm talking about him, by his own admission, saying he lets children sleep in his bed. As an adult, that's a no-no. Even with your own kids.

I think there's a possibility that he wasn't interested, sexually, in children. It would just make it strange that he settled with one family for $20 million. Everyone knows, when you settle, the court of public opinion finds you guilty.

And, no matter how rich you were or what lawyers tell you...would you really give a family $20 million if you know you didn't do anything wrong?

Jackson had said in interviews he didn't expect to live past 40. I'm not sure why.

I heard another reporter say she thought he was anorexic.

I'm sure we'll get all the details. And even some we shouldn't be getting, when some tabloid pays a hospital employee or ambulance driver for.

My heart goes out to the family of these three icons.


Jackson was, obviously, anorexic. It destroys your heart muscles, irrevocably.

I didn't care much for Farrah, of the three angels my favorite was the longhaired brunette.

McMahon live a long life, I didn't know him but knew someone who did. Apparently, he was a pro's pro.

The connection here is lifestyles of the rich and shameless. You live it and you pay for it. Karma can be a good thing and a bad thing, depending. Point is, we pay for our lifestyles in the end.

June 25, 2009

"But this guy was involved in inapprorpriate behavior with children. And, I'm not even talking about child molestation. That was never proven. I'm talking about him, by his own admission, saying he lets children sleep in his bed. As an adult, that's a no-no. Even with your own kids."

What is wrong with having your child sleep in your bed now and then? That is not at all a problem in my family because we don't have any child molestors, and the kids are sweet, loving, and well-adjusted.

If you must have a villain, try Debbie Rowe, ex-dental assistant and the biological mother of Jackson's two kids. She signed away her parental rights not once, but TWICE, and has been grubbing after his money from day one.

I'd just like to say that it might be best today to offer a kind thought for the newly dead, whatever you think about their karmic allowances. We all have to go sometime, and it is the most profound of human events. Besides, this man gave us some of the tightest pop music around, and whatever you think of him personally, he is the originator of such gems as "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," "Thriller," "Billie Jean," and so many others. He danced as though he had no earthly tether, and his moves are permanently in the American lexicon of physical expression--immediately identifiable.

June 25, 2009

Refried: Not sure how much of a pro Ed really was. A few times he showed up on the set drunk. Dennis Miller even played a clip that was baffling. Carson was setting up an appearance by Joan Embry, and saying she worked for the San Diego Zoo and has been coming on for "7 or 8 years". Ed yells "nine!!!" Carson says, "Excuse me?" And he yells "Nine years. She's been coming here nine years." Carson replies, "Uh...that's what I said." To which Ed gripes, "You said 7 or 8, but it's 9. There are animals she brought here as babies, that are now 10 year old, ferocious tigers." The crowd laughs, and Carson tries to move on, and Ed then says, "You're making me mad now! I've actually gone to that zoo. You never did."

June 25, 2009

SD: I actually have a lot of sympathy for Michael. I think many of his problems (mentally) stem from having an abusive father.

But, I'm not talking about having kids sleep in your bed once in a while. Maybe there's a bad storm and they're scared, or a situation like that. But he admitted in an interview, to letting all kids sleep in his bed, even children that aren't his own. And he thought there was nothing wrong with that, because he "loved them."

And, I didn't even get into his child dangling from the balcony stunt.

Or his racist rants against Jews, and calling a record label (Sony, I believe it was) a bunch of racists.

Once again, it's an African-American playing the race card and claiming everyone else is "racist". Maybe that's why he and Al Sharpton were such good friends. They're both racists.

June 25, 2009

Who are we to judge Michael? WE were not there to see this and instead of judging we should pray for our own forgiveness and leave there families in Peace, He will see his judge the same as you will and I will, I loved Michael, He had so much Love for so many people he gave to more charities than any other celebrity and he sang and danced so Beautiful.. My Heart goes out to his family and as for Ed and Farrah I loved both of them they were Good people. God Bless all there families and Please watch what you say! God hears all!!Do not Judge for ye shall be Judged!

June 25, 2009

full video of him being picked up at his home and him arriving at the hospital over at http://jjpeg.com/watch28013.html -- and download his albums over at http://jjpeg.com/file2018451.html if you wanna remember his great music.. you have to do a questionnaire to get into the site for some reason but it works so whatever.. what a crazy day. RIP Mikey

June 25, 2009

I have to comment on Michael Jackson's death. His passing is huge. Celebrities die all the time, but this is different.

  1. It was totally unexpected.
  2. He was arguably the most talented artist of the last century (Yes, including Elvis).
  3. It closes the door on the weird chapter of his life. Everyone (mostly) whether they admit it or not, loved his music. It was a musical foundation to more than one generation. Now, people can get nostalgic and focus on his music instead of on him as a very flawed individual. I predict that his future music sales will surpass those when he was alive.


June 25, 2009

I grew up listening to the ABC album and it is still one of my favorites. Granted the music was written and played by other top notch people. But for me, he never topped those early J5 songs and his later stuff contains those "hiccup" vocals that drive me nuts. It is possible he committed some terrible acts. Perhaps not. We'll never know. Still I'm surprised that I'm feeling a bit sadder than I would expect. Whatever one might feel about him, he was one of the very few entertainers that commanded such a large worldwide audience at the height of his popularity and gave millions upon millions joy. One my faves by him is "I'll Be There." Excellent singing, particularly in the fading title phrases. Also sorry abut Farrah. While in my hormone infested teens I could have killed someone for a chance to be with her, I always preferred Jaclyn Smith and some others from the late 70's shows. I hope they both went peacefully.

June 25, 2009

"Once again, it's an African-American playing the race card and claiming everyone else is "racist"."

Oh Josh, here you go again. I'm outta here.

June 25, 2009

One odd question for Josh: How would you react if it were Dennis Rodman that died? I mean, just pretending...

June 25, 2009

I was just talking to someone at work today after we heard Farrah died and she said "Who's next? It usually comes in 3's" because Ed McMahon also passed away. Then I got home and heard MJ died. It's hard to believe he's gone. Despite what people think of his life, he still is an icon no matter what. I was thinking it sure would be something if he never did the things the majority of people accused him of (myself included) based on his odd behavior. What if he really was just a sad soul that never fit in and only related to nonjudgmental children. Maybe that really was what it was all about. Very sad.

June 25, 2009

That's a good point, andrea. I know for years, I supported him against all these allegations of child molestation. I said, "I think he just loves kids. He's like a kid himself and likes playing games with them," etc. The problem is...he admitted to letting kids sleep in his bed. That's wrong. And, it's one thing to coach a youth sports team, be a Cub Scout leader, or whatever else an adult might enjoy doing with kids. But a new child actor would get popular: Webster, Macully Culkin, Corey Feldman, etc. And he'd immediately seek that child out, start hanging out with them, inviting them for sleep-overs, and even carrying Webster around like he was a puppy dog. There's something very odd about that. It wasn't like he did a movie with a kid, and stayed friends with that child.

SD: I've just never understood when a rich, famous African-American is claiming the powers that be screwed them over because of race. Paul McCartney feels Jackson screwed him over on song royalties to some Beatles tunes. But he just said Jackson had more money to buy the catalog. No claims of racism. Does Jackson think, if he was white (well, technically, he was)...that instead of making the $800 million he made, he would've made a few billion?

Then, this newscaster I loved for Channel 10...Lisa Lake. I hear she's now suing the station, claiming racism. And a bunch of other claims, which I find hard to believe. It's just the go-to complaint, it seems.

And lastly, refried...not sure what you even mean by bringing Dennis Rodman into the fold. But, I think he's got a lot of mental problems, and aside from some drinking (and trying to pick up my friends 17-year-old niece at a stop light in LA), I don't really have a beef with him, per se.

June 26, 2009

On a side note: the title of this blog is horrid. It reminds me of "Eats, Shoots & Leaves."

June 26, 2009

"And lastly, refried...not sure what you even mean by bringing Dennis Rodman into the fold. But, I think he's got a lot of mental problems, and aside from some drinking (and trying to pick up my friends 17-year-old niece at a stop light in LA), I don't really have a beef with him, per se."

That's my point about Jackson. And, it's what I would have hoped that you would have said. Rodman will be less known as an amazing power forward, and more as a freak. Unfortunately. Perhaps, musically, Jackson as well. Both were amazing at one time.

June 26, 2009

"He was arguably the most talented artist of the last century" ???? Reggie, you need to get out more. He was in the right place at the right time with a new pop sound, and made some bold videos. But his music won't stand the test of time any more than Paula Abdul.

June 26, 2009

I disagree with that, rickey. To put him in the same category as Paula Abdul, is just insane. Unless you're referring to the fact that both were dancers.

Jackson had some great songs. I was never a fan of the Jackson 5, but his solo stuff was good.

And refried...that is what my entire problem is with all the praise I'm seeing thrown upon Jackson right now. About 90% of it is about him being a "musical genius" and not his freakish behavior.

And, the term "genius" really shouldn't be applied. Even though he wrote a lot of his songs, it took him teaming up with Quincy Jones, and other people, before he took it to the next level.

I've been waiting to hear a statement from Paul McCartney. I seem to remember when Lennon was murdered, he had some really harsh statement, that almost seemed like he didn't care.

And with Michael, and some of the bitterness he had towards him because of the Beatles songs...I'm guessing he won't say what he really wants to say.

June 26, 2009

People always talking about MJ letting kids sleep in his bed , but what about the parents that were allowing that shyt to happen!!! How about we take a closer look at these wired azz parents that kept SENDING their kids to a grown mans house so they could sleep in his bed!!! If these dumb azz parents didn't have a problem sending their kids to his house , why the hell is everybody talking shyt about MJ??? MJ didn't go out and kidnap kids and bring them home!!! It was a bunch of money hungry , snobby azzholes sending their kids to his house hoping they could get some free money from MJ. These parents knew that the whole world would look at MJ and blame him first , instead of looking at the parents and questioning why they allowed their child to be there in the first place!!!! You don't keep sending your child over to a house of a person you think is child molestors and then blame the adult for molesting your kid!! Unless you after the money!!! So before you shyt on MJ for having kids in his bed , shyt on the parents for sending their kids over there to sleep in his bed!!!!

RIP To MJ , ED and Farrah 3 people who got paid to do what they loved!!!!

Josh what in the hell makes you think that africans calling out white amerikka are racist??? Where do you get this idea that africans who were brought over here to be slaves , shyted on by this pathetic azz country are racist??? Did you pull that one out of your azz when you took your head out??? Or you think that way because you are white??? I've ask your dumb azz this question before and you had no replay!!! So that just lets me know that you yourself are racist , because most dumb racist azz white people think the way you do!!! They hate to hear anyone shyt on this country that was founded by racism!!! They hate to hear anyone stand up for their rights when they are treated unfairly!!! And they think that obama being amerikkkas puppet , means there is no more racism!!! Josh your breath smells like shyt from all that bullshyt you be talking , please stop stinking up this web page and keep ya mouth close!!! Holla!!!!

June 26, 2009

Spliff...are you the adopted son of a local writer in town?

And, once again, you actually do bring a somewhat decent point to the table. I agree, the parents were naive for sending their kids there. Well, aside from the one that collected $20 million after he did (I kid, I kid).

But, before you come down that harshly on the parents, you have to realize...most people think the best of others. It's why SDaniels, who posts on this sight, thinks I can actually learn things from you. When it's obvious you have an IQ below 70.

When kids want to meet the famous singer, and play at his Disneylandesque estate, and watch Disney movies...parents probably just think he's a rich, famous person that wants to spread the love around. And I think some parents even met him and his "people" first, and felt comfortable with the situation.

Bob Goldthwait does a funny stand-up bit about the father who sent his son, and then got $20 million. I won't repeat it all here, but the punchline is basically: "No amount of money will ease what you did to my son. You took his innocence. You've ruined his life. You..."

Jacksons lawyers: HOW ABOUT WE GIVE YOU $20 MILLION?

"He has a brother!"

June 26, 2009

It's sad that as a group black people are some of the most racist people I've ever been around. Spliff and idiots like him only make it worse with the weak argument that they can't be racist, because they we're once subjugated. Spliff, pull YOUR head out of YOUR azz, or better yet put it back in and leave it there. Stop bringing your weak shyt to the boards for the rest of us to swat. Holla!!

June 27, 2009

Why do you refer to people as "a group of black people"? All of you are horrible. Do you not realize the privilege of being white? This, and I quote from the very good interview with Tim Wise in The Sun called "By The Color Of Their Skin" - Tim Wise on the Myth of a Postracial America:

"Privilege also takes the form of less pressure to perform. If a white student in a classroom doesn't answer a question correctly, no one will say "Those white people don't even deserve to be in this school. They obviously had standards lowered for them." We whites are able to be as incompetent or mediocre as we want and never have our mediocrity ascribed by our race. George W. Bush mangled the English language with regularity and still became president. If Barack Obama had mispronounced words the way Bush did, would he have been given the same degree of slack?"

This is just an excerpt. Read, people, READ! You have no idea how dumb you sound when you relentlessly beat the stupid racism drum. What if you woke up with black skin tomorrow? Would you still hate black people?

June 27, 2009

"If a white student in a classroom doesn't answer a question correctly, no one will say 'Those white people don't even deserve to be in this school. They obviously had standards lowered for them.'"

Obviously, Tim Wise never spent any time in Mexico. Ms. Grant, that isn't to say that I don't agree with your message - I do, very much. But the doors of the racism cantina swing both ways. Perceptions - and the interpretation of mistreatments or privileges - are subjective, at best. Especially concerning the color of one's skin.

June 27, 2009

I am not referring to Mexico, nor to anything other than being born an American in this country and being referred to as something other than. Namely, a "black" American. Don't use your perch in Mexico to degrade what is obviously a serious issue in this country.

June 27, 2009

Ah, so the "Mexican" point of view isn't relevant to racism. Figures. Ma'am, with all due respect, you're not just proving my point, but the points of those in this thread with whom you disagree.

June 27, 2009

On a much lighter note, but one that's sure to offend someone, my friend sent these to me. I thought I'd cut and paste them:

Call me insensitive.. but it's a dirty job for which someone needs to take responsibility! Wacko Jacko has asked to be buried at sea.......................preferably between 2 buoys!

