1. Very good story on Vietnam's economy. a) State Bank of Vietnam Governor Nguyen Van Giau devalued the dong by 5%. b) This move makes Vietnams manufactured goods cheeper than those of many other Asian countries, improving it's global edge. c) This is a big deal in the textiles and agriculture sector which could move more investment and manufacturing to Vietnam in these industries. d) Vietnam's expors have grown faster and they have attracted more foreign direct investment than other Asian countries in recent years. e) These problems have ben traced to its 2000 to 2007 gross domestic product growing by an average of 7.55% a year and bringing in global investment. This sent inflation to levels of 28%. Ref; the Wall street Journal, 11/27/09 page A8
  2. Well all good and well to all in Thanksgiving. Little Falls has decorated all the street lights and the homes and Community Middle School have put up decorations. Say Judy, you would love to do some of this decorating and you could work with our Mayor, Cathy Van Risseghem, who is endlessly open to us here in Little Falls.
  3. Hi Sony Corp.!. On lithium-ion batteries. A question that comes to mind is Nano technology. How many watts can be had out of a nono-tube?. How many amp-hrs can be had out of a nano-tube?. How many nano-tubes could be packed into a car battery?. If this works you could develope a wire-less electric car and the fuel needs could be generated in central points throughout the transportation system.
  4. China needs as much as 100,000 metric tons of uranium between 2009 and 2020 to feed its nuclear-energy ambitions. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/27/09 page B5
  5. Aluminum is becoming a financial hedge metal!. This is side-by-side with copper. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/27/09 page C10
  6. The camels want their water in Alice Springs, Australia. Ref; Star Tribune, 11/27/09 page A10

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