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No. Just No. Scott busts out the rare five-star rating for this retro experiment in matching new film to archival footage, mostly because he misses the good old days of VHS. Kidding!

Here's the thing about scheduling releases: The Gatekeepers isn't a bad film, but as political dirt-diggers go, it's no No.

If you haven't read my interview with the guy who spent eight weeks here in San Diego helping them make a movie set in the submarine we've got sitting in our Maritime Museum - well, it's pretty fun, maybe reconsider. The movie is out, too; it's called Phantom. Yes, there is menace.

I went to college with a guy who had all of Miles Teller's charm in 21 and Over, but none of his douchiness. Plus, we didn't have drinking games. Unless standing outside of your car on the side of a hill is a game. It was a dry campus.

Hey, are you hungry? These people are. A Place at the Table isn't exactly artful, but it's hard to argue with hungry children.

Good golly, Miss Molly, will there be a more delightful, obvious-yet-perfect diss of Jack the Giant Slayer than Scott's "Fee-fi-ho-hum"? No, there will not.

You know what? I saw The Last Exorcism. It was pretty good, what with the whole "Preacher who's lost his faith" angle. But it didn't exactly leave me hungry for a sequel, you know? Too bad. Anytime you make $67 million on a $2 million budget, someone gets hungry for something, and a sequel is the only way to give it to them. The Last Exorcism Part II opens today!

And finally, Reading Gaslamp serves up another Friday-Saturday special with The Jeffrey Dahmer Files. Two killer quotes from the trailer: "You could smell that funky putrid smell of death," and "I have probably eaten somebody's body part." Good times.

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