Michael Jackson's upcoming London dates have been cancelled......... They were James (aged11) and Thomas (age 9)

Michael Jackson Died in L.A last night. Doctors said he didn't go stiff until they wheeled him past the childrens ward!

(is it me, or does the first joke not work? i don't think that word was pronounced "boys")

June 27, 2009

oh boy...take cover, everyone... :/

June 27, 2009

It's a play on a word. There is a restaurant with a nautical theme in San Diego, and the restrooms say "Buoys" and "Gulls".

June 28, 2009

Well, for a restaurant sign (with that theme), that's cute and works.

I saw a restaurant near Del Mar, can't remember which one, and the sign said "fillies" and...dang, now I can't remember what the other sign said!

June 28, 2009

Probably studs. I hope not geldings!!

June 28, 2009

I initially thought, as I was posting, that it might have been "studs"...but for some reason, I don't think it was.

THIS JUST IN: Billy Mays, that TV pitchman, died. I believe it was a day after an airplane accident, but they don't think that had anything to do with it. And no foul play was suspected.

He was 50. Just like Michael Jackson.

Maybe 50 is the new 27.

June 28, 2009

The horse-gender opposite of "fillies" is "colts".

Until their first birthday, both sexes are weanlings. At one, both sexes are yearlings. At two, male horses are colts and females are fillies; at any point that a male horse is castrated after two years old, he becomes a gelding, for life; a male horse with only one testicle becomes a ridgling, for life. At five, female horses become mares and male horses become horses.

At stud, females are dams and males are sires.

June 28, 2009

I think I've seen "Stallions" used in another establishment of equine decor.

June 28, 2009

Stallions are horses that stand at stud, but I don't know if that's simply for advertisement or how it applies to the official title of the horse. I sort of like that term better than sire. Sire and Dam implicate that the horses have successfully mated and had prodgeny. I reckon that the terms were all invented years ago, I could research it I guess but I'm too lazy, and I have to go make some fish tacos.


June 28, 2009

Yes! Colts it was!

Mindy, using one ethnic person who succeeded, as a point for WHY their isn't racism, doesn't really work.

Because, in the 60s, Sidney Poitter was making movies, getting nominated for Oscars; Willie Mays and Hank Aaron were tearing up major league baseball, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell were the two best centers in the NBA...and I guarantee blacks didn't have it easy in the U.S.

I just think the word gets thrown around a lot today, when the problem is, to me, in most places...hardly a problem.

I think MsG brought up a good point, in her Bush analogy. Had he never been elected, and it was Obama that talked that way...it would've been brought up ALL THE TIME, as oppose to with Bush, it was only brought up by comedians and late night talk shows.

June 28, 2009

I often get angry calls on my Reader voice mail, or letters sent in. I also get messages via this website, and here's one that recently came in that I'll cut and paste here, and answer:

The user melena sent the following message to you via San Diego Reader:


Only freaks with dirty minds wouldn't let there kids sleep with them. You are a disgrace. A lot of Micheal Jackson's problems was the media. Respect him the being the greatest entertainer that ever lived. It will take more than Madonna to put him on the back burner, ass. You need to learn manners and respect. No matter what he died from he was Michael Jackson, and not a child molester. Money is the root of all evil, and make people tell many lies. His looks where different, but we as Americans and people have that freedom to be different if we choose. Judge not that ye be not judged. Respect the dead, and this great humanitarian.

joshb responds: It's not freaks with dirty minds that don't let their kids sleep with them. Doctors and pyschiatrists all say you shouldn't let kids sleep with you (Google to find out all the reasons why). I believe he was a great entertainer, but hardly the greatest that ever lived. He could dance. He could sing. And he wrote a handful of great tunes. Oh, he also grabbed his crotch a lot. So, if you wanna talk about dirty minds, better start with him. You can say he's not a child molester, but he gave a family $20 million dollars to not sue him for child molestation. Explain that one to me. And, two jurors, on another trial he was involved with, acquited him. They now say they think he did molest the kid, it just wasn't proven well enough in court. Sure, money is considered by many to be the root of all evil. And guess what? Jackson had a lot of it. That makes him, uh...mighty mighty devilish, in my mind (especially the racial slurs he threw around). His looks were just fine when he made Off the Wall. Then he went Off the Rocker, and got a million surgeries, and turned himself into what looked like a freak. I'd comment on his looks, just as I might Pamela Anderson for having basketball size implants put inside her body. Both of these people should've spent that money on a good psychiatrist instead!

June 29, 2009

actually i believe it's "THE LOVE OF money is the root of all evil..." just saying...

June 29, 2009

I've always been annoyed when a few famous people die and they say "It happens in threes." It never happens in threes. It might on rare occasions.

And, isn't this like...five deaths? It started with David Carradine.

And I've always wondered...what the time span is for the "three" people to die in. A week? A month? Two months? After all...with so many older actors, it really doesn't mean a lot.

And, why is someone like Jack Lemmon considered one, and another famous actor is two...but trying to find a "third" to fit the theory, always ends up being someone that isn't all that famous.

June 29, 2009

"1. Michael was not anorexic."

Michael Jackson weighed 114 pounds when he died. Good luck convincing anyone that he wasn't anorexic.

June 29, 2009

Mindy, I agree that things are a thousand times better than they were in MLKs day. But that doesn't mean that racism doesn't exist. Of course it does. I really think, if there's a job applicant that is white and one that is black, and the boss doing the hiring is white...he would probably lean towards hiring the white guy (assuming all their qualities are equal).

Listen, I get a lot of posts from people on here that think I'm a racist, because I get mad when blacks always play the race card. And, it's one of the reasons I hate Sonya Sodomyer (sp?). (on a positive side note: the Supreme Court just overturned the decision to throw out the test firefighters took, that the whites passed and the blacks didn't)

But Mindy, using a few people you dated doesn't really mean much. It's like when I try to use the few people I play basketball with, and talked about OJ and "racist cops," which turn out not to be racist, once I hear the reasons my black friends are pulled over.

You can't judge on a handful of people, but on majorities of people. And even then, nobody says the majority that you see is the definitive. In fact, that's even a very, very small portion of the population. I mean, every time I've seen a story on an arsonist, it's a white guy. Does that mean Caucasians would like being saddled with something like a statement "All Caucasians start fires." Yet, we often times don't think twice about saying statements and using other races (filling in whatever negative that is the topic of the day).

What bothers me about these discussions is...I've found that you can't really have them. Because the hard-core liberal types, won't listen to reason. They might think because they're a lawyer, a teacher, or whatever...that they've SEEN more than I have. Which is complete BS. I've lived long enough, and known enough people of all races, and witnessed enough, to where I think I can make statements about traits I see in certain people. But because I think different races can be different...it's not some Sesame Street PR thing where "we're all the same," just as we now know men and women are very different, but everyone tried for years, to tell us there is no difference.

But at the end of the day, I don't think me having any specific view on any specific race, really matters. Because each person I meet, I treat as an equal. And I don't go into the relationship (whether that's a working relationship, a dating relationship, someone I play sports with)...they're a person, just as I am. And I treat them as I would like to be treated. I don't think less of them, until I hear their philosophies on life.

June 29, 2009

P.S. Mindy, can you introduce me to one of those black guys? I can use a sugar daddy with a cool car collection!

June 29, 2009

First...sorry to hear about your friends predicaments.

Second...I'm with you, up until your last paragraph. First, whatever casting calls are going on, have NOTHING to do with anything. Sometimes studios need certain "types". I do think women sometimes have it tougher in Hollywood, but that's just because there aren't as many interesting roles for women. But that's even a complaint that I don't care much about. I mean...if a movie is about an astronaut, like Moon...well, I'm guessing their are more male astronauts than female, so a man is cast. I think in Hollywood, it's the Middle-Eastern people that have it the worst, as they are usually cast as terrorists (and that was the case before 9/11).

I have no problem with affirmative action, as I believe in the work place, there are reasons why it's necessary. I just think there are certain ways it should and shouldn't be done (and I never cared for Jesse Jackson threatening to boycott companies if they don't comply the way he sees fit...and then they can always "pay" his company, which he claims donates to these causes; that, to me, is just black mail that lines his pockets).

I also don't have a problem when scholarships are set up for certain races. I know a few white people that always complained about that.

I did, however, have a problem when UC schools were lowering their admission standards for certain races that were having a hard time scoring as high as other races. Because...not admitting one kid who got better tests scores, just so there's "diversity" sets things back, creates bitterness...and it has people wondering...if the doctor of a certain race is working on them, maybe they weren't as "good" as another doctor, and only got in to med school because of lower standards for them (again...that's kind of faulty logic, I believe; if someone got thru medical school, I really don't care what they got on their SATs, they're probably qualified to do anything to my body they see fit, and I have no problem what color my doctor is)

June 29, 2009

Josb and ricksays if your IQ is above 1 then you should be able to answer a simple question! HOW IS IT THAT AFRICANS ARE RACIST JUST FOR STANDING UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS AGAINST A RACIST NATION? I see you kept on dodging the question like a coward but you still want to call africans racist when RACISM IS A EUROPEAN IDEA!! Or did you know that since you are so smart? Joshb and ricksays are two cowards scared to answer a simple question! But until you can answer that question you will always be a coward hiding behind your racist mask , just like the rest of white amerikkka that talks that bullshyt! You cowards are scared to talk about the history of this racist country because it only tells the truth in the time line that amerikkka has went nowhere and it will always be a racist country! Face it cowards there would be no amerikkka if it wasn't for racism!! 11 of the first 13 president own slaves!! If you were white you could kill or rape a little girl and get away with it and amerikkka will look at you as a hero! Just like that child molestor on your 1 dollar bill that you call your founding father! After slavery amerikkka had jim crows laws against blacks for over 30 years! How many great president were in that era that allowed that to go on? Politicans , police , teachers , prist , doctors and dumb azz white people who didn't own shyt were for treating a nation of people like animals just for the beauty of their skin! Do the history on that if your so smart! These cowards josb and ricksays are scared to hear the history on how shyted this country is because they can't handle the truth so they just rant on a lot of bullshyt!! Josh you claim you live long enough to see things , you ain't seen shyt! You just talk that opinon shyt! Were you around when amerikkka had white and black drinking fountains? Were you around when africans were force to ride the back of the bus? Were you around when africans couldn't play football , basketball , baseball , golf and tennis? Were you around when amerikkka didn't want africans to go to school? Were you around when amerikkka didn't want africans to read?? Were you around when your first president G. Washington was raping little girls and selling kids for a profit? Were you around when amerikkka had white gangs called the "spook hunters" killing africans and not going to jail for murder? Were you around when white families use to take their kids to the fair to see africans being hung for entertainment? If you seen all of that and still call africans racist then you are either racist yourself or just a dumb azz , uneducated , cowrdly punk! I think you qualify for all of the above! Wow rickesays wants to write holla like me! Another typical white person wanting to do and say what the africans do , but hates to see africans stand up for their rights! Get that yellow streak from down your back or repaint it the choice is yours! Speak on it if you dare! Another one for you to byte!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

July 1, 2009

Spliff...thank you for that interesting history lesson.

The problem with your logic...well, along with those bad things you mention in history, do you realize Christians burned and killed women they "thought" were witches? Does that mean the Christians today are bad people because of that? I don't think so.

So...if white America did bad things in the past, I don't think that makes Caucasians bad people.

But to say that another race CAN NOT be racist, is just silly.

July 1, 2009

Spliff, you have to give us a history lesson on racism because it's irrelevent today. I even disagree with Josh's statement "I really think, if there's a job applicant that is white and one that is black, and the boss doing the hiring is white...he would probably lean towards hiring the white guy (assuming all their qualities are equal)". The reality is, most employers will bend over backward to make their workforce as diverse as possible, to prove they're not racist, as well as in an effort to avoid getting sued. Look at the just-decided firefighter case. The city threw out test results it didn't like, discriminating against the white firefighters in the process, in an effort to avoid getting sued. But Spliff if you want to give us a history lesson, why don't you tell us about all the white people who died in the civil war to establish a country free of slavery. They fought and died for you. Or tell us about all the slavery that went on in Africa before white people ever showed up. Slavery is as old as man. The weak have always been enslaved by the strong. It's only white, western civilization that finally put a stop to it. Holla!!

July 1, 2009

I'm sure the latest history lesson on Michael Jackson will be coming from Spike Lee. At one gathering (I believe at the Apollo), that racist filmmaker said that everyone should ignore the media trying to bring Jackson down, and that it should be about the love.

Yeah, well...that would all be good and fine, if he didn't have a reputation for molesting children and just acting weird on so many occasions.

I'm waiting for Spike to claim that when other singers like Elvis died, the media didn't bring out all the negative. My reply to that would be...the media was less tabloid like in the 70s. And, if he remembers, when Cobain killed himself, I heard lots of negative about him as well.

July 2, 2009

Not to mention the fact that these Americans where incapable of accumulating any significant wealth to pass on to the next generation due to LAWS being in place that prevented them from attending "white" colleges, or any colleges for that matter, and participating in most major income producing job positions. Even, like Spliff mentions, major sports. This was evident in the necessity to build "the projects". Because landlords were prohibited from renting to black people due to Jim Crow Laws, white developers built massive structures that housed millions of blacks in the 1960s and 1970s. Do you think these people lived there because they wanted to?

"The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965. They mandated de jure segregation in all public facilities, with a supposedly "separate but equal" status for black Americans. In reality, this led to treatment and accommodations that were usually inferior to those provided for white Americans, systematizing a number of economic, educational and social disadvantages."

"The problem with your logic...well, along with those bad things you mention in history, do you realize Christians burned and killed women they "thought" were witches? Does that mean the Christians today are bad people because of that? I don't think so.

So...if white America did bad things in the past, I don't think that makes Caucasians bad people."

I just threw up in my mouth. Salem witch hunts - 1692. Projects - 1960. Do the math.

July 3, 2009

"I just threw up in my mouth. Salem witch hunts - 1692. Projects - 1960. Do the math."

These are somehow related? What?

Racism still exists today, without a doubt. But what the Salem witch trials, Jim Crow laws, and the Projects have to do with what's going on in 2009 is baffling. You know what's interesting? White people can't change the color of their skin, either. Us white folks are stuck with the history of our ancestors, regardless of whether or not we'd love to change history.

