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I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that what last year's Best Picture, The Artist, has in common with this year's best picture, Argo, is that they both start with A, and Academy voters are so damn rigid that they watch their films in alphabetical order, and so damn old that they rarely make it past the first film before taking a three-month nap, so hello, Hollywood, haul out those A titles.

No, no. You're thinking that both The Artist and Argo are movies about Hollywood and the making of movies, and there's nothing Hollywood loves better than itself, so it's time to dust off that script about the making of Ishtar and start practicing your speech!

But here's what you should be thinking: John Goodman has appeared in the last two Best Picture winners. That puts him one up on three-time Best Actor winner Daniel Day Lewis, whose only nod came in '82, for Gandhi. Since then? Pure poison. Take a look:

1986: A Room With a View: nominated, lost. 1989: My Left Foot: nominated, lost. 1993: In the Name of the Father: nominated, lost. 2002: Gangs of New York: nominated, lost. 2007: There Will Be Blood: nominted, lost. 2013: Lincoln: nominated, lost.

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Javajoe25 Feb. 25, 2013 @ 10:59 a.m.

John Goodman definitely deserves major kudos for the many supporting roles he has played, Matt. No bout a-doubt it, but let me ask you something. I thought The Paperboy was a really good film but was largely overlooked by many, probably because it was just a little too dark and dirty for most people. IMHO, John Cusack played one of the scariest characters since Hannibal, and Nicole Kidman gave us the dumbest, hottest bimbo to appear on screen in recent memory. Matthew Mconaughey was totally spooky and believable; it was a good story and the cast did a fantastic job! So why didn't it get any recognition? What do you think?


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