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District attorney and 2012 San Diego mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis pulled a dramatic no-show at Friday's preliminary hearing for former attorney Michael T. Pines, despite the fact that she had been subpoenaed. (Pines is accused of stalking the residents of a house once occupied by a client, who lost the home to foreclosure despite Pines's sterling representation.)

Reached for comment, Dumanis campaign manager Kevin Klein said, "District attorney Dumanis is in the midst of a white-hot mayoral race here in America's Finest City, and that's on top of her normal job of maintaining law and order and making sure that nobody smokes marijuana no matter what. She simply does not have time to show up in court to respond to every accusation hurled her way by a deranged ex-lawyer. I mean, think about that. Lawyers are some of the slimiest people on Earth, right? How icky would someone have to be to get booted from that malodorous club? That's Pines. Besides, the district attorney hardly even knows the man. It's not like they've ever met outside of professional circumstances, and she certainly had nothing to do with this particular case."

Really, Mr. Klein? SD on the QT begs to differ. Exhibit A: Dumanis and Pines "not meeting each other" at a 2009 fundraiser for Carlsbad Homeowners Against Foreclosure and Eviction (CHAFE). Dumanis reportedly told attendees, "I know people at the big banks, and trust me, you are not the sort of people they want to foreclose on."


But apparently, things change when there's a campaign on. Which brings us to Exhibit B: Dumanis present and accounted for at the recent arrest of former attorney Michael T. Pines. Note the malicious, schadenfreudey grin. We don't know exactly what went on between Pines, Dumanis, and the banks, but we do know this much: that's the smile of someone who's got 99 problems, but the snitch ain't one. Not anymore, anyway.


Memo to Kevin Klein: watch the mail. I hear those subpoena people can be pretty persistent.

The subject of this piece, Michael T. Pines, is not to be confused with Michael Pines, another San Diego attorney.

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realnews Sept. 13, 2011 @ 1:47 p.m.

And don't forget Dumanis and Jeff Dort NOT prosecuting North County attorney Patricia Gregory.


So I gotta ask....what's she do for a living?


starwars1 Sept. 14, 2011 @ 10:15 a.m.

'I mean, think about that. Lawyers are some of the slimiest people on Earth, right?'

Walter !! Isn't that the truth! What a question! Bravo! That is a World Class blog! Paid extortionist? Liars? Thieves? LOL!

Reading these stories about Dumanis and her lack of prosecution for attorneys who commit crimes, and are in process of being disbarred is amazing. Now let's talk about that quaint little town called Carlsbad in California.

What is it with this town?!!

Here we have two attorneys being disbarred with one getting some attention from the media, and the other attorney getting relatively little attention by the District Attorneys office nor the media press. Which is the bigger case for Dumanis? Which leads us to Patricia A Gregory out of carlsbad. What is it with this town? Is it a 'ripe spot' for alleged client theft?

Which leads us to Patricia A Gregory, attorney in Carlsbad.

Here we have an attorney who is alleged to have stolen over $107,000.00 from a couple clients, with a total missapropriation charge of over $112,000.00!! The state bar court decision is disbarment! I have been reading online reports of this case, but only a few reports on Patricia Ann Gregory tucked in with the rest of the ... 'can I say slime?'. What is going on here? I have furthermore heard through these brief online reports that this Lawyer Gregory that I read about use to work for the DA office?

Reading the court decision on the State Bar Website I find this case is truely amazing. Amazing how you ask?


enough said




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