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First reaction: Man, Hannibal Lecter has really let himself go. Maybe it's time to lay off the liver and Chianti, pal.


OH SNAP, etc. But seriously, folks: Anthony Hopkins is a distinguished actor who can play high and low. But he doesn't exactly disappear into this role, and that's especially problematic when a famous person is playing another famous person. Meryl Streep did a better job with Julia Child, I think:

And I know that some people don't think a man of Philip Seymour Hoffman's stature had any business taking on Truman Capote, but the man did seem to shrink into the role:

Speaking of Capote, Toby Jones' version of Capote got overshadowed, rightly or wrongly, by Hoffman's:

(For the record, I preferred the florid flamboyance of the Infamous Capote, but think Capote was the better film.)

And now, poor Toby Jones is getting overshadowed again, even if the story of how Hitchcock tortured Tippi Hedren during the making of The Birds is a much better movie idea than how he managed to get Psycho made at all. (And oof is there some crummy dialogue in the Hitchcock trailer. Helen Mirren does her best to downplay that boilerplate, boiling-over, overboiled speech about her role as long-suffering wife, but ye gods.)

Speaking on Toby's behalf, I'd like to say that unless you have one of those disappearing-type Alec Guinness-y actors on your hands, it's probably better to go with a lesser-known quantity when casting a famous person. Christian McCay, for example, is easily the best thing about Me and Orson Welles:

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Colonna Oct. 11, 2012 @ 7:49 p.m.

Toby Jones as Capote, yes. As Hitchcock? No. And Anthony Hopkins looks more like Churchill than Hitchcock...

Churchill... CHURCHILLLL... No, I'm not doing Franz Liebkind.

Who played Churchill in "Inglorious Basterds"? Rod Taylor.


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