So I have heard so much about "Going Green". People have tried so many different things to help the environment and among those things is a movement growing among the wealthy. But my question is why "green" products would appeal to the wealthy first and foremost when the majority of the world's population is, well, middle to low class. Businesses are offering healthier and more eco-friendly products more and more, hoping that people will think that they are trying to help. Well, I don't buy it. If restaurants and other companies that sold these type of products were really trying to help out mankind, they would not make it so difficult for consumers to use them. Why is going green so expensive? A few years back McDonalds had to deal with lawsuits because they "upsold" their biggie meals and were then said to have had a small part in obesity which they were held responsible for. But now, instead of doing away with their super sized drinks they have made them 89 cents who couldn't beat that deal? I can't even drink that much soda but I will order it because it's much cheaper than the small, medium or even large. Now I know from personal experience that people with very little money to begin with will not only buy the better deal but more times than not, will try not to waste what they have spent their money to buy. While I'm on the subject of fast food and restaurants, why are salads, fruits, water and other healthier items much more expensive than fattening, greasy, heart attack items? Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE angus beef burgers and deep fried french fries. But at one point I was trying to eat healthier and I just could not afford it. I know they have to make money but most of those restaurants are well enough off that they could add a healthy value section to their menu. I may have one or two sodas per week, but if I eat out I almost always get one because I don't want to pay for the water. Even cleaning products that claim to be "going green" over charge you if you want to give back. Baby products that dont have certain harmful chemicals as ingredients or those that contain healthy, helpful things are more expensive. It is what it is, but I would think if these businesses, restaurants or companies really cared for their earth or consumers; they would put those eco-friendly products and healthy favorites on the top of their marketing list and the bottom of their price list. If you created this massively popular chain wouldn't you want to help others to help themselves and help our planet?

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