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We asked 75 musicos to tell us something few would know or guess -----



GAYLE SKIDMORE: “One thing people are always surprised by is that I enjoy backpacking and surfing. I guess I don’t seem like the type. I hear that musicians are always up late a night because they are afraid of sunlight.”

JOEY GUEVARA, I WISH I: “I party with monster java and mango suckers!”

JUNE CATE, I WISH I: “I'm a mellow drunk. I did pee walk once on my way home from Nu Nu's.”

NICK, THE DMONSTRATIONS: “I am double jointed in my elbows.”

GREASER, SINGER/GUITARIST: “I got hit by a car when I was 3.”


REX NAVARRO, BASSIST: “I shoot blanks.”

MC FLOW: “My friends and I were celebrating my 30th birthday down in Mexico, and I was dared to make an appearance at the party wearing nothing but my birthday suit and a birthday crown. I did it, and I wasn’t even that drunk!”

GREG LASWELL: “Sometimes, when no one is around, I’ll pop in an Avril Lavigne album. And thoroughly enjoy myself.”

MARK DECERBO, FOUR EYES/ROCKOLA GUITARIST: ”Believe it, or not, I can be kinda funny after a few beers.”

JOEY HARRIS, GUITARIST: “I love Mariah Carey.”


ELI LIEBERMAN, SINGER/GUITARIST STRIVE ROOTS: “I like all music and try not to judge, but Justin Timberlake really makes me uncomfortable.”

BILLY HORVATH, CRUNCHBERRY GUITARIST: “I lock myself in a closet at night dressed as a ballerina, work myself into a frenzy by listening to Dokken and then escape and go kill butterflies with a pistol.”

HANS JENSEN, COLLAGE MENAGE: “I ran away from home when I was fifteen and I cheated on a test in high school by writing the answers on my arm.”

FRITZ JENSEN, COLLAGE MENAGE: “I have a flower garden for my love.”

COLIN CLYNE: “When I was nineteen, and drunk, I got a Superman tattoo, after seeing one on a poster of Bon Jovi (argh, cringe).”

BRIAN KARSCIG, LOUIS XIV: “A well-known promoter once made posters of the group, and was selling them without our permission. They were extremely ugly, and kids were being ripped off. I walked up to him in the club, asked him how many more were there, grabbed them out of his hands, unzipped my pants, and urinated all over them in front of him.”

BRENDA XU: “[I watch] reality shows, like America's Next Top Model.”

DAVE HOWARTH, BLUE SHIFT GUITARIST: “We're a bunch of nerds, disguised as dorks.”

CJ GLADSTONE, SINGER ROSES ON HER GRAVE: “I own 4 cars and only one works”

NATE MILLION, DRUMMER: “I am an avid gardener and have a bunch of plants.”

BEN TAYLOR, DRUMMER: “I do have a serious side, at times.”

MARK GOFFENEY, BASSIST: “I’m a degreed martial artist with about nine years training in Okinawan Kenpo.”

DAVE GILBERT, GUITARIST: “I actually do give a sh--t.”

JACKSON PRICE, SINGER/GUITARIST: “I once spent three nights in SD county jail for resisting arrest and drunk in public.”

JOEY SUTERA, SINGER/BASSIST: “I'm scared of lizards, they freak me out. They're so fast, they could crawl right up your sleeve or, god forbid, down your pants, before you knew what happened.”

BRENDAN CONCANNON, DRUMMER: “I worked through college as a ‘Mad Scientist’ at kids’ birthday parties. I nearly burnt or maimed so many kids, I’m surprised no lawsuit was ever filed against me.”

ADAM GIMBEL, ROOKIE CARD: “I'm painfully shy.”

ANDREW McNALLY, DRUMMER: “I cultivate young minds.”

DYLAN MARTINEZ, GUITARIST: “I was once a Marine and I served during Desert Storm.”

BENNIE HERRON: “I don't play video games, but I am an internet head.”

AMBER OJEDA: “I have an extreme phobia of L.A. freeways!”

ALAN IGLESIAS, GUITARIST: “In my ‘other life,’ I’m a 3D animation specialist working on all kinds of visual effects, including for feature films.”

SAM ROBERTSON, GUITARIST OFF TRACK: “I had a bit role in the movie Almost Famous.”

JIMMY ZADAI, BASSIST: “I spent four years in the military.”

JAYE FURLONGER, BASSIST: “I collect ceramic cats.”

BEEZELEY, DRUMMER NAUTICAL DISASTER: “People tend to make me uncomfortable.”

ALFONSO DE LA ESPRIELLA, SINGER/GUITARIST: “I really enjoy a good death metal band. For a while.”

BRIAN SHEERIN, MOWER VOCALIST: “We all have big hearts.”

JASON WILEY, SINGER/GUITARIST MOONTUCKY RISIN: “[I like] cigarettes, Burger King french fries, and of course midget porn.”

MOLLY JENSON: “I'm going to start teaching group classes at 24 hour fitness (if I pass my training courses).”

