the history of the experiment was muddled in Natalynn's mind what she remembered most was the fear her family felt when they had to go to the BIG CITY to be poked and prodded and tested and examined head to toes for any changes due to the treatment and the questions and notes ,they took copious notes, never with any explanation of what they were looking for, altho they always ended the exam with

"everything is going just as expected" "sorry for the long bus ride"
"we'll see you next month"

3 generations later the rides were obsolete

but those who were born changed weren't living in Neah Bay anymore

they were living in the 4 corners of the United States

far from long inviting beach shorelines

the smell of salt spray to awaken them each day

long walks wandering thru foggy pine woods, picking mushrooms to eat and sell

now only the heat and dust of the~~Dinn Wind~~

the deep canyon pool was an oasis in the otherwise dry and dusty landscape, each day Natalynn carefully tread down the path into the canyon to wade into the water and float lazily in the coolness of the canyon's pool

"this is a child of a water sprite" Natalynn thought as she and her baby bouyantly floated on the surface of the water....

"she is so very far from the animal crys of all coastal wisdom"

"may the canyon water here on it's long journey to the sea teach this child the wisdom of water at it's source"

"a source of wisdom of green and alive....a wisdom which seeks the expanse but then returns to it's source like the salmon" each day she went and sent this offering into the universe and then she began to feel the fluttering at first as gentle as a butterflys wings but as the days went by it strenghened until it began to feel like a wild bird caught within the cage of her body eager to be released to fly out into the air
~~~its true home~~~*

she made the decision early on NOT to tell the doctors at the clinic about this
she didn't know why
she just knew

"Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."

Native American saying


natalynn Oct. 16, 2010 @ 11:14 a.m.

thank you so much Mindy and nan

i hope you will continue to read the story as it reels out here at the Reader


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