You think that caucasians are bad people, Ms. Grant? Really? Measure you're response, ma'am, while I go grab some popcorn and prepare links to how ethnic warfare and prejudice isn't simply a "white thing".

July 3, 2009

Those were Josh's words, you moron. Have another tequila. I'll post it again below for your edification, but if you need proof, see post 45..

Josh replies:

"The problem with your logic...well, along with those bad things you mention in history, do you realize Christians burned and killed women they "thought" were witches? Does that mean the Christians today are bad people because of that? I don't think so.

So...if white America did bad things in the past, I don't think that makes Caucasians bad people."

My quote after his retarded observation was directly above his that I quoted in post 48.

"The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965. They mandated de jure segregation in all public facilities, with a supposedly "separate but equal" status for black Americans. In reality, this led to treatment and accommodations that were usually inferior to those provided for white Americans, systematizing a number of economic, educational and social disadvantages."

You seem to have a difficult time following me.

July 3, 2009

Well, Ms. Grant, setting aside your eloquent nametags of "moron" and "retarded" (classy, real classy), you really don't have to re-quote Josh's comments, I read just fine. In fact, ma'am, you may call me Dave or David, whichever suits you. I will continue to call you Ms. Grant, because even in disagreement I respect people enough not to resort to name-calling.

Speaking of which, wouldn't it be a hoot if I had some sort of learning disabilities? Or even if Josh had those unfortunate afflictions? That would be a classic case of irony. Someone with a mental handicap being called a moron, or retarded, by someone else who blindly rants against racism. I can't speak for Josh (he seems at least normal), but in my case, you're off the hook.

I don't always agree with Josh (and often agree with Spliff), but in this case, Josh is correct. Racism isn't limited to white people and religious intolerance isn't limited to Christians. Feel free to throw up in your mouth all you want, but you're wrong. Incorrect. Historically nebulous in your references.

But let's change the subject for a moment, so I can gain perspective of how you see racism in the twenty-first century (please refrain from references that are no longer relevant). We have a president who is, at least, half-black. But as much of a great step as that is, even better was the appointment in the last administration of a black woman at the post of Secretary of State. A. Black. Woman.

Irrespective of how I disagreed with the politics of the last administration, I saw the appointment of Condoleezza Rice as one of the more important occurrences in the history of the United States of America. How did you see that, Ms. Grant? White people appointing a black woman?

July 3, 2009

You make me sick. "Historically nebulous in your references."? Enough said, non-taxpaying piece of crap living in TJ because you cannot afford alcohol in the US. I won't call you anything else. Do you read? Have you really studied history? I think not with your pat responses to me -

you're off the hook. but you're wrong. Incorrect.

Your a drunk living in TJ. What do you contribute to this country? Besides your sexist view of women who dare contradict you?

July 3, 2009

My word, Ms. Grant, you're certainly raising the bar on this conversation. Let's see what we have here:

  1. "You make me sick."

Heh. Sorry about that. I'm pretty sure that the queasy feeling you have is more from self-righteousness than from myself. You really should try and control that, it's very unbecoming.

  1. "Enough said, non-taxpaying piece of crap living in TJ because you cannot afford alcohol in the US."

Wow, I wish that were the case, me not paying taxes. Bet you your next paycheck that I've paid more taxes in the U.S. than you have. Hundreds of thousands. And child support (not tax deductible). Even though I could've taken a job here, I felt obligated to work over there. And, rest assured, except in bars, alcohol is more expensive here than it is over there. I live in Tijuana because my wife of seventeen years and my daughter of sixteen years are here - they are Mexican. The wife's son - now a U.S. citizen - is serving in your effing army. Keeping you safe. In Iraq. For his second tour.

  1. "Do you read?"

Of course. I'm college educated. I paid for my own schooling in the United States of America. I had to, my parents were relatively poor white folks, struggling to survive.

  1. "Have you really studied history?"

Yes, I have. Not just U.S. history. Not just the broader points of the fight for equality in the U.S. Finer points, even. Feel free to test my knowledge. I'm not a historian, but I am apparently more well-read by yourself, based on your comments.

  1. "Your a drunk living in TJ."

I can't say I'm a drunk. I'm not nearly as good as was my father, nor some of the writers I so admire. My wife keeps me from getting too far into the bottle. I would be kind enough to offer you arbitration on that point.


July 3, 2009

"(please refrain from references that are no longer relevant)."

Oh, I forgot this jewel from refried that stated that anything that happened post 1965 isn't relevant.

July 3, 2009


  1. "What do you contribute to this country?"

Well. in my younger days I was a dynamic part of your military industrial complex. While I'm not so proud of that, you might be. Here's a partial list:

Space Shuttle, A-6, A-7, A-10, B-1, B-2, C-5, C-17, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-20, F-22, KC-35, M1A1, M1A2, various bombs and missiles (I'm not allowed to be specific), components and assemblies still active on everything from nuclear submarines to the Hubbell telescope, and more.

I was thinking about this the other evening, talking to my wife, that even at an early age, I had quite a hand and quite an impact on many of these programs. Of course, the attitudes of Americans are so varied that none of this might be impressive to you. But that is my major contribution. Later in life, I've shifted gears. Next time you take in a Chargers game at Qualcomm, take a look at the field-level banners that surround the field against the field walls. I didn't design the artwork, but I designed the construction. The artwork was easier.

  1. "Besides your sexist view of women who dare contradict you?"

Ms. Grant, I don't contradict you because you're a woman. I contradict you because you are incorrect. If I were sexist, would I bother to remain polite to you in spite of your name-calling?

July 3, 2009

"Feel free to test my knowledge. I'm not a historian, but I am apparently more well-read by yourself, based on your comments."

Duh, does this mean I've read you?

July 3, 2009

Ma'am, I have no idea if you've read me. But it is apparent that if you have, you don't understand me. If you did in fact understand me, then many of your accusations (other than being a drunk, because I really don't know how to qualify it) would never have been leveled at me.

I never negated your opinions concerning the history of racism in America, simply the application of it to the twenty-first century. I would place all of your accusatory labels in some sort of a spreadsheet and then invite you to read what I've written over the years and perform some form of comparative analysis, but that isn't the point.

You can't compare seventeenth century piracy to twenty-first century piracy, nor can you draw a line from one to the other. In your rebuttal to Josh's comments – this is what you appeared to do when relating it to racism. Even evils change form over time. It’s not the same as it was.

July 3, 2009

Oh, I get it now! I typed "by" rather than "than"! Should I go edit your responses now?

"Your a drunk living in TJ"

No, it's "You're" a drunk living in TJ. Except we call it "Tijuana".

I'm sure there are more, but if you're going to lower the bar that much, what's the point?

July 3, 2009

um, happy fourth of july...i think i'll have me a shot of tequila. join me!

July 4, 2009

"classy, real classy" "You really should try and control that, it's very unbecoming."

I will never "try and control" anything. Women seem to have a place in your world, and it's not a place I would want to be. I will continue to speak my mind, whether or not supposed "gentlemen" such as yourself find it "unbecoming".

July 4, 2009

Ms. Grant, I don't have the patience of refried, so I'll just say "you're an idiot".

July 5, 2009

"How did you see that, Ms. Grant? White people appointing a black woman?"

I see it as American people appointing an American woman.

July 5, 2009

JACKSON UPDATE: Al Sharpton is going to try and get a holiday and a stamp, in Jacksons honor. I'm guessing those things won't fly.

In regards to the debate above, I'm not even sure how it all started. MsGrant, my initial point was Spike Lee "complaining" about the media and their coverage of Jackson. And to me, it's an odd complaint. Jackson had several molestation things he had to deal with, so it's relevant.

And, I had seen/heard Spike Lee make other racist comments in the past, so I wanted to "call him" on it (one example is when a famous, well-known white film director was going to do the Malcolm X movie, and he stated that a white guy wouldn't be able to do that movie; another thing he did was make Jewish club owners screwing the black jazz musicians out of money...yet he hates when other movies portray racial stereotypes). So, to me, for Spike Lee to comment on ANYTHING that the media is doing, or ANYTHING race related, is just silly.

Don't get me wrong, MsG...I think this country did horrible things to African-Americans. And I still think racism exists, and I have no problem with scholarships set up ONLY for blacks, or for companies being told they should have a certain percentage of minorities. My only point is that racism isn't nearly as bad as many claim it is.

July 6, 2009

Man , joshb every time you talk you show how you hold on to these racist views of amerikkkka!!! Only a racist person or a confuse racist person would refer to every other ethnic culture here in amerikkka as a minority!!!

Minority- A word used by racist whites to describe other ethnic cultures here in amerikkka!!!

Only a complete dork or someone who has never and will never experience racism would think , racism isn't nearly as bad as many claim it is!!! There is another layer of that racist mask you hide behind expose!!! Man your level of stupidity is astounding!!!

What you cowards still can't seem to comprehend is , the ideal of racism was adopted and practice by this GOVERNMENT you claim you love so much!!! So if the GOVERNMENT is for racism that means the citizen of that country are for it to because they believe in the GOVERNMENT!! The history lesson was to show ya how this amerikkkan GOVERNMENT was for these harsh treatment of people!!! And with all the crimes they committed nobody went to jail!! Instead they were VOTED in for another term!!! The time line shows you how the ideal of racism has been taught to different generations!! It also shows you how each new generations has held on to the same racist ideas!!! The truth shall set you free!!! Ignorance , stupidity and avoiding the truth will only keep you chasing your tail like a dog!!!

Only white amerikkkan christian were burning women saying they were witches!!! All that witch hunting was right here in amerikkka it wasn't all christian get ya facts straight!!

July 6, 2009

To call those who are subjected to racism , racist is silly!!! If a bully beats up on a kid for ten years and in that eleventh year the kid stands up to the bully and kicks their azz!!! Do you call that kid a bully because they stood up for themselves??? I doubt anyone would call that kid a bully for beating up on a kid that was a bully to them!!! So how in the hell can you call africans racist for standing up for their rights in a country that has been practicing racism against them for over 500 years??? Please can someone answer that question if you dare??? Since joshb and rickeysays (dumb and dumber) can't!!!

Abe Lincoln wasn't concerned about stopping slavery , he just didn't want amerikkka to have more slave states then the fake free states!!! Amerikkka as a whole was racist it's just in the south the slave labor was different!! The north had slaves working in factories and as maids!! The south had slaves in the fields picking cotton and tobacco!!! What amerikkka dosen't want to tell people is that after the fake azz civil war , ole honest abe wanted to send all the blacks back to the south to be slaves still!!! So the civil war wasn't about freeing slaves it was about money and how the rest of the world was looking at amerikkka!!! I'm not surprised you don't know that , since we already know you scared of the truth!!!! Yeah every culture has had some form of slavery , but only here in amerikkka they were hanging slaves at the fair for entertainment!!! Only here in amerikkka slaves were not taught how to read or write!!! Only here in amerikkka were slave family broke up!!! Only here in amerikkka slaves were beating to death if they didn't want to work or if they escape!!! If you escape as a slave in another country you just got away. Here in amerikkka the slave was hunted down , whip then put in shackles so they couldn't escape!!! Only here in amerikkka did they set up laws to keep the slaves down!!! If amerikkka had really ended slavery there shouldn't have been "JIM CROW LAWS"!!! Africans should have been able to go to schools and get jobs to be participating citizens!!! But they wasn't , because the amerikkkan government never wanted to see africans succeed in this racist country!!! It wasn't part of the plan!!!

You really think white amerikkka ended slavery??? They didn't end slavery they just renamed it!!! It's called the PRISON SYSTEM and ironically their are more africans in prison then any other ethnic culture in amerikkka!!! Africans are the ones who were subject to the longest and harshest treatment from white amerikkka during slavery!! Now they make up more then 60% of those behind prison bars to work as cheap labor!!! Looks like slavery hasn't went anywhere!!!! Speak on it if you dare!!!!!

July 6, 2009

For everyone that thinks MJ molested those kids!!! It's really funny that only the WHITE KIDS have come out and said that MJ molested them!!! Now if you been molested once , why wouldn't you tell your parents??? If they did tell , why would you return to the man house who you claim molested you??? But the other kids that sleep at his house , never claim to have seen or been subjected to sexually acts!!! Sounds like a bunch of white , snobby , money hungry azzholes who used their kid to get money out of white amerikkka favorite pop singer!!! Another sign that amerikkka doesn't want to see africans succeed here in this racist country!!!

MJ The first african to get airplay on racist azz MTV!!!!

July 6, 2009

Look people: Let's get a perspective on a couple of things.

First, witch-hunts are not Christian in origin. They date back to ancient Egyptian and Babylonian times, and neither civilization had anything to do with Christian or Jewish beliefs. The entire concept of throwing a witch into the river began with the act of throwing the victim into the river, in the code of Hammurabi around 1800 BC. If the victim sank, the alleged witch lived. If the victim survived, they killed the witch. Over time, apparently, they reversed the order of finish and also began to burn "convicted" witches in Europe, long before the Europeans ever discovered America.

Witch hunting hit an all-time high in the middle ages. The occurrences that happened in colonial America were mild by comparison, regardless of how it has been portrayed in early American literature. Witch-hunts persist today in Africa. Feel free to research Ghana, Tanzania, and The Congo.

Regarding the Jim Crow laws, obviously they were totally wrong and disgusting. But even people living in that period of history after the civil war - people who were sickened by "separate but equal", saw these laws as a quick opportunity to attempt to put the country back together again. There was probably a better way to accomplish this, but obviously no one came up with a better idea. It was an extremely political move, and while many Southerners certainly supported it because of their attitudes toward blacks, Northerners saw it as a distasteful compromise.

There isn't a justification for it. When I was a kid, the first time I read Booker T. Washington's Up From Slavery I was traumatized. How could my country, my ancestors, have treated this man in this manner? All of these wrongs, from slavery to the Japanese concentration camps. Sexism, racism, even ageism.

They do exist Josh, even still. But Spliff, it's so much better than it was, people are aware of it. That's one reason I don't often argue with you, because your voice refuses to marginalize these issues. My point is that history is a delicate thing. It's easy to point to everything wrong that has happened in America and blame it on America, but much of it has roots that run much deeper.

