What a shame. That poor guy in the movie "Coming to America" had to change the name of his restaurant because it resembled McDonald's.

Yet in real life, for some reason, restaurants can get away with it.

In Malaysia, a restaurant won their eight year fight with the fast food giant, in what was a real McDavid & Goliath scenario.

Initially, Mickey D's won. But they lost on appeal, when it was ruled they didn't own the rights to the prefix "Mc".

Kanageswari Suppah, the 50-year-old owner, claims that it stands for "Malaysian Chicken Curry."

I'm wondering why their sign is also yellow, when there are so many other colors they could've picked for their sign.

This restaurant doesn't sell burgers or fries, which helped their court case.

But they have some things just as gross as the McDonald's menu. They have goat's intestine in chili paste. They have fish head dishes. And something called "Mee Goring" which is a fish noodle dish that's popular.

McDonald's is going to have to pay their legal fees, which come out to a whopping (sorry Burger King)....$2,800!

Aside from that small amount of money, I feel bad for the McDonald's corporation. They lost when they sued a restaurant in London called "McChina", that sold take-out Chinese food.

They lost to a company that sold "MacTea, MacChocolate, and MacNoodles." At least that company had an "a" in their MC. (Just like my favorite Beastie Boy)

They did win against a restaurant in the Philippines called "MacJoy". I'm guessing they served Happy Meals, but called them Joyful Meals.

I just don't understand the laws about trademarking things. Obviously, "Mc" can't be trademarked, but it seems a company should have to prove they used it for a reason other than capitilizing on McDonald's popularity.

When I was a teenager, a sports bar in PB won a lawsuit and was able to keep the name "Rocky's Balboa" since it was located on the corner of Balboa. The owner BSd and said his son was nicknamed "Rocky".

The place was boxing themed.

I see soda cans that look like Dr. Pepper, but they are "Dr." with another name.

At least Mr. Pibb didn't go with the "Dr." Although Pibb does start with the letter "P".

They way companies are allowed to skate around these things is baffling.


Josh Board Sept. 9, 2009 @ 2:59 p.m.

That reminds me, Pete. What's with McDonald's always doing hip-hop songs? They've been doing that for about a decade now. It's like they're trying to tap into the young, urban culture and show how "hip" they are.


psychopharm Oct. 16, 2009 @ 5:24 a.m.

As psychohusband would say...Mr Pibb didn't even get his degree.


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