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Man, f-ck tha police force and the unwarranted use thereof/ Bob Filner's just an iron fist wrapped in a sandpaper glove/ Man's been keeping Secrets just like he's Rhonda Byrne/ Don't have to keep me apprised? Bob, sit down, listen, and learn/ You need to follow my lead because you know I know the law/ And Bobby, you ain't above, you live way down below the law/ Look harder at the Charter and you know it will show the law/ You can talk all you want, but you can't hustle and flow the law/ You're going after number two cause you can't handle number one/ Gonna double my budget back before I am done/ Gonna hire my AJ back, because the boy's like a son/ You best step out of the way, we got a city to run/ Your move had no basis/ Now I'm off to the races/ While you're stuck in stasis/ Not just the mirror has two faces/ You say you want things transparent/ Just what you mean ain't apparent/ You want to show us what goes on?/ Know what I'm gonna show?/ The Emperor got no clothes on/ You're abusing your power/ Though it grows less by the hour/ Go home, take a cold shower/ You're over and done, Imma forget to send flowers.

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