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Sigh. Just in case you still had hopes that the relationship between the Kiddie-Borg - er, Disney - and Pixar would somehow allow the latter to avoid being "seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil," I will report seeing this before last night's screening of Green Lantern:


Never mind the sequels, we've got the tie-ins! Insurance, auto parts - hell, maybe even a Lightning McQueen coupe from Chevy! Why, the commercial possibilities are endless!

Oh, you say they've been doing this for a while now?

Never mind, then. I'm just amazed that Ratatouille even got made - it was, after all, a film that openly attacked the idea of merchandising an artist into oblivion:


Yes, yes, I suppose it's possible that they're going for a Spielberg vibe - for every Amistad, a Jurassic Park, etc. - but you know what?


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