For a year, San Diego had a professional basketball team called the San Diego Stingrays. I bought one of their shirts at a game. The logo looked cool, and I figured if people bought the products and attended games, it might help 'em last a little longer. But, they folded quickly, like all San Diego hoops teams do.

I thought about them today, when I heard about the stingray that jumped onto a boat. Or, I should re-word that. It jumped onto a woman, that was on a boat. The barb stabbed her, although they are speculating that she died when her head hit the side of the boat as she fell.

This made me think of a few things. The stingray that killed Steve Irwin. Although, he was asking for it.

And, a story I heard about five years ago. A guy was deep sea fishing, and a swordfish flew in the air, and right thru the guys chest. They found him dead, pinned to the side of his boat with the fish dangling from his chest.

Call me paranoid, but you think maybe, just maybe, these animals are getting revenge on us?

(insert Jaws theme here)


fifibutton March 21, 2008 @ 2:39 a.m.

I used to think that too every time a labrador mauled a child or a tsunami or an earthquake occured. I won't worry unless its discovered there are such things as giant spiders, then I'll emigrate to outer space.


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