Almost Factual News Entries for June, 2013


Little Italy Festa announces theme for 2013 chalk festival: "City Attorney Goldsmith is a ______."

First prize to whichever chalk artist comes up with the finest fill-in-the-blank.

The City Attorney's office suffered another public relations setback today over its attempt to prosecute a man who wrote anti-bank ...

Goldsmith drops statement: "F*ck tha Police Force"

Rapper/City Attorney fires back after Mayor ejects Assistant City Attorney Andrew Jones from closed session meeting

Related Man, f-ck tha police force and the unwarranted use thereof/ Bob Filner's just an iron fist wrapped in a ...

Congressman makes marriage proposal

As the nation waits for the Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that ...

Area hacker releases statement on "Operation Peekaloo"

"It's simple common sense: we have to balance issues of Presidential privacy with issues of Americans' security."

Brandon Marsh (pictured), a hacker who works out of his mom's Rancho Bernardo condominium, has come forward to SD on ...

SDPD: "Membership should have its privileges."

City Council Members move to make San Diego police work more appealing.

"Last week," said City Councilwoman Laurie Zapff, "we had a twenty-year veteran of the police force who left to take ...

Charlie Carwell, student expelled because of abusive ex-pastor, tells his story

Former Holy Crow student to appear on Good Afternoon America

GOLDEN HILL. - A local student expelled from a Catholic school because of the danger his abusive ex-pastor posed to ...

Rap brawl at City Hall

Mayor Bob "Big Boy" Filner to take on Jan "Mayor Slayer" Goldsmith in Epic Rap Election this Fall

Filner on Feud: "It's time to settle this like adults - adults who wish they could rap." Popular vote ...

Mickelson: two for the record books

Local golf legend and U.S. Open runner-up is the undisputed #1 at being #2!

Andy Murray's three fruitless trips to the finals of the Australian Open? Child's play. The Buffalo Bills' four straight losses ...

NAB Coronado Training Chief: "Female SEALs are the military's solution to sexual assault crisis."

"I mean, you're not likely to screw with a lady soldier if you think she might have SEAL training."

SHOULDER YOUR RIFLE; HOLSTER YOUR GUN According to a damning report from the Department of Defense, the greatest danger facing ...

Maxed out?

City Attorney Opens Impeachment Proceedings Against Filner Following Mayor's On-Camera Remarks

Goldsmith: "Mayor Filner believes he is above the law. I aim to show him otherwise." On June 9th, Mayor ...

Meta Fair Fare

This year's deep-fried specialty? Deep-fried deep-fried. Batter Up!


Historical Friction

Groups Clash Over La Jolla Beach Cottage's Historical Importance

Jack and Karen Visin want to tear down their La Jolla cottages and build a duplex. San Diego's Save Our ...

What's in a nickname?

Newly released Randy "Duchess" Cunningham promises to return to Congress and pass "meaningful prison reform bill" that addresses "the human atrocity of prison rape." Congressman Cunningham: "I'm leaving prison a changed man."

Coastal property in Southern California?

What is it, full of radioactive zombies or something?

Don't answer that!

Scripps Oceanography researcher makes film: James Cameron: Undersea Invader

"It's like Avatar, except with sea cucumbers instead of Na'vi." JC: UI star Xeno, the spunky xenophyophore amoeba who refuses to just drift along and accept his fate When ...

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