In Miller obit, U-T misses historic sleaze story

Don't miss this story: This suit reflects ongoing control of the entire region, this time of the Operating Enginneers Local 12, with tens off thousands of members. Please, do not imagine that as we went forward from the days of Nixon and C. Arnholdt Smith that we stopped corruption. Today, these members, including me, may easily lose all the benefits they paid into the union, because the union bailed out a bank, called the Amalgamated Bank of New York. In other words, a talented CEO dedicated to looting an organization targets every dime and is very systematic. Given forty years to operate, nothing is likely to be left. By the way and in my opinion, Nixon set up HMOs which continue to kill people today. He set up the drug war. A tape reveals him discussing bombing dikes in North Vietnam. Kissinger says it'll kill 200,000 people. That tape is public because the tape of Nixon ordering a nuclear strike on North Vietnam actually exists. He would do it and call the bombers back. Please don't be blind, or bewitched because of what is proved in black-and-white. It's almost futile to try to get justice against racketeers. We seem to wait until the damage is done. I joined the union in 2000 and always knew what scum ran it. Look at pictures of union officials. They appear the same as mafia members.
— March 5, 2013 7:30 a.m.

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