Chris Rock once said how bizarre the world had become when Eminem had a #1 record, saying "The top rapper is white, and the best golfer is black."

Along that same logic, I wonder what the world is coming to when...rapper Ludacris isn't involved in breaking a law, but giving cars away to people that are down on their luck.

I'm guessing he didn't give away as many cars as Oprah did. I'm also guessing the cars weren't as tricked out as the one rapper Xzibit gives away on "Pimp My Ride." (The people receiving the cars had to pay the tax on them, just as they did with Orpah)

Anyway...a rapper doing charity work, while it's another cop involved in shooting someone to death.

And I'm sure again, all the idiots of the world will claim the cop was wrong, when he wasn't.

It happened a few days ago in the Oak Park part of San Diego. And it was 50-year-old Manuel De Lira who was shot after he threw a knife at officers.

All the people that hate police, will ask why an officer needs to shoot when the knife is thrown? The guy probably didn't have a weapon on him after throwing the knife.

But here's what I'd ask you if you think that.

At what point should cops shoot? When a knife is being plunged into their stomach?

This guys daughter called the police saying their father was "going crazy" and the screaming could be heard in the background. He ended up in the backyard with a butcher knife in one hand, beer bottle in the other.

Officers ordered him to drop the weapon. He ignored them. They used a Taser. They used a beanbag shotgun. None of that subdued the construction worker.

He had already chased his adult daughter and slashed at her with a knife. Yet, now the daughters are saying they are upset by the police account of the events, and one was quoted as saying "He was a good and hardworking man."

Oh well. Now he's a dead man. And a dead man none of us have to worry about getting drunk and pulling out a butcher knife.


The_Comedian Sept. 8, 2009 @ 4:37 p.m.

From what I'm reading here, it sounds like he didn't have to be shot. He could have been restrained. He lost his mind. People need help sometimes. I don't think cops are bad people but I do think they all need a lot more training, and maintenance training throughout their service so that these situations can be prevented. People who need help can and should be given the chance to get it. Did the cops feel their life was in danger when a butcher knife was chucked at them by a drunk? If he was chucking it at them, then why couldn't they have pounced on him after the knife went airborne?


Josh Board Sept. 8, 2009 @ 7:12 p.m.

I agree that it seems odd to shoot AFTER the knife is out of his hand. I say, unload your guns when the dude was still holding the weapon.

But, I hate when families start saying "He's a good guy, he was just off his meds" or something equally silly. If you get off your meds, and pull a knife on your're not someone that should be walking around society. You should be locked up in a home, or you should be forced to take your meds or immediately be locked up. can get shot by cops and die. Take your pick.


sfmc98 Sept. 9, 2009 @ 4:30 a.m.

This is similar to Ofc. Frank White (in Oceanside) who shot the kid in the car AFTER the danger had passed.

When it comes to deadly force, Police have to be held to an even higher, standard than the average, untrained person. They are always armed and face dangerous situations every day. They need to be extremely clear on where the line is that enables them to use deadly force.

Also, I think a lot of times police shoot people and it can be perfectly legal but not necessary. Its like not being at fault in an accident but having the ability to prevent it. Absent missing facts, it seems like they might have been able to not shoot him in this case.


SomeoneElse Sept. 12, 2009 @ 11:40 a.m.

Typical how the family calls for help after the man being "crazy and out of control", yet gets upset when police try to control the guy. Any situation that involves the police will hold the possibility of someone being shot; it all depends on how people react.

With the knowledge of a taser not controlling the subject, my thought is that it would take over 6 cops to bring this guy down. Tasers work for bringing down most people, leaving them incoherent for at least a few minutes afterwards. If it didn't work for this guy, it means something with more force is necessary. Does that justify using a gun? Of course not. But should it means 6-10 cops risk harming themselves, their careers, etc. just so a guy can stop harassing his family?

Josh, you are right that a guy like this should be getting help and not be part of society until they can control themselves. There is little help out there for them, really. County Mental Health gives you 72 hours, which does little in the long run. If you do not have private insurance, good luck getting into a group home or the steady dose of meds. In a way, if this guy was off any meds, shooting him saved his family and society more costs in the long run.


Josh Board Sept. 14, 2009 @ 10:36 a.m.

That's a very good point, SomeoneElse. Which is exactly why, when my friends bitch and moan about the homeless, I'm a bit more sensitive. Because I don't just think it's drunks out there. Often times, it's people that should be in a mental institution, but were sent away. I actually heard that from a friends mom in high school that worked at one of those hospitals.

Since the topic of this was a rapper and a cop, here's a rapper update: The always insane Kanya West, on an MTV video awards show last night, didn't like the fact that 19-year-old country star Taylor Swift won. So he took the award out of her hand, and instead of letting her give an acceptance speech, he talked about how Beyonces video was better and should've won. At least he was booed. I wish he would've been punched.

Serena Williams was at the event, and she had a melt down earlier on the court, threatening to shove a ball down a judges "f***ing throat". Yet, Whoopi Goldberg on The View, defended these actions, saying she shouldn't have been penalized a point for this.

How about these people get some anger management going? Whoopi included (she said when she's in a bad mood, she feels like killing someone...and I saw her on TMZ the other day, screaming at a cameraman).


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