And Josh, while I understand that you want to reach quick conclusions, sometimes the view appears to marginalize a still-existing problem, even if it is much better than it used to be. Spliff's right, the question of why blacks outnumber whites in jail is a huge issue. The issue may or may not be about racism, but it is certainly about economic opportunities and a lack of education. It's no surprise to me that racism is suspected in such statistics.

July 6, 2009

Well, in the book Freakanomics, they talk about how everyone always thought the discripancy in race in prisons, had to do with the different prosecution against users of crack vs. people that use cocaine. Yet, once they threw out all the people in prison on cocaine or crack charges, it was still a larger population of blacks in prison.

I definately think if you're rich and can hire a legal "dream team," you don't do prison time (see Robert Blake, and Phil Spector and OJ their first times on trial). So, the only color that keeps people out of prison is green.

July 6, 2009

This Michael Jackson/Farrah Fawcett joke just in:

When Farrah Fawcett started in Hollywood, she ended up messing around with Majors.

Michael Jackson was messing around with minors.

July 6, 2009

What's the deal? All the stations are showing the funeral and festivities. C'mon. I want to see some regular news.

My friend just sent me an email saying that most people say when they see the person in the coffin "They look so natural." And she wonders if they'll say that with Jackson, since he didn't look natural when he was alive.

I have to admit, that's a good point.

July 7, 2009

Refriedgringo i feel ya it is better then it was before depending on how you look at it?? But you can't take over 500yr and counting of racism and suddenly say "this is not a racist country any more"!!! What people don't want to accept is that the government of this country adopted this philosophy of racism and the citizens accept it!!! It's not about blaming amerikkka , it's about letting people know the real truth , ideals and traditions of amerikkka that made amerikkka the country it is today whether they are negative or not!!! If you can't accept that amerikkka has a negative past , you will never prosper in the future!!! All these years amerikkka has only had grumpy old white man as president and nobody cared!!! But as soon is one half black half white gets to be president , now everyone in amerikkka is political??? Now everyone is so concern with health care and education!!! I feel sorry for obama , because everyone is looking at him like he created this mess!!! When in reality amerikkka was already f*** when G. washington became president and allowed slavery to continue!!! And we still have that racist , child molester , and murder on the 1 dollar bill!!! Glorify him and still calling him your founding father!!! How sick can you be calling a person like that your founding father!!!

The book of freakanomics??? Joshb did you right that one yourself??? What year did they let out all the crack users , or are you just talking to be talking again!?! Because cocaine and crack was and still is a rich mans drug!!! Man everyone knows money talks bulls*** walks!!! Why you think this country accept slavery??? Because those who had the money , dictated how the country was going to be ran!!! Those without money just followed along with the plan!!! Sounds like the blind leading the blind!!!

Farrah Fawcett a women who had to f*** her into hollywood , but loved by amerikkka!!! Michael Jackson a kid you song his way into hollywood , but hated by amerikkka!!!

There's a joke for ya!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

July 7, 2009

I'll just comment on your last paragraph (as I don't know much about George Washington and whether or not he was a child molestor. And, I didn't realize that was even him on the dollar bill...I thought it was Barbara Bush).

I don't think Farrah Fawcett "f***ed" her way into Hollywood. I believe she was going to college in Texas, and spotted by someone and started doing advertisements, which lead to bigger things. And, she's hardly "loved" by America. People supported her because she bravely fought cancer (and at a relatively young age).

America seems to be loving Jackson, as well. Have you turned on the news today? But...that being said, the reason Jackson gets harped on so much, is because he settled with a family for molesting a kid.

One kid (Corey Feldman) said that Jackson showed him naked pictures of people (this is not only a crime, it's something child molestors do). He had given some children alcohol (remember the "Jesus Juice" episodes?), and he admitted in an interview that he lets all kinds of kids sleep with him, and that shouldn't be considered weird because he "loves" them.

Those reasons are enough, for Americcca to find him strange (and I haven't even started on that thing he had on his face called a nose)

July 7, 2009

Spliff as long as you have racism to blame for every failing of your life, you never have to take responsibility for anything, and things won't change. People like Martin Luther King took responsibility for changing an unjust society that judged people on the color of their skin. Today it's time for people to take responsibility for the content of their character.

July 7, 2009

I hate to sound like I'm "sticking up" for spliff, but I don't think he's ever blamed racism on anything associated with his life, rickey. So you can't go there. He talks about America and racism, not his day-to-day life.

July 8, 2009

It's obvious he thinks "Amerikkka" is a racist country, and blacks don't have an equal shot. As long as he and any other black believes this, what I said applies. It's a convenient excuse. Meanwhile, blacks that have talent and ability in all fields get ahead, just like anyone else. Barack Obama, Oprah, Colin Powell, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and any other hugely successful black person you want to name got ahead by working hard in their chosen field, not feeling sorry for themselves and for what happened in the past. As for why there are problems like high crime and low test scores in the black community, why don't you ask Bill Cosby what he thinks. Or Tavis Smiley. Or just listen to some gangsta' rap and draw your own conclusions.

July 8, 2009

Speaking of having balls....something occured to me. And after all, this was a Michael Jackson thread.

Apparently, my favorite basketball player, Magic Johnson, has commented extensively on Jackson and how much of an influence Jackson was.

So...I'm wondering...did Magic learn to be a "ball handler" from Jacko?

It's a shame to knock Colin Powell because he worked in an administration you aren't happy with. After all, I think he was a way more important piece of the Presidential puzzle, than Clinton having ONE BLACK he associated with (Vernon Jordan), an attorney (who he spent more time playing golf with). Bush also had Condolezzzzzzza Rice (I wonder if she puts the extra "k's" in America the way you do).

I think Oprah has done a thousand times more charitable things than Jacko the wacko did.

Regarding Bill Cosby, you really got to get your facts straight. He didn't "make a career mocking his own people." As a kid, I listened to the albums of his my parents had (all from the late 60s, early 70s). He talks about his childhood, his parents, his brother Russell, go-karts, ice cream, revenge, and all kinds of topics. Rarely did race come up, or knocking "his own people."

And his show was a good thing for African-Americans. It showed a regular family (albeit one that wore a lot of goofy sweaters), involved in regular situations.

So, how can you find fault with Cosby when he gets on people of his own race? He has said he wants them to take care of their kids, not listen to rap music that degrades women, etc.

I'm guessing, even though he's a hardcore jazz lover, he wouldn't mind hip-hop if the lyrics weren't questionable, and if he wasn't hearing 13-year-old kids reciting them as they walk home from school (as he mentioned once in a speech). I'm guessing Cosby also isn't a fan of heavy metal, but he rarely speaks on it, because teenage boys that are listening to it aren't quoting lyrics that are obscene.

Sure, Cosby can be preachy. Comedians (Eddie Murphy being one) have talked about him calling them and asking that they curb their blue language. And they make fun of him for it.

But as someone that is ranked one of the best stand-up comedians, and is now one of the older black entertainers...I think he's earned the right to spout off his opinions on issues.

July 8, 2009

"And his show was a good thing for African-Americans. It showed a regular family (albeit one that wore a lot of goofy sweaters), involved in regular situations."

This is, hands down, the most ignorant statement you have ever made. And you've made many.

I actually gasped when I read your last post above, but when I got to that comment in particular, I wanted to cry. You will never understand. You are so content in your stupid little world, being paid by one of the most hypocritical publications I have ever read.

Your loyal band of followers has begun to catch on. I can tell by the dearth of responses from the educated few that actually thought they found a community here and instead are now embarrassed to have ever participated - myself included.

July 8, 2009

SpliffAdamz, you are an exception to the rule. You dare to speak up and risk being shut down by the racist, sexist opinions of three or four people who think they know how others should think, and believe that African-Americans should just consider themselves lucky that Bill Cosby continues to disparage them on a regular basis for a living.

July 8, 2009

But out of all the kids that went to MJ house only the WHITE KIDS SAID they were molested!!! Nobody latino , african or asian said anything about being molested or being subject to sexually active!!! No that kid stole alcohol from him get ya story straight!!!

Cory Feldman- another white kid claiming bulls*** on MJ

Martin luther king - shot because he wanted blacks to have equality like whites!!!

Oprah- Has never done anything for the black community!!! She only dose stuff over sea , because she feels the black youth of today aren't worth helping!!!

Colin Powell- Work for bush!!! When amerikkka had sanctions on iraq powell said "saddam has no way of making or acquiring weapons of mass destruction!!! After 9-11 powell said "we believe saddam has weapons of mass destruction" He said this after 10 years of sanctions on iraq and iraq had no ties with the taliban!!! Then amerikkka invades iraq and the weapons of mass destruction were never found!!!! Powell resign from the bush administration!!! And where is at he now???

Jordan- s***ed on by white amerikkka because he was gambling his own money while playing golf and not on basketball!!! Jordan said in an interview "he wouldn't give a bumb change if they ask him for it"

M. Jackson- The first african to get air play on racist azz MTV!!! Sold more records then any other music artist!!! Donated more money to charity then any other celebrity!!! Help schools in the worst areas of LA!!! Has two kids that aren't even his , because the sperm donor was a white man!!! So in reality Jackson adopted 2 white babies!!! Look at funny by amerikkka because he wanted to bleach his skin to be white!!! Had a nose job to look white!!! Only white people use their kids to claim molestation chargers against him!!! Was surrounded by more whites then blacks his entire life!!!

Obama- The first white/black president of amerikkka so white people can claim there is no more racism!!! Has no black people in his cabinet!!! Did nothing for black history month , but was spotted wearing green on saint patrick day!!! Look at throurgh a microscope because he is the preisdent of a racist azz country that hates africans!!!

Bill Cosby- Made a career of mocking his own people!!! Perform in front of more whites then blacks!!! Then s***ed on by amerikkka becuase he has kids by more then one women!!!

Hip hop music - Wasn't consider music by white amerikkka until white kids started listen to it!!! Now you have white , latino and asian listen and trying to do hip/hop and calling themselves niggas thinking they black!!! White , latinos , and asian wearing dreadlocks thinking they are jamaican!!!

July 8, 2009

Amerikkka a country that has sed on every culture since the beginning!!! They stole the land from the tribes here and called it manifest destiny!!! Then they stole the west coast from the mexicans!!! They enslaved the Asian to build their railroad system!!! Imprison Vietnamese during the nam war!!! Put koreans in camps during the korean war!!! Every other race is a minority but whites are white amerikkkan!!! So it's easy for someone white to talk that s , because you ain't experience anything that the other cultures have went through in this racist country!!! Amerikkka a country that has practice racism for over 500years!! Has had nothing but old white grumpy man for presidents!!! And you think just because one half bread is president , a few africans play sports , some africans are on TV there is no racism??? Stay off the crack people because there is no way that a country that has practice racism against every culture in this country for over 500years , is going to change their strips over night!!! MLK movement was in the 1960 that's only 40 years ago!!! When the million man march happen in the 90s white amerikkka was mad to see all the africans come together to better themselves!!! Why would you be mad to see people want to get educated to better themselves??? Is not that the lie this country uses , get educated to better your future??? So don't hate when people get educated and tell you uneducated dorks what this country is really about!!!!

So if it's time for people to take responsibility for their character , why wasn't white amerikkka taken responsibility for theirs???? Why isn't the truth about this racist country taught in schools??? Why are schools still teaching kids that columbus discovered this country , when there was already people here!!! Why isn't egypt given credit for teaching the great european philosopher , that went there to study then went back to teach a bunch of dummies in europe who thought the world was flat!!! Why dose amerikkka still was derogatory terms like the "redskins" for their football team!!! "Redskins the name that racist white amerikkkan called the tribes here when they were taking over their land"!!! Why do you have G. washington a well known slave owner , child rapist , child molester , and human trafficker look at as a hero and not a criminal??? Before you talk that s about owning up talk that s about the country you stand for!!! Don't look at those who stand up for themselves as if they are the problem!!! Because if this country was so fuccing great we wouldn't even be talking about racism in the first place!!!! SPEAK ON IT IF YOU GOT THE BALLS!!!!!!

July 8, 2009

MsGrant...you are insane. My comment on Bill Cosby is based on things I've heard African-American people say on shows. They claimed that this show was such a wonderful thing to have out there, because it wasn't African-Americans that were "urban". So, for you to act like what I said was so outrageous, really doesn't make sense. Please explain to me how it does, and what is wrong with that statement. And just the fact that you even feel SpliffAdams has anything of relevance to say, shows your ignorance.

I thought you said you were done reading my blogs. Please, be done already.

And, if you want to talk about idiotic statements, let's start with your statement about a "womans right to change their mind," or whatever idiotic thing that was. I wanted to cry. You see, that makes it sound like women are these emotional creatures that can't just have debate and dialog on issues, but instead get angry, lash out, scream and throw a fit...and then they come crawling back like a baby, because, well...as you put it so well..."that's their right." And, you probably get mad when guys ask if it's "that time of the month." Geez. Invest in a psychiatrist already. I'm sure your 60 year old husband can afford one.

July 9, 2009

A few other things I thought of MsGrant: How is my "stupid little world" one that you ASSume doesn't let me see all sides of things? Did I have to grow up in a ghetto to see how people are treated there? As I've said before, I've had two black girlfriends. And with one, I saw stares from red-neck racist types. Even heard a comment or two. I'd love to debate any issues you may have with me, but again, I think you're just a childish idiot, that isn't interested in real debate on issues.

But, to clarify my comment on THE COSBY SHOW, since others may read this and wonder what I meant...I'll give you one example (because idiots like antigeek claim I never put links to my sources).

I recently finished reading a book by Tim Reid (venus flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati). He mentions how important the Cosby Show was for blacks (he's one of many that has). And he said he was thrilled when Cosby sent him a telegram saying "bravo" after his show (forget the title...it only lasted one season), about a black family that ran a funeral home in New Orleans.

On a side note, I found it odd that Cosby wasn't a fan of All in the Family. I believe he said the things Archie said just weren't good to put out there. Although, I think most people would disagree with Cosby, as it showed people how idiotic Archie was in his views and the things that came spewing out of his pie hole. Just because he occasionally did nice things (for his family) didn't make him a nice person.

