More shark stuff.

On the news, a woman was kayaking. I believe in Australia. A great white circled her, before going right at her and knocking her out of the thing. She ended up smacking it on the mouth (women are so great at that). I think she used a paddle. It swam away.

This makes me think of two stories. Actor John C. Reily was on Letterman once, talking about how a great white knocked him off the boat. He said, "I was back on that kayak in about 2 seconds."

But, the worst kayaking story, involves a couple from San Diego years ago. They went on their honeymoon in Hawaii, kayaking. They were knocked off, and the shark killed the woman. The guy made it. But, the weirdest thing when he was on the local news here. He was crying his eyes out. I felt horrible for him, losing his bride. But, he said something I found odd. He said that when the shark knocked them out, he started swimming to shore. He heard his wife screaming, and looked back and saw her being attacked, but he kept swimming.

Now, I'm not saying I blame him. What could you do? Well, I guess we now know you could use those paddles. about you lie to the reporters? Who would know? You could say "I was pounding on the thing as it was biting my wife. After fighting with the thing for a few minutes, I grew tired, and finally swam into shore."

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redsoxfan Oct. 18, 2007 @ 3:52 a.m.

As a fearing "Jaws" lover myself, I was always afraid of swimming in the ocean. When my wife and I went to Australia last year, she wanted to scuba since she was certified....I was terrified. But strangely enough, I was 'okay' once I got in the water. We did see a shark, I think it was a small nurse (harmless) shark. Not bigger than 1.5 meters but enough to freak you out. About the guy swimming back to shore? I don't think I could live with myself if I DID lie to the reporters. He just instinctively swam away...


fifibutton Oct. 18, 2007 @ 5:27 a.m.

Hmm maybe he just didn't love his new bride enough. It all comes down to the type of person you are. Some fools will stand by and watch it happen, others will intervene. I suppose we're split into 2 groups: flight like a prey animal or fight like a predator. Personally I hate inaction, I like to get stuck in risk or no risk.


Josh Board Oct. 18, 2007 @ 9:55 a.m.

Well, if someone wants to scuba in Australia, they are certified. Certifiably insane! I guess lying to the reporters wouldn't have been cool, but at least, don't be honest and say "yeah, i swam away. i guess my wife was a slower swimmer," or whatever he said! I had a friend in 8th grade, that told me his family went on vacation to Australia, and they swam from the boat they were on, to the shore of this small island. There were signs on the island saying that it was "shark infested" waters. And, the worst part? They had to swim BACK to the boat. He told me he and his brother were crying and didn't want to, but their dad made them. I would've made a helicopter come get me off that damn island.


fifibutton Oct. 18, 2007 @ 3:43 p.m.

Hah! Well a makeshift raft would have been just as good. I don't know its like the scenario where you see someone geting mugged. Does one intervene or not? It all comes down to one's own temprament. Some folk are valiant and some are yellow.


Josh Board Oct. 19, 2007 @ 12:53 a.m.

There was a story on heroes once. It was fascinating. One guy interviewed said these two kids fell into a river. Hardcore rapids. He jumped in and saved them, almost drowning himself. He wasn't, it turns out, a very good swimmer. They asked why, if he wasn't a strong swimmer, he'd risk his life to save others. And...ya gotta love this honesty. The guy said, "I was on a date with this woman I really wanted to impress. And as I saw those kids, my first thought was, if I attempt to save them, she'll really think I'm a hero."


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