The Little falls Arts & Crafts Fair will be in town on Sept. 12-13. We expect 100,000 people at this fair,that is about the same as the Comic-Con in San Diego.Hey Judy, how about that for small town America !. On the Artic; The Star Tribune 9/4/2009 of Minneapolis,MN reports the Artic is warmest since 1 B.C. from industrial emissions. The Earth is 620,000 miles closer to the Sun in mid summer and moving further away. It is 2.5 degrees F warmer than the expected natural cycle. But think about this; all the outer space dust that has been added to the earth in the last 2000 years!. How this extra weight make the Earth -Sun relationship act is not mentioned as a effect of this deviation. A little science for you too,Judy. We will be working a lot harder for the Arts & Crafts Fair with the extra people coming to town remember the Comic-Con, we worked very hard for that too.

                                               Loving you more, John

P.S. I seen a little mouse the outer day, when it seen me it ran into a hiding space in the side of a building.


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