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Republican Presidential Candidate Holds Del Mar Fundraiser, Blasts United States and California as Being on Pathway to Become More Like Europe

"But not the good old Europe, with the lords and vassals and stuff. The modern Europe, the one that's high on that 'liberte, egalite, fraternite' crap."


"Europe doesn't work there. It's never going to work here [in the United States]," Romney said to a $25,000-a-plate gathering at the Grand Del Mar hotel. "It's even possible we could be on a pathway to become California - I don't want that either. How can I enjoy a fruit cocktail in the bio-dome atop my 8000-square-foot La Jolla estate when I have to worry all the time about some kind of Socialist nanny-state representative pestering me about unpaid government bills?" (Records show that Romney was five months late in paying for a variety of building inspection and permit services for the development of his La Jolla property.) "And where do they get off billing me, anyway? I already pay taxes. Well, some taxes, anyway. A few. Shouldn't that be enough to pay government to do what it really needs to do?"

The room erupted in cheers, and Romney paused to savor the applause and scoop up a mouthful of caviar with his silver spoon, a spoon he called "the birthright of every American. Or at least, every American who didn't sneak into this country." Then he returned to the subject of his La Jolla home. "Next," he complained, "they'll be telling me I need to do some kind of Environmental Impact Report before starting work on my underwater submarine cave below the estate. Obama looks at America's best creative ideas and says, 'You didn't build that.' To which I reply, 'Only because the government wouldn't let us.'"

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gekallberg Oct. 14, 2012 @ 3:08 p.m.

The more I read this article, the more I think about the full meaning of his comments, the more frightening it becomes. His comments are a continuation of what he said in Ft. Lauderdale further confirming what he thinks about the middle class in California and the US. He's actually mocking the French Revolution and in turn the Statue of Liberty which was a gift from France celebrating our freedoms! With such an attitude, how could he possibly have a dialog with European leaders should he become president.

And further more why the hell is he building an "estate" (that kills me) in CA if he hates us so much. And then he brags about paying "well, some anyway" taxes.

Wake up America! Between him and P. Ryan we'd be in a hell-of-a mess!

Thanks for printing it! egk


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