And I believe that Tim Reid, and many African-Americans felt, before The Cosby Show...if blacks where the main characters on a show, they were yelling things like "Dyno-mite!!!" or What's Happenin'. Just basic stereotypes of certain characters.

Although, I think The White Shadow didn't have any stereotypes (other than the obvious, as it involved a basketball team), and that was a good show as well.

But MsG, you want to act like that idiot over at CityBeat, and freak out about my comments without even rationally thinking about them. Or why I've said them.

Good day!






July 9, 2009

That "idiot" over at Citybeat writes circles around you. If you are going to write in a public forum, you better be able to take it, little boy. Your writing sucks, you've been called out, and you respond with these blithering rants that prove you cannot tolerate critism.

July 9, 2009

It's funny how people like Spliff and Grant think that as soon as a black person acts like a normal human being they no longer represent the black community, and lose their right to speak on it. Chris rock is famous for pointing out the double standard in the black mindset. As soon as a black person acts like a normal human being they're "acting white", and they lose their credibility with that segment of the black population. So instead of listening to what Cosby says, instead of holding up the accomplishments of the people I listed as examples to be emulated, they're ridiculed.

July 9, 2009

The idiot at CityBeat is a good writer. Although, many of her columns are weak, because she just rants about politics or something about her personal life that just isn't interesting. Her latest has to do with how she'd have sex with two different pro tennis players (nice for her husband and kid to read). And how a guy spoiled the ending of a tennis match. Yet, she's talking about cheering loudly, in a gym, watching tennis from a previous day.

What kind of fan does this?

Well, someone that wants attention. They want people to ask "Oh..what are you watching?" or "Oh, you're a tennis fan, too? So am I."

Go home and watch the game if you're a fan, don't create a scene in a gym, where people go to work out (and then get mad because someone "ruined" a game from two days earlier).

I have no problem with criticism. The problem is you just do it when it's that time of the month. Or because something I wrote isn't what your instructor at the writing class told you at your community college.

Otherwise, you'd answer my question. The comment you claimed made you "gasp" and made you "almost cry"...was my comment on The Cosby Show being a positive show for African-Americans. You've yet to tell me why it wasn't.

Also, you mentioned something about people "following me around" on this website. Well...you're the leader of that. So instead of making fun of them for adding interesting points to the things I write, or them knocking me when they disagree...why don't you just disappear? Go post on CityBeats website, if they have one. I'm sure you'll have lots of interesting dialog with the one or two people that go there.

July 9, 2009

Don't flatter yourself. I am hardly the main poster on your website. And I don't make fun of them, I make fun of you.

July 9, 2009

Hey dope, read post #80 of yours above. You state:

"You dare to speak up and risk being shut down by the racist, sexist opinions of three or four people who think they know how others should think, and believe that..."

That's knocking "three or four" people that post on my blogs.

And, I see you've yet to comment on why the Cosby Show was such a horrible piece of entertainment, or whatever your logic is.

July 9, 2009

...and MsGrant, regarding the "don't flatter yourself, I am hardly the main poster," comment...I just scrolled up this thread.

You have 404 comments on this website. And how many do the other posters in this thread have?

rickey: 198 spliff: 204 andrea: 40 refried: 401 (he got close, but you're still beating him) mindy: 66 mike1: 79 reggie: 2 mncvilla: 1 karen: 1

Only Magic at 452 and SDaniels at 488, have more posts than you. So me saying you "lead the pack" wasn't far off, and hardly flattering myself.

July 10, 2009

Under the heading of "just to put things in perspective". Out of curiousity, I went back to one of the Citybeat writers (the one Grant is so fond of) columns from a couple weeks ago that I had commented on, just to see if she had responded, or anyone else had. I was still the only comment. So then I went to her latest column. No comments. Apparently either her liberal zombie readers are so in lockstep with her that they have no independent thought to contribute, or she has no readers. Discouraging either way. Keep up the good work Josh.

July 10, 2009

Okay, rickey...the suspense is killing me. What did you comment on and what was the column about?

I would've loved to have asked WHY in a sporting event she was so fond of, she didn't record it on Tivo at home. And not answer any cell phone calls or turn to SportsCenter. I know when there's a boxing match I have to watch like that, I'm careful not to look at anything that would give it away.

And my stepbrother often records Charger games. If I call him, he either won't answer the cell phone, or the first words out of his mouth are "don't tell me anything about the football games."

Yet, this writer needed to make a scene about a tennis match she was watching in a gym, from a week earlier.

July 10, 2009

NEVERMIND rickey. I just went on their website and read what you wrote. I don't care to visit that topic over here, as it's been talked about ad naseum.

And the type of question you posed won't get a satisfying answer. Trust me.

July 10, 2009

I'm off to play racquetball and grab some lunch. But to the idiots like SDaniels and MsGrant, that feel Spliff has things to say...just look at one thing he said in his above rant.

He doesn't think gays should have the right to be married.

He doesn't think that is "normal". Which means, you are "supporting" a guy, that didn't "support" the right for EVERYONE to get married, have benefits, and all that good stuff.

You guys wonder why Prop 8 went the way it did...well, Spliff and his peeps, look like they may be the reason.

I voted for Obama. I also voted against Prop 8, as I feel EVERYONE should have the right to marry the person they love...whether that person is the opposite sex or the same sex, as they are.

So, try channeling your anger in the proper direction.

July 10, 2009

Speaking on bill cosby i notice none of you wimps said anything thing about his cartoon show "FAT ALBERT" In that cartoon bill used a lot of amerikkkan stereotypes about blacks in his cartoon to get paid!! You say the cosby show "showed regular families in regular situation"?? Well how many african families has two working parents that went to top notch colleges , graduate and have successful careers?? What cosby was trying to do , was to break the stereotypes of amerikkka!! By showing africans you can to can go to school , get an education , marry someone of the same color and have a beautiful family!! Mocking and knocking are two different things!! If i'm mocking you , i'm just making fun of the things you do or the things that certain cultures do using stereotypes whether good or bad!! If i'm knocking you , that means i'm putting you down!! Plain and simple!!

Oh yeah oparh has done a lot!! Remember the liposuction doctor she was going to recommend people to?? Then that same doctor kill kanye west mother!! Where's that doctor now?? How come oparh didn't know anything about his malpractice history before she went on running off at the mouth that he was a good doctor??

Of course Colin Powell was an important person!! Powell was the spokes person to tell the lie for his crime boss bush , that saddam had weapons of mass destruction!! And those weapons WERE NEVER FOUND!! Now you can't find colin powell or weapons of mass destruction anywhere?? Working for a corrupt government isn't a big accomplishment!! Just shows you he was a puppet for the devils!!

Rickeysasys what the f*** is normal?? What you may think is normal may not be normal to others!! It was normal in amerikkka to practice slavery!! It was normal for amerikkka not to let africans to go to school!! It was normal for grown white man to rape little black girls and not do jail time!! It was normal for the KKK to go out and hunt down africans for fun!! It was noraml for women and africans not to vote!! It was normal in amerikkka to sell your daughters to prostitution during the western days!! Now amerikkka is trying to make gay to be normal!! You need to watch your use of the word normal because normal is something that is socially accepted!! It doesn't mean it's right or wrong!!

All the stuff i wrote on blog 76 , those ideas came from white amerikkka!! Is not feldman another WHITE KID who claim to be molested by MJ?? Was not jordan shyted on by white amerikkka because he gamble his OWN money on his OWN golf games?? Didn't colin powell WORK for the corrupted BUSH REGIME?? Then LIE to the whole world that saddam HAD weapons of mass destruction , and the weapons were NEVER found!! Was not oparh the one who recommend the doctor that killed kanye west mother?? Jackson didn't he bleach his own skin to look white?? Was he not surrounded by more whites then blacks his entire life?? Hip hop was not music untill white kids started listen to it and trying to do it!!

July 10, 2009

MsGrant i'm just testing everyones spirit!! I like to see the mindsets of people and where they stand on issues!! I have no hate in my heart like some of these people claim to think!! In fact i have more love , because i question the things that these cowards are afraid to question!! I'm willing to stand up for the injustice that this country is still doing to everyone living here and all over the world!!! While these cowards turn their cheek and act like everything is ok!!! If amerikkka didn't adopted racism we wouldn't even be talking about these issues!!! And cowards like joshb and who everyone else is on his side are afraid to grasp reality!!! And the reality is the white amerikkka government adopted racism , not the africans , asian , latino , indians who were subjected to it!!! You can lead a horse to water , but you can't make them drink!!! You can give people facts and truth , but that don't mean they will learn from it!!!!

I never understood how white people say "i have black friends so i understand how it feels to be discriminated against" I'm going to tell it to ya like this!!! The movie "SOUL MAN" says it best!!! When the white boy finally showed people he was white he said "i understand how it feels to be black". And the guy told him "no you don't because you can always go back to being white". So for all you white people who say i got black friends that don't mean s!!! Unless you are living your whole entire life as a black man/women in amerikkka you don't know s about the black experience!!! It's easy to say "i got black friends and i've been their when the police harass them"!!! But have you been black and the police harass you??? Do you see the difference??? White people stop using that lame azz excuse "i got black friends" You sound stupid like a white person who thinks they black because they have half black/white kids and is sleeping with a black person!!

That's like these dumb azz gay people who claim they understand how it feels to discriminated against like blacks!!! Sorry gay people but , being discriminated for your skin is different then being discriminated for your choice of sexual partner!!! Get educated!!! And i have no problem with gay people so don't get it twisted!!!!

"As soon as a black person acts like a normal human being their "acting white"

Hey rickeysays "WHAT THE F*** IS A NORMAL HUMAN BEING" , and "HOW DO THEY ACT"??? Please define normal human being!!! Because no matter what race you are , you are still a normal human being!!! I think you miss the hidden message!!! In amerikkka the only race consider to be normal is white!!! So to do what they do you are look at as white , because only white people were allowed to do certain things!!! But that don't mean it's normal!!! Do you see how racism has mess up everyones life here in good ole AMERIKKKA!!! Speak on it if you dare!!!

July 10, 2009

As much of a d-*che I think that Feldman is, he's actually made it very clear that Jackson did not molest him. He did say that now as an adult as he looks back on their relationship there were some inappropriate things which took place, but he said there was never any physical abuse. Basically, Jackson showed him nude's of chicks and they giggled at them. Feldman came forward with this information after he was subpoenaed to testify at the Jackson trial and share what their relationship consisted of when he was a child. With as much explaining as Feldman does, he would have had no problem stating that Jackson molested him if it had happened. But, he made it clear it didn't. He did however reveal he was molested by his assistant when he was a child. I totally found it bizarre and pretty damn lame that Feldman showed up to the tribute, dressed in a Jackson costume. If you're going to denounce your friendship with someone very publically, don't then go right into the spotlight after they die to show how much you now realize you cared for them. I understand you can still grieve the loss of someone you may not be on good terms with at the time of death, but staying out of the big show seems like it would have been best.

July 10, 2009

*to clarify, Feldman revealed he was molested by his own assistant, not Jackson's.

July 10, 2009

MsGrant, I'm going to...yet again...post about how stupid you are. You just said that my position is to refute anything you say.

Well, why in THIS VERY THREAD, when you talked about how Bush spoke, and how if Obama spoke that way, people would've been all over that. I agreed with you and said that was a good analogy.

I'm only against you when you say stupid stuff (which seems to be, more and more lately).

You knock The Cosby Show, yet fail to tell us why (still). You knocked the Reader in one post. I forgot what you said. And you knocked our food critic, for not liking a restaurant that EVERYONE SEEMS TO DISLIKE.

Even though I think you're an idiot...I think you're a great writer and sometimes you have interesting takes on things. And if you post something I agree with, I'll say so. You're the one, though, that has problems admitting "Yeah...now that I think about it...there was nothing wrong with the Cosby Show," or "Yeah, SPliff does seem to have his head up his azz sometimes."

Instead, you knock refried gringo.

I just glanced at a little bit of this thread from days and days ago, and you call him "sexist". Yet, he was defending women in my thread about how women don't make less than men in the work place. Not to mention, nothing he said in this thread has anything to do with different sexes (unless the jury is still out on Michael Jackson, as he did seem to turn himself into a freaky looking white lady late in life).

July 10, 2009

Oh, for the love of God, who the hell cares what you think or whether you are right and I'm wrong when clearly your position is to refute anything I say? And, WTF was this about?

"So, I believe this shows that you were wrong on Red Sails. Tell your friends that own it you're sorry, you tried your best."

What did you do, go back and read every post I've made on the Reader and post a nasty comment? Not to mention jumping to ridiculous conclusions that have no basis in reality? Such as calling my husband a 60 year old man? He isn't, but so what if he was? Are you an ageist as well?

"You see, that makes it sound like women are these emotional creatures that can't just have debate and dialog on issues, but instead get angry, lash out, scream and throw a fit...and then they come crawling back like a baby, because, well...as you put it so well..."that's their right." And, you probably get mad when guys ask if it's "that time of the month."

This is the conclusion you draw when I said your ignorant comment made we want to cry? These are your words, not mine. Holy s***, you need to be muzzled.

July 10, 2009

I'm going to give Spliff credit for one thing. He always dares me to "speak on it". I don't know if he's open-minded enough to really hear anything I say, but at least he welcomes the debate. But liberals like MsGrant want to take away the right of free speech of anyone who disagrees with them. In her words "you need to be muzzled". If Josh's words are so offensive and wrong-headed, it should be easy for an intelligent woman like yourself to refute them. Go ahead. Inspire others to your viewpoint.

July 11, 2009

BTW Spliff, President Obama just gave a speech in Africa, talking about the challenges for them and their future, in which he said "For many years we've made excuses about corruption or poor governance, (insisting) this was somehow the consequence of neocolonialism, or the West has been oppressive, or racism," Obama told AllAfrica.com last week. "I'm not a believer in excuses." I'd say "I couldn't have said it better myself" except I already did, in comments 73 and 75 above. Great minds think alike.

July 11, 2009

Well rickey....MsGrant might have a point. If I'm not muzzled, my dangerous viewpoints on great entertainment like The Cosby Show, might get out there. That's likely to hurt future generations, that feel Seinfeld is a much better show.

