I couldn't decide what to blog about, so I'm just going to go with random thoughts that jumped into my mind today and things I saw.

I was out running errands, and heard a DJ talking about all the various cruises that are out there. He mentioned that Boys 2 Men recently did one. And I thought about how if I went on one of those, I wouldn't be sure if when I was barfing it was from one of their songs or being sea sick.

I'm picturing people jumping overboard once the music started; like some scene from Titanic. But then it hits me that the people going on it have paid the big bucks for this type of cruise. Wow. Talk about having disposable income.

And on the subject of cheesy singers, another DJ talked about the Miley Cyrus movie making so much money. I thought about how she got into trouble a month or so ago, because her and her friends were making Chinese eyes with their hands. I believe it was a photo on her myspace page or something.

I remember comedian Sarah Silverman had to apologize for making "anti-Asian" remarks, and she's a friggin' comedian! Yet, I didn't hear a lot of backlash with the Miley thing.

There was an Asian person in the photo with them (who wasn't making the eyes, although I think it would've been a funnier picture if that person made their eyes wider).

And that reminds me...I saw Tokyo! tonight at the Ken. You can skip it. Three separate stories, much like Paris, Je T'Aime (although I enjoyed that film).

It was almost worth seeing, for the one scene that showed a birth, from the babies point of view (although, maybe that Travolta movie "Look Who's Talking" did that...I dunno, I never saw it).

I had lunch at a pizza place near Horton Plaza. I saw beggers outside the restaurant and thought it was the perfect location for them. If I left with left-over pizza, I'd hand it over to them. I'd rather that then leaving it in the backseat of my car to stink it up. Or putting it in the fridge at home and throwing it out a week later after finding it buried in other, more delicious items.

I saw people selling electric cigarettes around the corner, going into the mall. I thought the homeless guys should look into that product. Not only healthier, but they wouldn't have to bum a cigarette from anybody ever again.

I ended up in Mira Mesa to play some racquetball. Afterwards I ran into Vons to pick a few things up. I grabbed a Pepsi Max and as I waiting in the express lane. I noticed a woman with no groceries, that was holding us up.

An older women in front of me sighed, before grabbing a tabloid and reading about Angelina Jolie being pregnant again.

She finally got mad (or finished the article, I'm not sure which) and moved to another aisle. She could barely pick up her 10 items.

After another minute of listening to this well-dressed blonde, and opening my Pepsi and drinking half of it...the 25-year-old said "Can you try the card again? I just want a little bit of cash back." I figured I'd say something.

When the cashier, a lady that looked to be in her mid-60s said "I've tried it. This card isn't working."

The customer said, "Should I buy something?"

The cashier replied "I don't think that would matter, because the card isn't working."

There was about four seconds of silence and I saw my opportunity and decided to pounce. I told this woman "Well, how about I pay for my groceries while you decide what you're going to do."

She looked at me and screams "Are you serious? Who the hell do you think you are?!"

The cashier...I give her credit. Instead of just standing there observing, she started swiping my items. And quickly.

I looked at this blonde woman and said, "Hey...she said it wouldn't matter if you bought something..."

And as I was about to say "So...p*ss off, so the rest of us can pay for our items and leave," -- this woman interprets this to mean I'm siding with her.

She looks at the cashier and says "Yeah! Why won't you let me buy something? I want to see your manager."

The cashier points over to him and she walks away.

I pay for my groceries and walk out. I see this woman walking to her car, carrying some bread.

I see the woman that went to the other aisle parked right next to me. I said "So much for the express lane, huh?"

She laughed and said "Tell me about it."

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