On America's Southwest Culture. A good story of Mexican Culture, and out look at life. So what do you think they think of Americans. Ref; Los Angeles Times, 11/09/10 page A1 & A4. Don't forget the British destroyed China in the opium wars. Afghanistan has been on drugs for 1000s of years, look at their culture. And don't forget the Aztecs, they use drugs to prevent hunger. So why do you think the American culture is full of drugs?. It might have somthing to do with the Spanish culture!. Now with a Irish-German Catholic and jewish Government in California at the State and Federal level, San Diego City Government is thinking of cutting off a leg to save an arm at the budget short-fall meeting Wendsday morning at 9 A.M.. It seems like the home-less and drug treatment centers in San Diego take in more money than the City Government. Maybe we should consider going on drugs and becoming home-less so the doctors can become more wealthy.


a2zresource Nov. 9, 2010 @ 12:36 p.m.

RE "So why do you think the American culture is full of drugs?. It might have som[e]thing to do with the Spanish culture!":

And I was sure it had something to do with Edgar Allan Poe. Of course, he certainly had opportunity to allow himself to be "Spanish-influenced" traveling through the Adams-Morgan district in the District of Columbia, near the old Mexican Embassy, on his way back and forth between Richmond and Boston.

Obviously, Spanish influence caused all of China to be addicted to opiates by the time of the Boxer Rebellion. Spanish influence via China of Senator Boxer is still to be investigated. If found true, then this may explain gridlock inside the DC Beltway as everyone on both sides of the aisle retired to the basement of the Rayburn Building to sleep it off. Ah, bipartisanship!

Let's not forget that Bush 41 was an American envoy to China. More Spanish influence, even in the White house!!!

It's not like we Independents didn't expect BOTH parties to be on some kinds of drugs now...


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