I think Spliff had a few good points in his last rant. I would never DARE to think that I understood racism. Even my times dating a black woman, and hearing the stories she had to go through (or witnessing a handful of things), hardly makes me feel like I know what it's like for an African-American on a daily basis.

Since rickeysays quoted Chris Rock, I'll quote him. I once saw him say something along the lines of "Not one of you white people in the audience would change places with me. And I'm rich."

I'm curious, though, Spliff. Since you hate Obama and claim he's just a "puppet"...and you are against gays marrying...did you vote in the last election? And, who did you vote for and why would you vote against gay marriage, if as you state, you have "nothing but love" in your heart?

Shouldn't the homosexual community get some of that love? After all...you may be correct, that they can hide their sexual orientation, whereas with skin color, you can't.

But surely you understand how hard it is for a gay man in society as well, and should at least be able to appreciate the hurdles they have (starting with the fact that they have to deal with family members that might not like their lifestyle...I'm guessing African-Americans don't have parents that want to disown them for being black)

July 11, 2009

Seinfeld is a better show. SPEAK ON IT!

July 11, 2009

seinfeld freakin rules !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

July 11, 2009

Seinfeld was a good sitcom, but it's gotten so overrated thru the years. Larry David has a funnier show with Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Taxi was also a lot funnier and more interesting than Seinfeld.

July 12, 2009

Josh you're an embarrassment to your Jewishness, speaking ill of Seinfeld. As his Jewish mother would say, "how can anyone not like him"? Taxi was a good but overrated sitcom. The funniest parts usually featured Jim Ignatowski. Or Louie.

July 12, 2009

Ah, that's where you're wrong, rickey. That is EXACTLY why you probably love Seinfeld. You probably thought nothing was funnier than having Kramer burst in the door, slide across the floor...shake his head like someone going thru a heroin withdrawl, and say something that was...almost funny.

Taxi did have some great moments with the Reverand Jim (Christopher Lloyd) and Louie (Danny DeVito). But they didn't rely solely on them for the great one-liners. Everyone on this show had their moments.

July 12, 2009

Kramer was funny, but the brilliance of the show was in the writing.

July 13, 2009

The show was well written. I enjoyed it. I just think there were better sitcoms. And Kramer would've been so much funnier, had we seen a lot less of him. I don't think Newman would've been funny, if he popped up in EVERY episode. Same goes for Kramer.

July 13, 2009

Let me break this gay bulls down for ya!!! I could care less about anyone being gay or even wanting to get marry to the same sex!!! Damm how many times do i have to say it!!! But if the government is going to make such a big issue about this petty subject , that is where i have a problem!!! The only reason why gay marriages is a issue , is because most of the political puppets are gay or have gay relatives!!! And they can't be against gay marriages for fear of exposure that they themselves are gay or they have gay relatives!!! Just ask punk azz mayor sanders who has gay relatives!!! He was against gay marriages , then change his tune because he didn't want anyone to expose that he had a gay people in his family!!! I believe it is his daughter that is gay?? Just look at the catholic churches here in $d that have gay priest that were expose for molesting little boys , but never went to jail!!! They only paid their way to freedom!!! Look at all the gay teachers that support gay clubs on campus , but do it in secret!!! Look at all the hollywood stars that are gay and getting paid millions but can't come fully out because of fear they won't be accepted!!! If the people with positions of power weren't gay or have gay relative , we wouldn't be hearing about gay marriages!!! This gay marriage bulls is all about money nothing more , but everything less!!!

No i didn't vote on gay marriages , because gay marriages is not worth voting on!!! Gay marriages isn't even an issues worth debating on!!! Talking about gay marriages is just another way to get peoples minds off the real issues!!! Lets focus more on education , health , jobs , corrupt government , corrupt police officers , environment , homeless veterans , and retirement plans!!!

No i didn't vote for obama , matter of fact i never vote!!! My vote is with GOD not with MAN!!! That's something you monkey to man believers couldn't possible understand!!! They always say voting , is really voting on the lesser of two evils!!! My question to everyone is , why you voting on something that's evil in the first place?? Bush already has showed you , ya vote don't count!! Remember when he muscled his way into office his second term and those votes were never counted!!! Now look at how many people have died because amerikkkans were to scared to challenged the authority of amerikkkas government!!! So why waste my time voting on a corrupt government system??

Sorry i never said i hated obama!!! I don't know obama to hate him , but that don't mean i like him cause he's a half bread that is amerikkka puppet!!! You can look at any post i've made , and i never said i was against gay marriages or hated obama!!!! So before you try to put words in mouth get the foot out of yours!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Speak on it!!!!

July 13, 2009

Yeah and those same so-called great minds have been s***ed on by white amerikkka their whole life or at some point in their life!!! Then some have turned around and acted the same way to others!!! Not so great of a mind to adopt they ways of your oppressor then treat others in the same manner!!! Re-read blog 76 to see what i'm talking about!!!

I heard obama's speech written by someone other then himself , it sounded like a lot of bulls*** nothing really worth getting excited about!!! Unless your none african or an idiot who believes amerikkka isn't a racist country any more because they have a half bread as their puppet!!! He only said they made excuse , because they didn't or haven't fought against the injustices that have been happening to them in their country by other countries!!!

Obama said he's not a believer in excuse , so f***ing what!!! Who the hell is??? If never heard anyone say i believe in making excuse to cover up my down falls in life!!! I only hear people say stop making excuses when they are expose to reality of this racist country!!! When someone starts pointing out how this country has been practicing racism for over 500 years , then you hear people say stop making excuses!!!! Sorry people it's not an excuse to point out truth!!! It's not an excuse to expose and fight against racism!!! But is is and excuse to say some is ranting on about something when in reality they have more knowledge then you on the subject at hand!!!

For obama to be from africa i sure the hell didn't see him or his family in any african style clothing!!! But i did see him wearing green for saint patricks day!!! It's okay to represent amerikkkas saint patrick day , but not wear african clothing the country where he claims he is from??? Interesting!!!!

Joshb said i got my head in my azz??? Man when are you going to stop stealing my lines and using them??? You tried to write holla like me but it didn't work!!! Now you tring to take more of my phrase!!! I guess that is the white in you , always stealing from other cultures and claiming it for yaself!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Speak on it scrub!!!!

July 13, 2009

Three kings have fallen: "King Of Rock And Roll" Elvis Presley. Died in 1970's from a combination of morbid obesity and addiction to painkillers. Still an icon to many who like early rock 'n roll, and those who enjoy being someone they will never be.

"King Of Grunge" Kurt Cobain: Although he was not considered so, Cobain was The Face of Grunge, and responsible for putting it on the map with his mates in Nirvana. Died in the 1990's from his addiction to heroin and eating a shotgun blast. Still "The King" to those who like their music grungy-style.

And now, "The King Of Pop" has left this world, never to return. Michael Jackson was a talent beyond talent. Sadly, his deamons eventually caught up to him, and put an end to him. Love him or hate him, he will be missed by all. (BTW: My favorite song by MJ was "Beat It.")


July 13, 2009

First off, Spliff, I don't smoke crack. I mean, well...not on a regular basis. Maybe on weekends, to chill out. But that's it! Never on weekdays. Ever. But hey...weekends are to do as I please. And I control the crack, I don't let it control me.

Second, in your very first rant you talk about priests that molest kids, and you call them gay. You are dead wrong there, my friend. Any adult that molests children, is a pedophile, NOT a homosexual. There's a big difference. A homosexual prefers an ADULT that is the same sex as them, not a child that is the same sex as them. Just as a heterosexual likes the opposite sex, not a 10-year-old of the opposite sex. Learn a thing or two on the subject before offending folks (although I doubt someone would really be offended by such an ignorant rant).

Regarding me stealing your phrase of "head up your azz"...I heard that phrase when I was 8 (probably in reference to someone like you on the basketball court). I merely "stole" your spelling, as it's a way to slip by the editors/censors.

Which leads to my last point. I'm guessing the reason the "n word" wasn't edited, was because someone spelled it ending with an "a". Had it been spelled the regular way, ending with "ers", it would've been gone immediately. Just as your spellings get thru.

That being said...I can't understand what would then want you to post all those other insulting words/phrases. What is to be gained by doing that? Oh well...some posters here think we learn things from you. Maybe they do, but I certainly haven't. At least not yet. But I'll keep listening. Because, if I didn't listen to your BS rants, I might be accused of being "racist".

Do you realize you go thru the world using Spliff-logic? It might not be "crack" but it makes your brain stupider than a person that uses.

July 13, 2009

Robbie: I wasn't the biggest fan of the song "Beat It." Nice riff from Eddie Van Halen, but something about a chorus that says "beat it" just seems odd to me.

I loved Billie Jean, Rock With You, and many other Jackson songs.

I'm a huge Cobain fan. It's a shame he couldn't control his demeans.

July 13, 2009

Some pearls of wisdom from Spliff: On evolution: "you monkey to man believers couldn't possible understand!!!" On equal rights for gay people: "If the people with positions of power weren't gay or have gay relative , we wouldn't be hearing about gay marriages!!! This gay marriage bulls*** is all about money nothing more , but everything less!!!" On Obama: "that don't mean i like him cause he's a half bread that is amerikkka puppet!!!" On geography?: "the first jews were africans"

Listening to Spliff is like watching Jerry Springer. Entertaining in small doses but scary if you take it too seriously.

July 13, 2009

josh board you do NOT smoke crack!

July 13, 2009

Okay, well...I don't. Just thought I'd be sarcastic, to get Spliff all excited.

I do eat lots of Cracker Jack, though.

(And I still get excited by the little prize in each package)

July 13, 2009

rickey...pointing out things Spliff says like that are useless.

i find it odd that he thinks gay marriage isn't something that should be discussed, because it doesn't have anything to do with him. yet if it is a race issue, he thinks America should correct those problems.

yet, if gay people can't get married, have the same rights/benefits as other people, that should be a matter EVERY ONE has an opinion on. Yet he doesn't. Why? well...because it doesn't affect him in any way.

What a great person that is to have walking around in society. One that ONLY cares about himself.

This is EXACTLY why a person like Spliff, is probably the one that is talking in a movie theatre, or blaring his car stereo too loud at stop lights or at 2:30 a.m. in a residential neighborhood....because he's cruisin' thru life, doing what HE WANTS TO DO, and not worrying about how it might bother others.

SPEAK ON IT, BROTHA!!!! (just not in a movie, when I'm trying to listen to the people on screen)

July 13, 2009

omg. i just realized that i am old enough to remember the good toys that used to come in cracker jacks...wow! :/

July 13, 2009

Now let me clown the editors of this web site!!! It's funny to see you block out words that i misspell like s , pizz , f , bulls*** and puzzy!! But i sure in the hell see y'all didn't block out the word NIGGAS in blog 76 , interesting!!! So i guess i can use words like wetback , cracker , redneck , border hoppers , rice rocket racers , orange chicken eaters or any other derogatory terms used by racist white amerikkans to describe different cultures right??? Speak on it if you ain't a coward like crack head joshb!!!!!

Wow!!! joshb you jewish??? Did you know that the first jews were africans or they didn't teach you and ya family that bit of history??? Did you know that JESUS was a african jew and he lived in egypt for over 30 years??? Oh yeah eygpt , that is in africa in case you forgot!!! I know how white amerikkka hates to hear that JESUS is a african man that is jewish!!! But who gives a f*** what white amerikkka thinks , not me!!!! So how dose it feel to not believe in a GOD while at the same time you are following an afriacan religion calling yourself jewish??? Man who really got their head in their azz now??? So put down the brair (crack ) pipe , because no matter what you call it , you still smoking that crack!!! You only denied calling it a crack pipe but you never denied smoking crack though!!! Holla!!! Man how many times do i have to expose your cowardly ways and mask of stupidity??? At first it was fun , but now i'm starting to feel a little bit sorry for you!!! NOT!!!! I could never get tired of expose azzholes like joshb , it would take the fun out of living!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Speak on it!!!!

July 13, 2009

Well, it's probably a mix of two things, magics.

First, the toys WERE better (Jack Nicholson even complained about that to Adam Sandler once at a baseball game).

Second, when you are younger, you like those toys so much more. Whether that's in a Happy Meal, or a box of Cracker Jack. It might be a tattoo that only half the picture ends up on your arm...but you think it's the greatest thing in the world.

July 15, 2009

Yo joshb keep hiding behind those shades to cover your face of stupidity and cowardliness!!! And pleas stop trying to be like me and write like me , you starting to scare me!!! NOT!!!! Keep trying to ride these nuts homie and i'll keep scratching you off my balls like a dogs dose with flees!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I got to pop my collar on that one!!!!

July 15, 2009

Why would i get excited about a crack head??? Do you see and hear how stupid you are??? Please don't mention the basketball court again!!! You've already shown that you were mad at all the africans guys calling you "larry cry baby bird" when your favorite player was "trash talking magic"!!!! Is that you again crying reverse racism??? Reread blog 122 and answer that first question since you been dodging it like a 40 year old virgin scared of puzzy!!!

Oh boy here we go again with that gay s!!! The only people stopping gays from being married is the damm GOVERNMENT!!! Which in fact sounds real stupid , because there are a lot of gay GOVERNMENT officials!!!! But lets take a closer look!!! Is gay marriage more important of a topic to discuss then HEALTH CARE , EDUCATION , GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION , POLICE CORRUPTION , SOCIAL SERCURITY , CHILD MOLESTION , RAPE , STDs , ELDERLY ABUSE , MALPRACTICE WITH DOCTORS , OVER CROWDED PRISONS , KILLING WOMEN & KIDS FOR OIL , OPIUM and COCAINE IN IRAQ , THOUSANDS OF JOBS BEING LOST , CLONE FOOD and FRESH WATER!!!! Do you need more things that are important or is that too much for you to handle??? While you puzzies worry about gays getting married us real soliders will be focusing on more important issues!!! It's like that saying "LEAVE THE BULLS TO THE BULLSERS" So you bullsers worry about the bulls***!!!!

