Happy birthday to my boss Pete. Pete Kamrowski at Pete and Joy's Bakery is 70 years old today and he is still working. Good man from Litttle Falls. 1. Why so much tension between Japan and the U.S. over the military base there. Japan as all but taken over 1/3 of the U.S. economy and they have companys in most all the states. Everybody loves the Japanese, they are well educated, hard working, self suporting and work well with educated Americans. Maybe the Japanese government should station the Japanese military in the U.S. . Ref: Maclean's, 3/22/10 page 29-30 2. I see women of the future will be a bit diferent. So much for Hollywood's slim fashion and move star types.They seem to be a evolutionary dead-end anyway. After all look at L.A. and San Diego. Ref: Maclean's, 3/22/10 page 42 3. A good story on grasshoppers. if they could be trained they could be used to control wild fires in CA. Think about it. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/29/10 page A3 4. Good look at the U.K.' House of Lords. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/29/10 page A15 5. A story on China's mind with Google. On what is God, who is a prostitute and a criminal and for how long. The mind of a British man and a Russian man. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/29/10 page A21 6. Want to get up to date on Brazil?. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/29/10 page 1-12

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