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Campbell's Chunky-Brand Soup Discontinues Planned Tagline Following Leak of Grisly Confession from Mexican Body-Disposal Expert

"In hindsight, as soon as we found out that 'El Pozolero' translated as 'The Stewmaker,' we should have axed the idea."


FEELING A BIT QUEASY AND CONSIDERING A QUICK TRIP TO THE MEN'S ROOM - Fernando Ocegueda's son disappeared in November of 2010. In September of 2011, someone sent him a copy of a confession from Santiago Meza, a man known by the Mexican gang world as "El Pozolero" because of his skill in dissolving murdered bodies in lye. Meza claimed to have dissolved 300 bodies in this way, on orders from two separate cartels. Ocegueda shared the confession with the media, and yesterday, SanDiegoRed.com ran a story on it which quickly went viral.

Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster. This afternoon, Campbell's Soup Company issued the following statement: "Campbell's has decided to cancel its planned Super Bowl Ad for Campbell's Chunky Beef Stew. The ad was designed around the slogan, "Campbell's - it's Man Soup," a notion which was intended to make the product appealing to the program's chief demographic. However, in light of recent news, Campbell's feels that the slogan might carry...less than savory connotations. And as long as we're trying to distance ourselves from gang violence, we'll probably drop the whole 'fully loaded' thing, too."

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