Never Homeless: House bounce

Jeff, I have always appreciated you for your uniqueness and individuality. Although, I can't say I understand your day to day personal priorities. You are truly a kid at heart who shares personal thoughts that most adults don't have or choose to share with others. You live in the moment, without worry of tomorrow and have fun at San Diego events all the time regardless of your living, financial or employment status. Your story is bigger than coming back from being homeless. Most of Americans are just one pay check away from that. What I find magical about you is your ability to enjoy your life when everything around you is crumbling. Whether it is going to the parking lot before a San Diego Charger game without a car or a ticket, walk up to strangers, eat their BBQ, drink their beer, and they give you a free $125.00 ticket to the game. Or taking your last $10.00 to $.25 wing night and eat like a champ. Or going to summer Mansion parties. The list is endless. Just like the number of stories you could tell of all the great times you have had. All people are different and so many of us are so wrapped up in our realities we forget to live in the moment, forget to have fun, forget to share our feelings and forget that jobs, money, security and material possessions are all retainable. Our time to enjoy our lives and each other is finite. So, when I have a social event I am not excited about, I have a saying I use to put it in perspective. W.W.J.D. "What Would Jeff Do." It makes the decision to go have a good time easy. God Bless. Love You man. Kevin.
— August 24, 2013 9:56 a.m.

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