It's the unofficial beginning of summer, and it kicks off with Memorial day....a day of celebration, backyard barbecues and party's with family and friends. It marks the end of another school year, prom dresses and graduation caps and gowns.... a milestone....growing up. It is marked by sales and a day at the beach.

But what has happened to the real meaning of Memorial Day......A day to remember and be thankful for those in the armed services, who gave their life for the sake of our freedom. A fraternity and sorority, few would choose, but for those who made the conscious decision to join, knowing what possible fate may lay ahead.

Some were drafted....., no choice involved. Yet fought side by side with strangers from all over our United States. Put forth their trust to someone that stood next to them, unbeknown-st of each other, and briefly introduced. Before putting their life in each others hands.

If you have ever heard someone say, "I would die for you."...I can only think of one group of people that really and truly put that statement to task. Our American Military Men and Women. To which I am genuinely grateful. And highly appreciative. They have given us opportunity that would never have happened had it not been for their sacrifice.

And we give them two days to be remembered each year. Somehow, going to the mall to buy clothing on sale, just doesn't do them justice, nor does my backyard barbecue or a day of partying.

So with that said.....I do celebrate the day, and and friends who were lost in their brave fight for our freedoms. I pray for those whom have made it back, but have not been able to leave it behind, as it sticks in their lasting memory . And I say a prayer for the men and women who came home, only to be lost stateside.

The losses they endured, of a friendship that was created, from an alphabetized boot-camp list, by happenstance, a friendship of trust, a buddy, a camaraderie made in a foxhole while mortars went off around them....and then lost in one instantaneous moment....

The truest of the true. The brave men and woman of our military.

So as you celebrate this day of remembrance, take a moment, just a moment of silence, to reflect, as to why we are able to celebrate, to give our opinion without fear. To have what we have and respect the fact that we have it. And please, remember, when you see someone from a branch of service, active or veteran.....say "Thank You."

Cause that soldier, gave an oath, to die for you and your freedom. For our country.

God Bless Our Military, Past and Present, for what you have given me. For what you have given us.

For that, I say, Thank You!


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