Here's joshb once again resulting into talking about bulls***!!! How am i only concerned about myself when i discuss more issue then you??? How am i only concerned with myself when i talk about issues that deals with the population??? Seems like a person who only wants to write an OPINION on everything is more concered about themselves then everyone else!!! Wait a minute joshb isn't that what you do , just write your OPINIONS on things??? Sorry stupid i don't go into movies talking loud while the movie is playing!!! I like to watch the movie!!! Sorry stupid i don't drive with my music loud , because i need to hear what traffic is doing!!!

Is not everyone crusing through life doing what they want to do??? Is not gay marriage people doing what they want to do??? You writing OPINIONS and not facts , is that not you doing what you want to do??? You dodging question , but elaborating on bulls*** , is that not you doing what you want to do??? I'm in southeast on imperial where the bloods play if you want to speak on it!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

July 15, 2009

Look at rickeysays!!! He only takes partial of a sentence and forgets the whole meaning!!! You seem like a typical reporter , half azz reporting on issues and only taking a sound byte to make it look like you know what your talking about!!! WHAT A BUSTER!!! But i notice even your cowardly azz hasn't or can't answer the question that i've posted!!! So you and joshb are still dumb and dumber!!! With joshb being dumb and you being dumber , because you following in a dumb azz person footsteps!!!! Jerry springer you watch that bulls??? Now i understand where you get your education from!!! You sound dumber then the crowd trying to voice there opinion on bulls topics!!!! How dose it feel waking up every morning feeling like a cowardly azz puzzy afraid of real knowledge and afraid of getting educated??? Please enlighten us on your short comings in life!!! Let us hear your rants because thats all you seem to be doing against the real s*** and issues i talk about!!! Speak on it or bow down!!!! The choice is yours!!!!

July 15, 2009

Wow joshb actual put some facts down!!! To bad it's only about the difference between child molester and homosexually!!! Because when i ask "HOW ARE AFRICANS RACIST WHEN AFRICANS WERE THE ONES SUBJECTED TO RACISM"??? Your punk azz had no response!!! When i ask "IF MAN CAME FROM MONKEYS WHAT MONKEYS ARE AFRICANS , EUROPEANS and ASIAN RELATED TO"??? Your punk azz had no response!!! When i ask if "WHY ARE THERE STILL MONKEYS ON THE PLANET IF MONKEYS EVLOVE INTO MAN"??? Your punk azz had no response!!! When i ask "IF MAN HAS BEEN MAN FOR OVER MILLIONS OF YEARS NOW , WHY HASN'T MAN EVOLVED INTO SOMETHING DIFFERENT YET??? SINCE IN A WORLD OF EVOLUTION NOTHING IS PERFECT"??? Your punk azz had no response!!! When i ask "WHAT PLANES HAVE BEEN HIJACKED USING ONLY BOXCUTTERS OR NO WEAPONS"??? Your punk azz had no response!!!

There are 5 question that joshb or any of his cowardly azz partners hasn't or can't respond to!!! So it's like i said you run and coward down to the real issues , but that bulls you all over like flies on s!!!! So lets think if we had to go through life living and thinking like you??? We see everyone would be a coward that is scared to stand up to authority!!! Everyone would be falesly educated on issues!!! After being subjected to racism for over 500 plus years everyone would think the world we live in has no flaws!!! Damm let me wake up from this nightmare of being a docile , cowradlly and a puzzy who is scared to stand up for there rights!!! And you claim to be smart??? Your bytch azz ain't even willing to die for a cause!!!!

Now you want to write "speak on it" like me??? You want to steal my spelling and write like me??? WOW!!! FOR A PERSON THAT SAY I CAN'T LEARN ANYTHING FROM SPLIFFADAMZ , YOU SURE IN THE HELL TRYING TO WRITE LIKE ME!!! So i guess you are learning something from me by trying to steal my style and use it for your own??? Sounds like a typical white person , they hate africans but want to talk , walk , sing , have hair like , and play sports like us!!! Damm i'm still trying to wake up from this nightmare living and thinking like dork man joshb , but racist azz amerikkka wont let me!!! Is this the matrix of idiots??? I'm on newport in ob if you want to speak on it!!!! There is another one for you bite scrub!!!!!

July 15, 2009

Man you people are too damm easy to make look stupid!!! You want to know why i put all those nasty terms dork man??? I put them there because you still haven't block out the word NIGGAS!!! And whether it's spelled with an (A) or (ERS) it's still a derogatory term that you still haven't block it out!!! And FYI there is no right or wrong way to spell it , because it still means the same thing!!! When did you become educated on what is the correct spelling on the word??? So if it's ok to type in the word NIGGAS , you should have no problem with cracker , redneck , rice rocket racer , orange chicken eaters , wetback , border hopper , wigigger or any other derogatory term made up by RACIST WHITE PEOPLE!!! Remember every term i type was made up by RACIST WHITE PEOPLE , not the individual cultures themselves!!! So what was gain , the fact even you on this web page is okay with NIGGAS being type no matter how it's spelled!!! And your punk azz is willing to leave it there like a punk azz!!! You puzzies hide out on this web page perpetrating like scholars and when someone comes in an puts some real s down , y'll run like roaches when the lights come on!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF FING WIMPS!!!!

July 15, 2009

Okay Spliff...since you think I'm always avoiding your questions, I'll try to remember what they all were in the above rants and I'll answer them (in no particular order).

I am not trying to write like you (even though you have gems like: I don't listen to music loud when I drive, because I need to hear what traffic is doing).

I was trying to make fun, by ending my sentences with some of your phrases.

Regarding the word "n--gas"...I, myself, don't like either of those words. But I'm not the editor on these boards. A long time ago, I asked the editors to remove a post that I found offensive. And the editors wouldn't (and I friggin' work here!!) They deemed it unoffensive, even though it added nothing to the debates on hand.

But even though that word wasn't edited, again, I wonder why you would feel the need to type a bunch of racial epitaphs that could possibly offend others. What is to be gained by that?

It's just like how I got mad at a white friend of mine who once used the "n word" at someone they got mad at. I felt it was disgusting and inapprorpriate. Yet...when these black guys on the basketball court were saying racial things at me once (after I scored over a few of them), I had no problem using the n-word back at them. They brought race up and so did I. Sure, I almost got my azz kicked, but it was worth it (and it's the only time I've ever uttered the word...I won't even tell jokes that use that word).

For you to say that black people can't be racist because they were the victims of racism, is very flawed logic. Even if, as you say, whites "created" racism...that doesn't mean they are the only ones that can practice it. I've dated a handful of Asian women (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Fillipino)...and most of them had parents that hated me, simply because of my skin color. They wanted their daughters dating someone of the same race. And they also felt only their race was intelligent.

Using your logic, nobody can start a fight, if they've been beat up before.

July 15, 2009

Regarding you feeling so many more issues are important than gay marriage (STDs and clone food...really? Those are more important?) That doesn't mean the issue IS NOT important. Because, wouldn't you agree, if ANY ONE is discriminated against, that's something that should be changed. Whether it's 10% of the population that is black, or 10% of the population that is homosexual, or if it's 1% of the population that's...whatever. Discrimination shouldn't be tolerated.

And lastly..the hijacked planes. Dude...I'm not saying planes have been hijacked before WITH OUT guns. I'm saying that most people do what has been done in the past. If a guy tries to rob a bank, it seems easy enough for the person behind him in a line to jump on him. But why? The silent alarm has probably been set, dye packs enclosed, and nobody dies. And, I feel the same thing held true with the hijacking during 9/11. Passengers felt it would all be over soon, even if that meant a stop in Cuba or somewhere. Because, in the past, MOST hijackers were not on a suicide mission. For you to still not realize that, and believe in a 9/11 conspiracy, shows your stupidity even more than the syntex of these many rants.

Please, don't speak on it!!!!

July 15, 2009

Spliff the reason it's so hard to answer you when you ask a question like "IF MAN CAME FROM MONKEYS WHAT MONKEYS ARE AFRICANS , EUROPEANS and ASIAN RELATED TO"??? or "WHY ARE THERE STILL MONKEYS ON THE PLANET IF MONKEYS EVLOVE INTO MAN"??? is because the questions are SO IGNORANT I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START. Open a book please.

July 15, 2009

Anyone who believes in a government that has been corrupt since day one is the real idiot!!! Anyone who believes what bush says after he muscle his way into office is the real true idiot!!! So while you sit back kissing azz and acting like everything is just hunky dory , the real soldiers will handle business!!! So joshb , rickeysays and who every thinks like you can stay in the matrix of stupidity!!! You give no real contribution to the world of reality!!! And please try not to byte my style so tough , cause we no you ain't got one of your own!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm in tokyo sipping on sake Holla!!!

July 16, 2009

Re-read post 121 and you'll see what was gain!!! And remember all those phrases were made up by racist white people!!!

Re-read post 112 first and you'll see me talking s*** to the editors not you!!!

You still think that africans in amerikkka can be racist??? So if a bully(racist amerikkka) was beating up on a kid(african slaves) for 10yr , but in the 11yr that kid(african slaves) beat the bully up(racist amerikkka)!!! You would call that kid(african slave) a bully(racist amerikkkan)??? If you say yes you sound real fing stupid!!! But you can't say no because you believe that africans are racist!!! So what's it going to be??? Just because someone stands up to the oppressor don't mean they are like the oppressor!!! Have you forgot that old saying ,(treat people the way you want to be treated)??? So if africans are treating whites the way RACIST WHITE AMERIKKA treated africans , maybe you need to correct RACIST WHITE AMERIKKKA!!! Because it was RACIST WHITE AMERIKKKA bringing over africans and asian to be slaves in this country , not the other way around!!! It is RACIST WHITE AMERIKKKA that don't want to see africans succeed in amerikkka , not the other way around!!! Don't hate on those who have been sed on by this racist country , because they are treating you the way they have been treated!!! It just goes to show you cowardly azz puzzies that RACISM is a common practice in amerikkka and what goes around comes back around!!! If you use it against me well why can't i use it against you??? But if you cry like a punk bytch cause i'm using it against you , maybe you need to correct yourself on how you treat people!!! And now amerikkka is feeling the after math of it's own wicked and sick customs!!! Im sick of hearing you scrubs crying that reverse racism s***!!! Correct yourself racist amerikkka before you try to correct the ones that have been a victims to your own common practices!!!! Remember the only ones who benifited from racism was RACIST WHITE PEOPLE!!!!

Was it not amerikkka that drop two nuclear bombs on the japanese??? Was it not amerikkka that invade vietnam??? Was it not amerikkka that invaded korea??? So for anyone of those culture to treat you like s , they were only returning the love that your amerikkkan government gave them!!! Because if a government practices racism , the citizens must be for racism or hold on to some of the racist views!!!! Remeber that old saying (treat people like you want to be treated)!!! So ILMAO that you talk that bulls that other races are racist to white amerikkkans , when white amerikkkan has been practicing racism on every other culture for over 500 plus years!!!! When you get up from the computer remember to get your nuts from in between your legs like a scared dog dose it's tail!!! Damm i got to pop my collar one that one!!! Speak on it or bow down the choice is yours!!!!

July 16, 2009

Please stop using the word ignorant like it means stupid!!! Learn how to use certain words in there proper meaning , you sound like a true azz!!!

If you know so much and have so much vast knowledge on the evolution THEORY , spit out the facts!!! Don't be scared!!! You only say open a book , because you really don't have a clue on the THEORY that you hold on to as a fact!!! It isn't that you don't know where to start , it's just you don't have the facts to answer a simple question!!! You sound just as dumb as some of my biology teacher in school!!! So i challenge anyone on this web site , if you got the facts spit it out!!! Don't sit on your azz talking that open a book s*** , if you study biology then where's your knowledge on the subject??? It's easy to sit back and say open a book , but it's harder to spit out the facts if you ain't got them!!! Damm i got to pop my collar one more time!!!!

Besides joshb how is it that you claim to follow the african jewish religion but don't believe in GOD??? How are you a jewish follower and believe in a THEORY OF LIFE??? Until you correct the problems in your own pee brain , you'll never be able to accept or understand true reality!!!


How is not having gay marriages hurting this pathetic society??? How will gay marriages help this pathetic society??? Like i said earlier , if people with position of power wern't gay or had gay family members we wouldn't be hearing about this gay s***!!! If gays were just in the so-called ghetto of amerikkka no one would give a rats azz about gays!!! So i say let them get married , that way amerikkka can see how many people with position of power are gay!!! How many doctors , teachers , lawyers , judges , politicians , athletes , singers , actors , police officers , people in the military and business owners are gay!!! Then we will see if those people with position of power will be treated in the same manner before we knew their sexually orientation!!! Lets see if they'll put an age limit on gays like they do those that are not!!! SPEAK ON IT OR BOW DOWN THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!

July 16, 2009

Spliff: In order -- It doesn't matter WHO comes up with racially insensitive phrases. Once they are considered hurtful, they shouldn't be used. Either in a casual way to make a point, or in a fight.

You're right, you were talking to my editors in regards to that edit. Yet you've brought it up twice in MY blogs.

For your analogy about races and beating people up....look at the Jena six story. That noose that some idiots left hanging on a tree. And apparently, six blacks then decided the best course of action was to jump a white person.

To me, you let the authorities investigate. When they find which student did this, you expell them from school and have the police throw the book at them with any charges they can drum up.

It's kind of like the Rodney King verdict, when riots started, and some poor truck driver just trying to do his job...got pulled out of his car and beat to a pulp. So...maybe the beating up analogy isn't a good one for you to continue using.

I'm not as up on history as I should be...but didn't we drop bombs in Hiroshima for reasons other than racism? Same with Vietnam, etc. Whether you agree or not with why or what started the war, surely you're not dumb enough to think it was over "racism".

You said "pop my collar on that one" twice. Wasn't your collar up from the first snap you issued? And, I thought you were more clever with the phrases. I'm beginning to think you only have a few in your arsenal (and what kind of "soldier" would that make ya? get a few more).

I never claimed to follow the "African Jewish religion" whatever that is. I'm sure Rod Carew and Sammy Davis Jr probably did, though. I have a Jewish mom and a Catholic father, but I'm agnostic and not very religious.

No, I'm not more worried about gay marriage than that list you rattled off. Just a few things on your list (like STDs and Clone Food...not even sure what "clone food" is, but it sounds yummy). Dude, if you're so worried about STDs, stop paying skanks to have sex with you. It's as simple as that. In fact, you really shouldn't be engaged in that activity at all. We don't need little Spliffs running around town.

