I have been thinking about the economy. Their are claims that the 401k's and IRA's have some $5E12 of value. The last I heard, the only way you can spend this value is to go back to school or buy a home without paying a penalty, until you reach a grayhair age-by order of the Federal Government. Now when you reach the grayhair age you will be forced to spend it and pay the taxes that were delayed for all those non-graying years. Now if you were unemployed, lost your home that you are paying for with your working income, lost your wife, kids and the dog in those non-graying years you could buy your home back with your 401k or IRA. This leaves you with what you would of had if you had not been unemployed less what the government told you how to spend. Your wife left you for the agent at the finance company that repossessed your home, your kids left you for a homeless life with some non-profit and your dog went to the neighbors French poodle. Now all you have left is your new home and the young women that had been living off your 401k and IRA in the finance company. All you need now is a job to restart your 401k and IRA again. Just like the old money except your not homeless and lonely.

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a2zresource Oct. 7, 2010 @ 12:52 p.m.

San Diego Chamber of Commerce made a comment on the economy today by backing Proposition D.

The Chamber feels it is better to have people pay more in sales taxes than it is to have city leaders actually discover all of the cubbyholes where city insiders and department heads have previously hidden city assets from previous fiscal years as bureaucratic budgetary turf protection.

The civic leaders at the Chamber are OK with the potential loss of retail sales during the years of the tax increase because the benefits of supporting council members are far more lucrative in the long run.


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