Donald Trump got to thrust himself into the limelight again. It's hard to imagine how that thing on his head stays still with such bright lights on him while he's speaking.

His answer to why Miss California gets to keep her crown, sounded about as stupid as her answer on gay marriage.

I thought it was funny that on a radio show, and also TV, women called in saying "Vanessa Williams had nude pictures, so why should this matter?" Well, unless I'm remembering the story wrong, Williams was stripped (no pun intended) of her crown because of those photos.

I think Trump should've given her some kind of punishment, even if that just meant something like telling her she had to wear her hair like his for an entire month.

Across the country in Ohio, a different story was brewing. And yes, it involved religion as well.

A school isn't letting this kid accept his diploma with the other seniors, because he took his girlfriend to the prom (she goes to a different school).

And as crazy as it is for me to say, I am on the side of the school. You see, they had the student and his parents sign a contract that told all that was expected of this kid. Two of those things included not listening to rock 'n roll music or going to dances (I sounds like Footloose or something).

But the kid signed it. And, I could even give a teenager a pass on not remembering all the fine print involved in a contract, but he was actually warned before he went to the dance. So there's really no excuse.

But just like the parents of the idiotic cheerleader who was sexting photos of herself nude to a boyfriend and got kicked off the cheerleading squad...these parents are threatening to sue the school. Or the parents of a Poway school that let their son wear a shirt with an anti-gay message --

-- Instead of parents taking the time to teach their child a lesson about what happens if you don't follow rules, they'll be teaching their kid that you should always get your way. And if you don't, you can sue.

If I was the school, I'd now say we're refusing to give you a diploma until the lawsuit is dropped. And if the lawsuit continues, they should counter-sue and get all their legal fees paid and more, for them slandering the schools name in the media.

Maybe other parents will don't just sue Little League because your kid struck out.

And maybe next time they'll think...if they belong to a church that has a set of rules, find out first if those are rules you want to follow.

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Josh Board May 13, 2009 @ 3:43 p.m.

Update: Regarding the Miss California ruling, Shana Moakler (sp?) just resigned (she's the one that was married to the dude in blink 182).


thestoryteller May 13, 2009 @ 4:25 p.m.

Wear her hair like his for an entire month? There's a law against cruel and unusual punishment in this country! I saw those pictures of Vanessa Williams and she wasn't just nude. She was doing things to another girl, which for that time, was especially scandalous. She did lose her crown and rightly so.

My business law teacher told his students that once your signature is on a contract, "You're sunk." For the most part, you're bound to it come hell or high water. The sad thing is that those parents aren't educated enough to teach their son this. They're teaching him to be stupid and to waste his money. Do I think the school is in the right? No, that's why I wouldn't have my kid go to a school like. That's why I quit the Mormon church. I don't need other people telling me what to do, particularly when I don't like what they say.


Josh Board May 13, 2009 @ 7:47 p.m.

Oh yeah...I remember those Vanessa pictures. Very well. I was just trying to make a point, but I understand that had these photos been the same, she might've gotten the boot.

And I agree regarding the school as well. To me, if a school has rules, whether that means wearing a uniform, not listening to rock n roll, or whatever follow it or you don't go to the school.


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