My team leader Ursula Kuster informed us that the final results for the Carly Barbara race is Carly 53.1% in San Diego County, not bad!. So what have I learned from all this, as we are to learn something from everthing we do. And I say to my subjects of the king's and financial prince's. International jurists of this time, drawing limits to destructive warfare by applying Natural Law to human affairs will use the practice of one prince sending aid to another at war, in the form of troops, in exchange for moneys, and auxiliaries and mercenaries. As a model I will present to you the Hessen-Kassel Corps to a Protestant World power. To an end, I would wish you to look at the present state of affairs in the modern World of today.The players in the game are the Protestant Great Britain, Catholic French-Scottish-Bavarian-Austrian, Muslim and Buddhist parties.The American non-denominational Christian State players, the Rabbinic International jurist with the Rothschilds players and the ancient warrior Catti. Now watch the show with Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Jerry Brown, Mayor Sanders and Presedent Obama for the next two years. Of other interest to you may be General Geyso, Mary, daughter of George II, King of Britain, the Spanish-Mexican invasion of the U.S. and the money manangers keeping us under-employed and/or homeless. Ref: 973.342 Atwood

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a2zresource Nov. 12, 2010 @ 7:22 p.m.

After consulting a cryptographer and passing the above "Update San Diego" blog post through a web-crawling pattern-matching algorithm, I come with the following:

"Who says Ron Roberts is a Democrat?" (CITY BEAT) regarding "a group called New Majority" and at least three allegedly Democrat slate mailers that endorsed Republican candidate Ron Roberts for County Board of Supervisor...

A quote: "All you need to know is this: Are these people directly trying to dupe voters? No, they’re just donating money to a group that is paying people to dupe voters."

According to New Majority's website, San Diego founders include "Dieter and Ursula Kuster", who both apparently made contributions as president and/or employee of CA Botana International Inc. This firm appears to make enough money manufacturing and selling cosmetics that both Kusters are able to make political contributions totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The algorithm did not return a contribution amount for New Majority endorsements of winning candidate Lorie Zapf for San Diego City Council in District 6. Maybe the algorithm needs an adjustment.

I'm not revealing the details of the algorithm used for the same reason CA Botana International doesn't list the ingredients for its high-markup cosmetic products: trade secrets. On the other hand, some of us have already seen FIGHT CLUB.

I'm not saying that these "Update San Diego" blog posts are bought and paid for.

I'll let Reader readers figure out that one for themselves.


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