Fell asleep about 11:00 last night and inhaled a small hint of something metalic. Sniffed my pillows and ran a mental image through my mind if something in the kitchen could have been left on. Ignoring my concern I closed my eyes to sleep. Waking up between the hours of twelve and two a.m. I heard an engine running, I figured someone was being dropped off or picked up. I live upsatirs and my Apts parking lot is underneath my window. After a few minutes the engine was still running and now voices stirred me completely awake. Looking out my window I saw fire trucks linning up the street. Across from my complex is an airplane engine mechanic shop. The shop owners are a wonderful marreid couple with a grown son who also works at the garage. The upstairs portion of the building is there home. I recognized the voice of the women and saw firemen dragging extinguishers back to the truck. Looking up to the top deck flashlights were circling there roof and footsteps could be heard creaking.

The smell of something burning had dissenagrated with my consciouness and I didn't notice any new scents upon awaking. I was worried that maybe her husband had gotton hurt or something physically was wrong. The whole scene was somewhat mellow after awhile I laid my head back down and fell sleep. Waking up this morning I had to drive my two young children to school and had forgotton about the fire. Once arriving home there were men in suits, men with pick up trucks and more peole then the regular mechanics arriving for work at the airplane engine repair shop. Hitting me like a de jevue all the images of the night came flooding into my mind just as one of the mechanics arrived for work. Walking passed me a worker I see everyday said "I't's still standing?" I realized all this really happened and how thankful I was I didn't hear ambulances roaring, just engines hyming last night. Airplane owners are showing up today along with insurance companys but also all the mechanics and to some sense it is work as always. Back to the grind , job, work as normal. This ma and pa shop just kept going today with pride and dignity. Such good people and such scary realities of what could of been.

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