KEITH JACOBSON: “I graduated from college as a Ceramic Engineer. (And yes, Ceramic Engineers do make toilets!)”

JOSH DAMIGO: “I can name all the U.S. Presidents. In order.”

JON BISHOP: “Never broke a bone, but I've had six shoulder dislocations. Once during sex, which was pretty embarrassing.”

JODI V: “I constantly get told that I come off as intimidating or snobby, but the truth is that I’m sweet and very interested in what you have to say.”

JJ MORIN: “Babies think I hung the moon. My picture must be hanging in the Baby green room. Even as we read, infants from newborns to toddlers are out there on the streets, looking all over for me. I am Babyman.”

JENN GRINELS: “I'm so boring, though there is a certain amount of alcohol that causes me to break into the National Anthem. Once was under the Eiffel Tower. Well, at Paris Las Vegas.”

HARGO: “I've always been a pensive person, and I’m really interested in astrophysics, Chinese acupuncture, as well as physiological psychology, or neuroscience, if you will. Not exactly rock ‘n’ roll, is it? But I guess I’ve always been interested in why people do what they do, and in helping people make themselves better and happier. I try to do that through my music, to the best of my ability.”

HANK EASTON, GUITARIST STEELY DAMNED: “I love to cook, and I’m pretty good at it! Of course, I love to eat, too.”

GREG DOUGLASS, GUITARIST STEVE MILLER BAND: “I'm a total dork. I have an extensive collection of original vintage horror and science fiction movie posters, and I also collected butterflies as a kid. All that's missing is the adhesive tape on my glasses. I'm a true Dweebus Americanus, disguised as a rock star.”

RACHAEL GORDON: “I like running out into the ocean and swimming at night alone.In my birthday suit or whatever I'm wearing just to get my head together, because it feels good. Then I'll get out and lay in the sand and drink whiskey. It makes me feel like there isn't anything I can't do, and there isn't.”

PAUL LIZARRGA, BASSIST: “When I was six, I asked my mom relentlessly for a Michael Jackson glitter glove. I cried when I lost it.”

EVAN ROBINSON, SINGER/KEYBOARDIST WAR STORIES: “I hate opening gifts in front of people.”

MARCOS FERNANDES: “I don’t like Brussels sprouts.”

TIM RALDO: “Although my music and stage show is very violent, love is still the most powerful feeling in my heart. I really don’t wish harm on anyone. Unless they happen to be looking for it.”

JD BOUCHARDE: “I’m huge in Paraguay.”

SIMEON FLICK, SINGER/GUITARIST: “I have this irrational fascination with the shallow frivolity of tabloid journalism, in both its TV and print manifestations.”

RICHARD VAUGHAN, GUITARIST: “I'm a huge fan of William Shatner.”

STUART SCLATER, BASSIST: “I can't share milk.”

CONOR RILEY, GUITARIST/ORGANIST: “I wake up every morning and watch the first fifteen minutes of a random Saved By The Bell episode to get the day started.”

DAVID HURLEY, DRUMMER: “I suck at basketball.”



KRISTOFER TOWNE, SINGER/GUITARIST: “I have one really big toe.”

NATE BALL, DRUMMER: “I weigh 65 pounds.”

JAMIE RENO: “I've never illegally downloaded a single song in my life.”


TONY GRIESGRABER, BASSIST/STICK PLAYER: “I can't drive stick shift. Quite the issue while touring Europe.”

STEVEN BRADFORD, SINGER/GUITARIST GET BACK LORETTA: “All of us in the band are dating each other.”

DAN BOISSY, SAX PLAYER STEPPING FEET: “I once carried a 203 bowling average, and bowled 11 strikes in a row.”

REX HERMOGINO: “When I was in middle school, I attempted to do standup comedy at a talent show and got booed off the stage. No career there for me. I'll just stick to my music.”


JASON BANG: “Well, aside from my fear of being strangled to death in my sleep by midgets dressed as Pirates, I'm really good at giving butt massages. But should I really believe everything that my Grandfather tells me?”

MELISSA VAUGHAN: “The first car I ever drove for transportation was a 15-passenger white van.”

BRIAN SHEERIN of MOWER: “We all have big hearts.”

JACKSON MILGATEN of VISION OF A DYING WORLD: “For the last time, we are not a Christian band!”

JAYME RALPH of WRITER: "Most nights I sleep on top of my comforter so when I wake up my bed is already made."

JAC: “My alter ego is Brown Sinatra. You have to hang around me long enough to find out why.”

MARY DOLAN: "My pinky toes have stubby toenails."

MANUOK: "I play soccer three times a week, and suck terribly, but that was probably guessable."

ROSEY BYSTRAK, SDdialedin blogger: “I was class president and a homecoming princess in high school. I actually had to wear a tiara. For a whole week. Scary.”

SCOTT PACTOR, catdirtsez blogger: “I dislike children.”

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Josh Board Sept. 13, 2007 @ 2 a.m.

Awesome read. Loved the Yoko "accent". It makes my lunch with George Harrisons sister Louise, sound like crap. At least I didn't clean any toilets!


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