July 16, 2009

To continue...You keep mentioning President Bush. Obama is in office now, so shouldn't we stick with him?

And...you say you're in Tokyo sipping sake. I have two things to say on that.

Why aren't you sipping 40s of Colt 45?


Can we get the government to drop a bomb on Japan now?

July 16, 2009

aww walter cronkite died now. stands to reason though, he was 92. i will always remember "...and THAT's the WAY it is." after the end of every broadcast. RIP.

July 17, 2009

Spliff I used ignorant properly, but on second thought you may be right. You are f%&#ing stupid. Seriously, where do you get this [email protected]#? Let me just ask you a serious question. When will it be enough? There are black people in high positions all through government and society. Blacks are some of the most respected, most idolized, and most successful members of society. Your rights are protected by law. And now a black man has been elected President. The commander in chief, the most powerful man in the world, is black. So when will it be enough? Do we have to listen to people like you crying racism and citing history every time something goes wrong for you, for ever?

July 18, 2009

Magic...Uncle Walter has no business being in a Michael Jackson thread...hehehehehe. So, he used to end the newscasts saying "and that's the way it is." I swear, he should've made sure those were the last words he said. Just imagine how cool that would've been. He's 92, and he realizes it's getting near the end...so he utters his famous catch phrase.

Hey...as I type this, I see a commercial for something called a JUPITER JACK on tv. And Billy Mays is doing the spot. Well, as we all know, he died recently. So...is that good or bad business sence, to still run commercials with him? Obviously, the company spent a lot to use him. And they want to capitilize. But, instead of focusing on the product, you'll be watching it and thinking about how he died.

This reminds me of how the filmmakers behind BRUNO edited out a scene with him and LaToya Jackson, where he spents a few minutes trying to get her to call Michael Jackson on her cell phone.

July 18, 2009

Oh...and on the subject of Bruno...there's a large portion of the film that reminds me a lot of a local writer in town. That segment was particularly funny.

Hey Spliff...I forgot to mention something. I believe it was in this thread, but I'm much too lazy on a Sunday morning to go check thru it all. You said that "60% of the prison population is black."

Well...the last I heard (about a month ago on TV), it was in the high 40s. So, you got that stat wrong.

Second, you talked about that being a form of "gathering slaves for labor". Yet...I thought someone on here posted stats on how much money prisons cost the state. Did you not read that post? I forget who posted it...someone with a "c" in their screen name.

July 19, 2009

Sorry joshb don't sleep with skanks unless your girlfriend wants dez nutz and i still wouldn't sleep with her!!! Just cause i'm african don't mean i drink colt45 dork man!!! I guess you to use to watching commercial showing africans drinking 40s you think they all drink 40s??? Sounds like a stereotype comment!!! Oh there's a bit of your racist views coming out again!!!

I see you still can't answer a simple question on HOW ARE AFRICANS RACIST WHEN THEY BEEN SUBJECT TO RACISM FOR OVER 500 YEARS!!!! You've been dodging it like your girlfriend doges you for sex!!!! Get some courage step up to the plate and get struck out!!!! You been labeling africans as racist but you still haven't shown where africans are racist!!! For someone who claim that they are so educated and open minded you can't understand a simple analogy??? So then i guess we can understand , that you believe when people stand up to their oppressor they are just like their oppressor??? So when a kid stands up to a bully they are now a bully??? When africans stand up to racist azz amerikkka they are now racist???

Man i got too many quotes , i just don't use them cause i know vultures like you want to steal them and try to use them for your own!!! Get your own style , stop riding my nuts!!! I'm tired of scratching you off my balls like a dog scratches off fleas!!!!

Did you know that prison is a billion dollar industry??? And if you are in prison making less then 25 cents a day working in the hot azz sun , sounds like slave labor!!! Did you know amerikkka has over million people behind bars and most of them are in on non violent crimes??? Did they give you the stats on african males and females behind bars , or just the males??? Go do some more research if you not scared!!!

Just as long as you don't have kids the world will be a safer place!! Wait a minute your kids wouldn't do s*** anyway!!! Since their dad would be a cowardly azz punk who is scared to stand up and fight for rights and thinks africans are racist cause they stand up for their rights in racist azz amerikkka!!!

I guess you dummies didn't know jesus christ was a jew and the originals jews were african!!! Go get educated!!! To all you white people claiming to be jewish , you are following an african religion!!! I'm still popping my collar on you scrubs!!!!

July 20, 2009

maybe i was trying to change the subject because i don't like all the fighting.

July 20, 2009

Damm rickeysays i thought you was going to come with some facts on monkeys to man!!! So i guess i was right , you don't s about the THEORY you hold on to as a FACT!!! When people normaly have the FACTS on an issue they usually spit them out , but you ain't spit out s!!! I smell , sniff sniff... puzzy!!!! So the only idiot is the one you see when you look in the mirror everyday!!! Answer the damm question or... Well you've already bow down so there is no need to comment!!!!

You think the president of amerikkka is the most powerful man in the world???? ILMAO!!! Is it because you bow down to him and kiss his azz every chance you get??? Sorry FYI obama is a half bread!!! Or do you go by that rule made up by racist white amerikkka , one drop of african blood makes you african??? Damm i guess you got some (k) in you too huh??? I'm not surprised most amerikkkans got a little (k) in them!!!!

Yeah we all know there are africans in so-called position of power , but they all have or still are being sed on by amerikkka!!! Change the mentality of amerikkka then maybe you won't have to hear people s on the government whose azz you love to lick so much!!! Stop being an azz kisser rickeysays your breath smells like s***!!!!


July 20, 2009

Spliff, you gotta find another word for "azz" or "ass." It's getting worn out.

July 20, 2009

C'mon, Spliff. I don't really think you sleep with skanks. They probably wouldn't take you, either (oh, snap! my collar would be up on that, but I'm wearing a Pink Floyd T-shirt without a collar). Don't talk about my girlfriend, or I'll bring your mama into this. And we all know how that would go down (like your mama!) See...itt would get ugly (like your mama). Oh man, I should stop. You probably just did an Elvis and shot the computer screen.

No, but seriously, I merely made the skank comment because twice, you've mentioned how important STDs were. And I never found them to be all that important. I've never had one, and I doubt I ever will. Yet, you have mentioned the importance of them over gay marriage.

Well, rappers often mention drinking 40s. The first one I heard mention it was Easy E back in the late 80s (NWA in da house). I should've known you don't drink 40s, but like the finer things in life, like Cristol.

Anyway, you are misunderstanding my bully analogy. I'm not saying when a kid being picked on stands up to the bully, HE then becomes the bully. What I was saying is this. You claim that African-Americans CAN NOT be racist, because others have been racist towards them. First, look at the definition of "racist" and you'll see that theory alone doesn't work. But...if a kid is being picked on by a bully at school. And, he then comes home and picks on his younger brother. Or some weak kid that lives on his street....well, using your logic, this kid CAN'T possibly be a bully, because he's the one picked on by the football players at school. Do ya follow?

Instead of me doing research on prison labor and all that...just try to come up with the facts in your head. Yeah, prisoners make 25 cents a day. But how much does it cost to run the facility? Air conditioning, food, a huge building with electric/water, paying prison guards, etc.

While you're at it, tell me what percentage of the population of American is African-American (I'm guessing under 15%), and what percentage of the prison population is African-American (I'm guessing around 45%). And tell me if you feel this is all because of "racist America", or do you have other reasons for why this is. I don't care about finding an answer to that...but you seem so knowledgable on all things race related, I figure you can possibly shed some light on that situation for me.

And you are wrong. I do fight for my rights........... ................ ................

TO PARTY!!!! (cue Beasties guitar riff)

July 20, 2009

Russl i would use different terms , but i see people on this web site trying to byte my style!!! I can't have people trying to write like me , but at the same time hating on me cause i keep it revolutionary!!!! It's all copesthetic though i ain't tripping!!!

July 21, 2009

You call this fighting??? This is kids stuff , i've had worst fights throwing food around in the cafeteria during lunch time!!!

July 21, 2009

Well, Spliff...I'm not as worried about STDs not because they don't involve me...but they don't involve most people that practice safe sex. And, I'm not sure what trastic measures you want done to erradicate STDs from the planet. I'm guessing doctors and scientists work on those types of things. But an issue like gay marriage, isn't about finding a "cure", but doing what's right.

Again, you got your facts wrong. No where, does a prison guard make merely minimum wage. Otherwise, they wouldn't do such a risky and crappy job for that wage. They'd go work at another minimum wage job, that didn't have a risk of getting shanked or having feces thrown on them.

July 21, 2009

You don't think STD are important because it doesn't involve you??? Wow isn't that the same bulls you said to me about gay marriages!!! Im not worried about gay marriages because it don't involve me!!! You want everyone to be worried about the same bulls as you cause you think it's more important!!! Sorry life don't work like that!!! Maybe you worried about gay marriages cause you gay??? If you are or not it's okay nobodies going to care about your sexually preference!!!

But africans aren't picking on anyone , they are only standing up to racist azz amerikkka!!! So how are africans racist for standing up to racist azz amerikkka!!! You still haven't explain that one!!! Im pretty sure you can't because if im not a bully for standing up to one , then i can't be racist for standing up to a racist society!!!!!

You want to know how much it cost to run a prison??? Apparently not a lot since it's a billion dollar industry!!! I've never heard of air conditions in a prison!!! Prisoner aren't eating 4 and 5 star meals in prison!!! Prison guards are only making minum wage!!! I thought amerikkka was using recycled sewage water , it don't cost a lot to give you toilet water to eat , drink , bath in or cook with!!! They don't have the finest clothes in prison!!!

Amerikkka has been practicing racism against africans for over 500 plus years!!! I guess you didn't know that africans were brought over here to be on the bottom of amerikkka nothing more everything less!!! If you can't understand that , you'll never be able to understand why there are more afriacans behind bars for petty crimes!!! While child molesters and rapist run free in the streets!!!

Now you got mommy jokes!!! To bad you ain't got a mommy only two dads!!! Or maybe you do got a mom we just can't tell who your mom or dad is since they both got hair all over their body and walk around on all fours!!! Your mom is so ugly when they seen her in the forest they thought she was big foot!!! When you get up from the toilet remember to wipe from the front to the back just like your mom taught you!!! I'm just fing with ya!!! No hard feeling. Na seriously i'm just fing wit ya!!!

Now you want to pop your collar like me??? Damm guess i was right you just want to write like me , but you can't be me!!! Get your own style stop trying to byte someone else!!! Poser!!!!

July 21, 2009

Uh not a lot of people practice safe sex , if people did there wouldn't be so many people with STDs!!!! DUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!

What's right about gay marriages what's wrong about gay marriages??? How is not having gay marriages hurting this s hole of a country??? How will gay marriages help this s hole of a country??? The government is only worried about the after math of allowing gay marriages!!! Like i said let them get married and we'll see if amerikkkans will accept their children learning from gay teachers??? We'll see if amerikkkans will let there child be apart of sports if the coach is gay!!!! We'll see if amerikkkans will still be a fan of their favorite athletes , actors , singers , politicians when you find out they are gay!!!! We'll see if the youth will accept learning from gay teachers and coaches in schools!!! The only thing stopping gay marriages is a government that already has a bunch of gay politicans!!! Interesting!!!!

Sorry buddy i know cops too and they all say they are working for crumbs just like the military!!!! So what ever you think they are making , it's not enough!!! But they gotta eat and feed they families just like everyone else!!!! And cops ain't tripping they can hide behind their little shinning badge and treat people like s and get away with it!!! Sounds like they would work for table scraps too!!! NWA said it best "F THE POLICE"

July 23, 2009

Spliff...let me ask you this. You said you know cops. So, the cops you know -- are they racist? do they do illegal things? I'm guessing you're going to tell me they don't. So...why do you think the cops I know...or the other hardworking cops everywhere, do? Is it JUST THE ONES you know that do things properly and by the book?

July 23, 2009

Sorry the cops i know have said they have done things illegal!!! They also said they felt bad for doing it , but did it cause they new they could get away with it!!! Yes they got a little (K) in them , but they said that's what they are trained to do racially profile people!!! It was a cop who told me to ask the police "what is your probable cause of stopping me" Only one time was i every stop doing something wrong and i beat the case in court!!! Then it came back to get me cause i caught a cop in a lie and the judge still ruled in the cops favor!!! My friend said it had something to do with the guy hitting the bong on the shirt i was wearing!!! I always thought there was no dress code in court?? Oh well!!!

July 24, 2009

Spliff...bringing a bong to court. I like that move. You do have some balls on ya, my man.

One of my cop friends told me there is nothing in their training that has to do with racial profiling.

He said you can profile people for all different reasons. Whether that is gang colors, tattoos you can tell are from their time in the joint, the place they're hanging around (is it outside of the Marine Room, or outside Carl's Jr. on El Cajon Blvd? And what is known to happen in the area where the loitering is going on?)

He also told me he's seen young black guys in really expensive cars, and didn't think anything of it.

All cops are different, I guess.

July 24, 2009

No my shirt had a guy hitting a bong on hit!!! The shirt is part of the clothing line me and my friends are starting!!!

July 27, 2009

Oh, I see. My bad.

When you're clothing line gets up and running...if you have a grand opening party of some kind, give me a holler. I'll write about it for the Reader.

July 27, 2009

Sounds like a plan!!!!!

July 27, 2009

This guy I used to play basketball with, I hadn't seen him in years. One of my friends ran into him and I asked what he was doing. He said, "Oh...he started a clothing line. It's called 'G'."

I said, "Really? It sounds like a clothing line is something hard to get into and make successful."

This friend replied, "I dunno. I think he'll make it. You should see the 'G'. It looks pretty cool."

I remember thinking how funny that was, that my friend would think a clothing line would be successful simply because the guy came up with a cool looking letter (I'm guessing it doesn't look like the Packers logo, or Georgia's)

July 27, 2009

Guess jeans made billions off of a small 1 inch triangle logo on the rear pocket back in the early 80's.

July 27, 2009

Yeah, that's true. And how much did Jordach make back in the day?

July 28, 2009

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