Why didn't Weird Al ever take the UB40 song (written by Neil Diamond), and change it to Red Vines? Everyone loves Red Vines.

I caught a local band named Secret Apollo a few weeks back. They give out Red Vines at their show. Hey...that's better than a band logo sticker that you're not going to put on your car.

And, when I was in drive thru at McDonald's today, I asked for a large Dr. Pepper. As I was pulling away from the electronic screen, I see the words "Mr. Pibb." At the window, I had to ask if it was Pibb or Pepper. It was Mr. Pibb, so I had them change it to Coke. The girl working the window said "They're the same thing."

Well, they aren't. And it's funny, because I'm not someone that can tell a lot of food related differences. I don't think I can tell Coke from Pepsi. Yet, I would be able to tell if it was some store brand cola vs Coke or Pepsi.

And, I've never cared for Mr. Pibb, the same way I hate Twizzlers, yet love Red Vines.

Other people say that licorice is licorice (although, technically, only black licorice is actually licorice...or at least someone told me that years ago, yet I don't know why they call it "black licorice" then, since that would be redundant).

Black licorice is such a disgusting flavor, that I can't understand anyone liking it. Yet people do.

Twizzlers, they just taste like red plastic. If red plastic has a flavor.


antigeekess Oct. 9, 2008 @ 2:27 p.m.

I'm not into licorice in any form, personally.

But calling Mr. Pibb "the same thing" as Dr. Pepper?

Forget anything Bill Maher has to say, THAT is the very definition of BLASPHEMY!!!

Can't believe you're actually eating at McDonald's, Board. Haven't you seen "Super Size Me?"


cardig Oct. 9, 2008 @ 3:32 p.m.

I get where you are coming from on the Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb thing. I hate Diet Pepsi, but drink way too much Diet Coke. When I order a Diet Coke, most places will ask if Diet Pepsi is OK. NO, it is not. I change what I am drinking. I can tell the difference. Pepsi and Coke distibute to all the restaurants and fast food joints. They have one or the other, but not both. It is a bummer when after ordering I find out it is a Pepsi place.

I am with Antigeekess, I don't like licorice either, it is nasty IMHO. Plus it sticks in your teeth way too long.


Josh Board Oct. 10, 2008 @ 11:20 p.m.

Super Size Me was a great documentary. But not very fair to Mickey D's. In fact, his documentary had some problems. I mean, he gained 25 pounds in a month, but it wasn't just eating McDonald's 3 times a day. He stopped all his regular exercising. So, what did he REALLY prove? The obvious!

I gotta support the place I worked at all thru high school! You can eat healthy there. They have salads.

Since I don't drink diet soda (I should), it's interesting to know there's a difference. If I order a Coke at a restaurant, and they say "is Pepsi okay?" I always want to joke and say "No, it's not." Now I see, that wouldn't even be a funny joke, since some people probably do.

You guys are insane. Red licorice rules!

I once ticked off a girlfriend, showing her in the movies how a red vine can be used like a straw. She said, "Yeah, I know. Big deal." So, to act like a little kid, I said "I'll prove it to you." I bit off the end of a red vine, and she starts saying "You better not put that in my soda." I then took her straw, threw it on the ground, and put the red vine in. Wow...she blew up! It was great.

And a delicious straw!


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