If you can not find Catti look at Google "Catti warror". Another source is the Germania writen by Tracitus, Roman orator and public official, said to be one of the greatest historian's and prose stylist's writer in the Latin language. His father-in-law was a govenor of Britain (78-84), described in the Agricola. The Germania describes the Roman frontier on the Rhine. Germans were descended from the three sons of Mannus, the Son of the god Tuisto, the Son of the Earth. individual Germans in Roman sevice refered to themselves as Germani. The free Germans beyond the Rhine had no collective name for themselves until the 11th century when diutise-modern German deutsch "of the people" came into use. The Chatti people lived in what is now Hesse. A note on the fate of the native born American people in San Diego, as the Franks expelled the Visigoths from most of the Gallic possesions, to Spain where they were exterminated by the Muslims, will be to the Native born Americans of San Diego as it it appears with the current Spanish invasion of the U.S.. You might want to look a little further back at Germanic religion and mythology to find Aesir, for the culture of Warrior aristocracy, to die in battle was a desirable fate, assuring a rebirth in Odin's heaven, Valhalla to fight and die again until the time of Ragnarok when they would fall finally along with their patron god. Also comes Thor, Loki and Heimdall. Also you may want to go on to Germanic religion under European Religions, Ancient. The gory sacrifice of Roman prisoners by the Cimbri at the end of the 2nd century B.C.. In Caesar's Commentarii de bello Gallico he describes their gods as the Sun, the fire god and the Moon. Now think of the Son of Heaven and the Emperor's religion of Taoism in China. Ref: Britannica, So much for politics in California.

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