1959 Chevrolet 3100 Apache Stepside Shortbed Pickup. Of all the old cars and trucks that I have owned over the years, this pickup has been my favorite. There was something so special about it, and over the years I had changed it to make it mine. Freshly rebuilt engine, new interior, bias ply whitewalls. I loved the truck, my sons loved it too.

Therein lies the problem... Sons, plural. My boys could not both ride with me, and we were missing out on some really good times. (If you have never spent time bouncing around in an old car or truck, find a way - too much fun.)

So, the pickup had to go.

I was not in a hurry - and I was not going to budge too far on my asking price. After posting it around craigs list and other web sites, I made a video to promote the sale.

There was a trade deal worked out - It looked promising. My pickup and some cash for a pretty cool car that would fit the bill as a family hauler. While the deal was in the works, I got an email from a guy that was VERY excited by the pickup after seeing it in a CL ad that included the YouTube.

The deal fell through, and a couple of days later I remembered about the excited guy. I called him - he offered $9,000 (the asking price was $10,000) and said that he would be by to pick it up as soon as possible if I was okay with that number. Hell Yes I was. He was a broker for a man in the Netherlands that was dying to get a 50s American pickup.

I don't remember the exact time line, but somewhere in there the pickup needed some work. Kingpins were in need of being replaced. As I had billed it as a turnkey driver, I decided that it would have to be done. A good friend that has a shop was interested in a motorcycle that I had, and I was interested in a scooter that he had - a trade was settled on. He took my bike, I took his and he hooked me up with the kingpin job. (I'm really looking forward to playing around on the scooter this summer, it looks just like the Vespas that I had when I was a kid)

The day of the sale arrived. My son Joey and I spent the morning driving around in the pickup. The buyer met us at the park near my house where we were playing catch - he didn't even want to test drive it.

The deal was done, the cash was in the bank. Joey and I walked home hopeful that the future had a new cool toy for all of us to enjoy.


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