Just a note to all the old people of the World. I found Pham Thi Thuong on the Vietnam web at Vietnam.com . She lives within the Truong Thhuong Commune of the Thoi Lai District and says she is 120 years old. This makes her the oldest person in the World. She has lived through all the wars and conflicts of this time, raised 9 children and lives on VND 12,000 or USA $6.45/month. She should write a book for the young people, because she is a winner in the game of life and stands as an icon to success of a winning people. 1. Looks like we had other neighbors 40,000 years ago. A new type of human?. Ref: USA Today 3/25//10 page 1A Hey Father Joe-- 2. Homeless shelters are more costly than permanent housing. After working in homeless shelters and using their services for 12 years working in the streets, I agree only that the people that are able to work and care for themselves would be less costly in permanent housing. Most homeless people have other social problems that would not let them live well in permanent housing, without help in their day to day living. Ref: USA Today, 3/25/10 page 3A 3. Eating more in China may be bad for your health. With 10% of the population now having diabetes and projected 26% at risk this is not good. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/25/10 page 1B 4. I wonder if Wall Street could solve this problem. They deal with bubbles all the time and the price of methane and fertilizer seem to keep going up. Maybe Tony Goltstein should hire a Wall Street broker to solve his problem. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/25/10 page A3

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