The Plot Thickens

it was a short note the note had come in during the 2 weeks she was on vacation with her ...

How Long Will It take To Go Home

Wesley was inundated with requests from nearly every department about Natalynn Winningway's second ultrasound...had it been done yet...when would it ...

Bright Lights Big City

the history of the experiment was muddled in Natalynn's mind what she remembered most was the fear her family felt ...

Check then Recheck

as Queenie Shambala came full steam thru the door of the ultra sound lab she caught a glimpse of Natalynn ...

Is It A Song Worth Singing..

there were times when Natalynn could still smell the ocean and hear the singing of the whales in her mind ...

A Winningway To Go

how long has it been since first Natalynn Winningway's story began to unfold... i was rushing along....writing at least 4 ...

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