I usually end up on the side of police and prison guards in various arguments. Mainly because liberal idiots like to act as if the police have it in for certain segments of society, when in fact, the only people they usually have it in for are criminals.

When a police officer used a stun gun on a child last year, I was bothered by it. (I can't remember the details right now)

I was with my dog at the dog park in PB the other day, with one of my friends that recently got a new puppy. She also recently got engaged to a guy that just became a police officer. He's on the quiet side, but one of the nicer people I've met in life.

She told us he tased his first perp that day, and told us about how during their training the officers were all tased. They're asked whether they want the quick shock, or the one that lasts five seconds. I said, "Well, that's an easy choice."

She replied, "Not really. The officers don't want to look like wimps, so they all take the five second stun. And it put holes in his shirt and scars on his chest."

The next day I read an AP story about three Florida prisons that shocked more than 40 children during demonstrations of the stun gun.

Of course, people were fired. A few resigned.

It all started during the "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day." Which, I have a problem with right there. If you work in the prison system, maybe it's best not to bring children at all. I'm assuming they are nowhere near prisoners, but still. It seems like it isn't worth the risk.

Part of the demonstrations at two prisons involved children holding hands in a circle, and one being shocked with the stun gun. That passes the shock around the entire circle.

Wow...who knew science could be this fun?

Another prison decided it would work better to stun the kids individually.

The department claimed the children (ranging in ages from 5 to 17), weren't seriously hurt or taken to the hospital.

The story ended by saying that the Department of Corrections have more than 100,000 prisoners this year, and not one of the devices had to be used.

So...I'm guessing they used them on the children so they could finally get some use out of the darn things.

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