I suppose most artistics have dreams that are unique, This past sunday, taking a nap, I suddenly dreamt hearing a loud explosion and waking or in dreamimagined the white wall above my sleeping as well, roommate, in which as if a cannonball had departed, a large hole tinged in red appeared, its center gray as if from firing powder, awaking me suddenly!

Then Monday in regular sleep, I dreamt of my now passed parents farm home in Marion, Texas, in which in the family room was a large plate glass window of the outside yard. It was dark, and in the glass I could see a pickup truck barely, going close passing by, with two male figures barely visible in the truck, I had the feeling they were terrorists. Again I awoke startled.

This next is very irrational of me, but i worried to my roommate, that this mightbe regarding an attack on boulder dam. How I derived that is completely beyound me. However, there are bombs that can dive deep into concrete structures.

On Dec. 31, feeling foolish, I called the San Diego FBI office and left my theory that the N.Y. mosque issue was a decoy, as well as the Times Square failed bomber plot, and that on the New Years, if a bomb exploded on lets say the Empire State building, it would be a disaster in many ways. Nothing happened of course, but If it had, and I hadnt called, I would have been devastated. I have made a fool of myself to them for decades, but its just a minor element of patroitism, so dont hesitate if you have reason to believe the importance of a possibilty. Just do it faster then I did.

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dogtown March 23, 2011 @ 9:58 a.m.

This article definitely shows one of the major downsides of the internet - the constant background noise of drivel that makes it harder and harder to find useful news and information. Admitting you have wasted FBI time for decades is not a sign of patriotism, but a strong sign of mental illness. It might be therapy to you to write down your dreams, but do you really believe people have the faintest interest in reading about them? I strongly advise, for your own good, that you seek help for your paranoia before you do harm to yourself or others.


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